God Adores Us

God said:

It is not unusual in the Earth world that I am adored. The reason that you can have such adoration for Me is that I adore you. It would be hard not to respond to Me in kind. Look, We know each other very well. We have a very reciprocal relationship. We're not One without the other, even when there is no other, and We can only be One regardless.

I dance for My own joy. Is it My joy or yours? Who can tell? Who cares whose is whose when there is joy? When your heart is full — and you do have those moments of pure joy and fullness — you share the love in your heart that yearns to be shared. There is nothing else you can do. When a cup is overflowing with wine, it spills over. No heart can contain all the love. It must be uncontained. The love in your heart is ga-ga about Me, and it wants to go everywhere. Love is a rolling ball that never stops. Love is an ocean with countless waves. Love truly beats in your heart. Feel the pulse of it now. It is love that runs through your veins. It is love that shines from your eyes. You are love.

Ownership is such a myth. It is a preposterous falsehood. There is nothing to own in the first place, to own in the sense that it belongs to you and to you alone, and only on your say-so can someone also have it. That is the wonderful thing about love. It is free from the idea of ownership. It is a free spirit. Free spirits do not own. They are free to give, and the more they give, the more they have of what they give, and so they give that feeling in their hearts to others. Love can be given. It must be given, but it can't be given away nor can its supply be diminished. You may think love can grow thin, but this is not the first time you have been mistaken.

Love is self-fulfilling. It generates itself. And love, love vibrant, love noisy, love silent, any kind of love, has great power. It can do anything. It can stop wars. Tell Me something that love cannot do. Tell me something that your love cannot do. We are talking about love, not whimsy of love, but love for the sake of itself, love unadorned and beautific without compare. Nothing, nothing compares to love.

Everything and everyone thrives on love. All love is yours. And you thrive on your own love that isn't really yours at all except that it is everyone's. Love is like a water fountain in the park. It is for everyone. Thank God it is for everyone. Thank God for water. Thank God for the liquid of love that flows through your veins.

Love does not stay sequestered in the heart. Love belongs to every cell of your body. Every cell is full of love, brimming with love, surpassing itself in love. Love is the fuel of the Universe, and love is what makes you tick.

It is love that keeps your nose to the grindstone, and it is love that makes your heart fly with the angels. Your life is love. It cannot be more than love, nor, regardless of your perception, can it be less.

Can love be blocked? It certainly seems so, yet love will wear down any barrier. Effortlessly, water passes through all the elements of life just the way love does. Love permeates even that which is thought impermeable. Love is the only thing to believe in, for it is all that there is. There is no question about it, beloveds, I love you.

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never foget,

dear God heavenletter,
all your words i never forget,
from noa and abraham to esaak to jacob
and moses and jesus,
and i think to my self how woderful love
and words you give to us untel now your
heavenletter et big gift you give to us
thats why i never forget your love,

somtimes im thinking to ask my self
if you welcome me in your gangway
of in heaven,,if is not, it alrite for me,
im stel nok your dor
and for give me if i been wrong to writteng
this, i feel like pray in my hearth to you,
your dother,

My daughter

Carmen darling:

You are my daughter in God. I love the things you say to us. Love

George enjoying Carmen

Dance with Me...says God.

This sweet writer asks us a question: "Can love be blocked?"

In this very long, full life I have learned that it can be blocked by attention to earthly differences. When my children tried to help clean the car by rubbing a gritty cloth or piece of sand paper on it I showed momentary anger but saw through to their mystified, hurting hearts quickly. Knowing that they really expected praise so I gave in and loved them by explaining why I got upset.

Quietly I pointed to the scratches on the paint job and told them it hurt daddy's heart to see the paint scratched.

Did they understand that I thought the paint was more important then their fragile hearts? Of course not. They got hurt in their attempt to please. We grow up and learn what monstrous things block love and what things open the flood gates of love. Heavenletters help us SEE. Thanks

George getting over scratches to psychological skin.

George, Tell the Rest of the Story...

