Following God's Will

God said:

Beloved, live your own life at the same time as you follow My Will. That you follow My Will means your wings and Mine as One spread far and wide. Be assured when you follow Me, you embrace the world yet do not put any semblance of world success before divine service. Serve God, serve the world. This is another way I, God, say to you in all humility:

“Beloved, have no other Gods before Me.”

This is another way I say:

“I, God, am the Doer.”

Even as you and I are One, you do not claim to be the Doer. Upholding God is your realm of service.

You have been invited to ride in God’s Chariot. Riding in God’s Chariot is how you serve God. Following God’s Will is a bona fide way for you to favor the world. One with Me is how you serve. This is how you, as One with Me, fulfill My Will on Earth as in Heaven.

If you have the idea that you are on track to second-guess God, ego may likely be taking a bite out of you. Of course, you are to serve God. Serving God doesn’t mean you precede God. One with God does not mean you show God how to navigate the world. God shows you the way. God first. God in advance. Hear Me, and listen. Follow God. Follow God’s Will for the sake of all Heaven and Earth.

Man on Earth plants a garden. He lays it out. He digs the soil and plants the seeds. He waters the garden. Man is a humble gardener. Just as God gives life to man, so God gives gardens their flowers and fruit to blossom. You and I share Oneness, yet Oneness doesn’t presume to own. I, God, am the Power and the Glory. I lead. I share. You partake. We partner together. This doesn’t mean you take over that which belongs to God. Whose garden is this that flourishes on Earth?

I, God, do not concern Myself with ownership, nor must you. Oneness desires all gardens to grow and cover the Earth. Beloved, as One, there is no coveting power or ownership in the first place. If you are out to show your mettle, reveal it in your service.

There is no glory to be found in ego. Ego is a false God. Ego likes to precede, yet ego amounts to no more than rouge on cheeks, whereas God is One Presence Who serves Infinity and everlasting Love – to the brimful! It is your Identity to share Godliness. In Our Oneness, We share fair and square. We stay humble. Ego wises up. The Oneness of God leads the way. Oneness exists, and patience and acceptance exist. There is no squabbling for Holiness in Heaven.

We are a co-op, let’s say. The way is paved. Man on Earth does not seek glory nor preeminence of what the world could call God’s turf. Man on Earth has some awareness of what he is doing on Earth. In no way does man on Earth seek to prove his prowess. He seeks no golden throne to sit on and no silver mirror to gaze at himself in. He seeks for nothing but to serve God’s Will in the Highest. To serve God is man's ambition. He has no desire for acclaim. When he wishes for anything, he wishes to serve. He seeks no cloaks of glory nor any recompense for his service. He asks for no ownership. Earthwise, Oneness serves and shares Oneness as Oneness reveals itself in all the glory called God.

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Following GODs Will

After reading this I feel like Driving Miss Daisy

Dear Simon, will you kindly

Dear Simon, will you kindly tell refresh me what what you mean? I saw the movie many many years ago, Thank you!