Story of a Child of God

God said:

When you are a strong reed growing by the river of life, why do you think you are a dandelion puff blown by the wind, blown into little pieces, as if you no longer are whole? Of course, dandelions do as dandelions do, and there is greatness in their being blown about. Dandelions are much more than you think, just as you are much more than you think.

Dandelions blown by the wind go further. They propagate. They become more, not less. Their wholeness is not less. Each little fluff of a dandelion contains Wholeness. Yet you see it differently. You see the dandelion as being dissolved, blown by the wind and then fallen to Earth. And yet what a journey a dandelion takes, and what a gift it is!

And you, beloved, like a reed who stands straight, drinks deep, bends with the wind, and keeps its own place in the Universe — you are also a gift. Even stationary, seemingly tied to Earth, you are a gift to the Universe and to yourself.

A dandelion appears to be embedded, its roots deep in the earth, and then, amazingly, when the time is right, the dandelion takes flight and travels the Sun.

A reed that grows by the water appears to be hollow. Its hollowness is put to good use. From a simple reed, music comes, pea shooters, and what not. Shortsightedly you look at what you see as the deficits of dandelions and deficits of reeds. You also attribute deficits to yourself. This is a sad story of a Child of God.

Sometimes you consider yourself a dandelion pulled apart, and you overlook the beautiful yellowness of a dandelion. And sometimes you consider yourself an empty reed as well, when you are staggeringly filled with the Presence of God. Where you are, I AM. Where you feel empty, I AM. I fill up those empty places. You are filled to the brim with Me. You are overflowing with Me. To whatever use a reed or a dandelion or you are put, you serve the Universe and the Great God Who made you and Who stirs within you. Serve yourself now as well. Serve Me by serving yourself and holding yourself up to the mirror of life and see that what I have made is good. Stop thinking your thoughts now, and think Mine.

When will you be finished with devaluing yourself? When will you perk up with the sure knowledge that you are not only worthwhile, but worth much, essential to the running of the Universe, and essential to Me? When will you stop taking a dim view of yourself and start maximizing the good in you and keep it to you as a treasure? Beloveds, how about attending to that which you see as desirable, and cease to attend to that which you see as less desirable. Do this, and the less will simply drift off, or at least take a back seat. Take what you consider the unbeautiful of you, bag it up, and put it in the back seat now without a backward glance. Why wait for what is inevitable?

It is inevitable that you will look at yourself with new eyes. I have said so. I have said so time and time again. Start now. Forget the pallor, and recognize the roses in your cheeks. If you must find fault with yourself, find fault with your fault-finding, and abandon it now. Say something nice to yourself. Say it now. You are far more than you give yourself credit for. How about giving Me more credit, too, while you are at it?

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yesterday's last posting

dear dear george,please 'hang on ' there, for even when it is' second-eye',what you see and how you see is so very beautiful .

"dear dear George..."

Sweet poster you make my heart warm and puddly

George even more grateful

"Dear God :o) I am going to

"Dear God :o)

I am going to write what I have the most resistance to, because it`s the Truth. It`s been well known for a long time now, but it still takes my breath away. The moment of Truth that happened this afternoon in November 2002. I did not know. I was not prepared. I had " just " started a method of study Oslo. We were all standing in a circle singing " Ave maria ", when all of a sudden was filled up with spirit. I was completely calm, 100 % at rest. I was at ONE with myself.

I stopped singing, couldn`t sing, nor move any part of my body. The whole experience was out of my control. God within me showed that afternoon, the light showed that afternoon, and turned my life upside down without any pre-warning.

It`s emotional writing about this that happened 6 years ago. I have spent all these years coming to terms with reality, integrating this greater purpose within me, and then being who I am fully, lovingly, compassionately, eternally and peacefully.

We are going to have a baby, the purpose of the Sun, and fulfil our journey on earth with a blessing. I am looking so forward to the occasion and I am finally at rest and peaceful. It will be a very happy event, and we are both happy...

Peaceful day to you too. Can you feel the warmth :o) (o: I can... Great Heart...of Peace :o) to a Beautiful World of Freedom...

Congratulations! This is all

Congratulations! This is all wonderful news! This is a wonderful time of life for you and your mate and that baby who will be born. What a great time to be born!

"you will look at yourself with new eyes"

This beautiful Letter from God tells us about a reality that is very REAL but very ignored by us in our attention to what isn't REAL at all.
When we read: "Consider the lilies of the field" the Greek word for lilies is indicating dandelions. The small basket that carried Moses was made of reeds. It carried a law giver. We carry the laws of life in our heart. We just have to listen very quietly to what they tell us about life and love.
This love letter sums it up with: "It is inevitable that you will look at yourself with new eyes. I (God) have said so." This takes a bit of a leap to bite it deep but it is inevitable, so, enjoy it, live it and LOVE.

George always learning, occasionally leaning

swet God

oh how beauteful post you have Lord,
you feel me warm in my heart,
i play de music you want and i want
to closser to you, your love, because
i love, and i love you with all my hearth,
joy and love,

Beloved Carmen, may the

Beloved Carmen, may the whole world have your sweet acceptance and closeness to God.
No barriers. And you wish God joy and love. You are thinking of God.

With love and blessings,


3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said Child of God
You are essential to Me
Where you are I AM

God said say it now
Say something nice to yourself
Give yourself credit

God said Beloved
Serve Me by serving yourself
You are My Own Gift

Love, Light and Aloha!