The Eleventh Commandment

God said:

Beloved, I will give advice that consists of two magical words, two simple daily words to assure your happiness. Your happiness is of significance to the world at large as well as to you personally. And this is not even to mention My investment in you.

The idea I bring up is one that young children never forget. The remembrance of these two simple words that I offer, alas, fades away as adulthood approaches. This remembrance can easily return at any moment you happen to recall it to mind. You have ever been given instruction in other good things in the world to do, such as tying your shoelaces and sitting up straight.

Naturally, I offer you deep silence, relaxation and more. I refer to something else now. What I offer is like getting out of school for vacation – nothing restrictive whatsoever. If I upset the apple cart of the world, then so be it.

The new commandment I wish to offer you today is short and sweet. This isn’t brotherly love I speak of, although most assuredly I do invite you to love your brother and yourself more and more.

I have something else in mind. We already know you would welcome the skill of loving on cue. I venture that what I have in mind is not something you can do on command either, although this may well be easier for you to approach.

Commanding you to perform is often counter-effective. Had I thought sooner, I might well have added to the Thou shalts these two words as an eleventh commandment. I also could well have named the 10 Commandments as “10 Ways to Be and Give Happiness on Earth.”

Now I suggest a wholehearted eleventh way.

You are still free to think up your own ideas. This new suggestion heads the list of the Thou Shalts, which will also include, as I see it now:

Yes, thou shalt come forth with your own ideas. Make thyself comfortable in a wriggling world. Respect thyself. Seek and value yourself as you appear on Earth now. You don't have to have everything everyone anyone else has. I could go on and on.

Now I present in brief the 10 Commandments and also 10 Ways to give and receive happiness on Earth. You already know that happiness in Heaven is yours forever and forever, yes?

Here We go:

One: Thou shalt have no other Gods before Me.

Beloved, there is no other God but I. Love Me. Take Me into your heart. Know Me, know thyself. You are One with God, and be happy.

Note: Beloved, were there only One Commandment I might give, I expect this first one would be it, for this pretty well covers all bases. Know definitely that you and God are One.

Two: Thou shalt not take the Name of the Lord thy God in vain.

Enjoy Life and God!

Three: Thou shalt keep the Sabbath Day Holy.

Share God meaningfully. Rest in God.

Four: Thou shalt honor your father and mother.

Bless your mother and father.

Five: Thou shalt not kill.

Honor all life.

Six: Thou shalt not commit adultery.

Make Life Simple. Stay away from situations that are apt to lead to guilt.

Seven: Thou shalt not steal.


Eight: Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

Speak Truth!

Nine: Thou shalt not lust after they neighbor’s wife.

Keep life simple.

Ten: Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house, nor his farm, nor his cattle, nor anything that is his.

Know all you have been given. Your value is not in possessions but in love. Wonderfulness is already yours.

Note: 6, 7, 9 and 10 duplicate themselves. My One answer repeats itself as well. Make life simple.

Eleven: Here are the two words I wish to lead you to: Have fun! I say them again: Have fun! You have three simple steps to travel in life.

These I ask of you: Be joy. Give joy. Welcome joy. I could go on and on.

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Wow This should be Front Page News...

Thank You God and Gloria for this most welcome 11th commandment, particularly in these turbulent times.
It may not be easy for some, however, if enough of us try; humanity could live in a whole new paradigm, maybe called 'Joy forever.' .
With God All Things Are Possible. )

Dear Paul, I love your

Dear Paul, I love your spirit!

I like to believe that with God all things are possible and also easy! Why not!

Thank you very much!

Thank You Gloria...

Hello Gloria, I love Your spirit! Actually we love all spirits. After all, we're all made to go the distance, one way or another, by God.
Guys, what's better than that? If there were a 12 th commandment, or maybe a suggestion, we would recommend.. Just be grateful ~ forever, Trust God and smile )

Dear Paul, thanks for all

Dear Paul, thanks for all your strengthening and uplifting. Deeply grateful to you.

Love, Gloria P.S. God tends to come forth as He does! God bless you.

Coming Home to Love, NOW. ><3 )

Greetings Gloria, Hope you are well and awl is good. Just an update. Things are going swimmingly 4 Awl God's angels on Earth. awl HERHIS Kids on The Plant it have gotten a raise and can now be seen as angels. They prefer lower case 4 their modesty, humility and generosity of spirit 4 others. TYVM. Film here: # 4 The angels #. * And So It Is ISN * (The new Now age Amen) ISN In Sananda Name. In Jesus Name now encouraged by God to be used 4 HERHIS # 1 Son. TYVM Gloria. We know a few Gloria's What a Glorious Name. Like Named Folks need to stick together, like us Paul's. No one is richer than another since the world no longer is governed by money. Love Blows It out of the little league park. Love Love Love & only same makes the world and galaxies work in unison as One. And So It Is. ISN Rec & fin 1/29/21 10:22 p.m. Quincy, Ma USA, Plant it Earth ) Milky Way Gallaxy Cosmos Gratitude. That's enough. Lol. <3 ) ) ) )) 5 smiles 4 'Adventure.' Be safe and Take Care. Love, Paul, <3 )
& easy.
P.s. Please share, if led. Open Letter format is good. and easy. )