"Did they understand that I thought the paint was more important then their fragile hearts? Of course not. They got hurt in their attempt to please. We grow up and learn what monstrous things block love and what things open the flood gates of love."

Sometimes, the block is called "rookie". All young/new parents are rookies. I like to think my angel/angels intercept our gaffes and kiss them and send them on their way to "the other's heart" as a whole swarm of butterflies!! Why I'd even bet that's just what happens!!

Now, George being the softie that you are, tell the rest of the story. It probably went something along the lines of... blithly handing over the keys to your brand new sports car to your teenage grandson to take for a spin. LOL!!


George tells the rest of the story

Darling Bonnie:

My three children grew up into love filled, happy people. My oldest son was a spy in Vietnam with the Air Force. Now is a college teacher. My daughter lives in Colorado and has worked for polls that rate TV programs. My baby, almost 50, is a builder in North Carolina. I never owned a sports car. My children learned to drive plain old fords. My life has been very quiet, reading a lot, good music, carving, teaching, preaching, nursing and now living alone in Georgia next to a llama farm. I love it. I miss the sweet wife that was with me for 64 years but the comments on Heavenletters boosts me. Love your comment. Love you

George thinking, blinking and wrinkling.

George, The Ford is the Car, You are the Sport!!

Dear Heart, This is a copy of that Comment you missed back "yonder":

A toast to you George, Prince of Hearts!!
On October 11th, 2008 Bonnie (not verified) says:

You are such a true gentleman, a treasure of mankind. One of the reasons your Light caught my eye, was your mention of your Queen Darling and the 3 Darling Children. You and She are a dream-came-true.

There are not many intimate partners who will let “Love/Life” happen. Don't you remember that old song line, “You always take the sweetest rose, and crush it 'til the petals fall”? I have my suspicions that if we are as noble as you in our approach to life, we too will have those time-out-of-time “meeting of each other's eyes” which is emblazoned on the heart forever.

In a lighter, playful tone: How do you know that Queen Darling isn't just using us to blow you kisses?


Bonnie Darling

I am swimming in the Lake of His gentle reminding that HIS expression of life is called Bonnie and George or Gloria for sure.

There is a "time out period" and there is an "Out of time" period.

Your precious words took my to both places, perhaps at the same time; one to make me pause, on to make me contemplate who I ma and who I have always been or what I am becoming as I approach the glorious threshold of eternity. .

Your words about true gentleman probably are more applicable to me as a true gentle man. The one speaks of status the other of process.

I was moved deeply by your words. Accept my love in a big bundle, with ribbons and sticky tape of love

George, pulling the stickies of love from his forehead

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said feel the pulse
Love truly beats in your heart
And runs through your veins

God said Beloveds
We can only be One love
When your heart is full

God said free spirit
Love makes you fly with angels
In moments of joy

Love, Light and Aloha!

One of the most Beautiful

One of the most Beautiful Heavenletters :o)
Spirit, Soul and Human Body - Yes
I feel so warm reading this Heavenletter. It makes my heart sing with joy and light. I truly feel love beating in my heart and red blood running through my veins, like a cleansing process heading for newness, compassion, expansion to whom only love can support. What if leadership is an other meaning now, what if leadership is letting free to BE, what if leadership is letting Human Beings expand to true potential, what if leadership is supporting growth for everyone by awareness of the Heart - yes what if. I can live with leadership, it`s simple, it`s merely letting Humans BE, no more, no less. There is no struggle with leadership. People are rising to who we are, home as Beings - Spirit, Soul and Human Body - Yes :o) laughing I Spirit simple, Soul and Human Body. Love you too Magician, your wisdom makes me warm :o)

Good Day and Good Night

"Response to One of the most Beautiful..."

What a sweet cheer LEADER this writer is! Letting Human Beings expand to their true potential is such a compelling invitation.
One can't help becoming what we have always been in that dimension of energy, light and life. Lead on please!

George looking up more and more

Love is a Splendour Thing

Love unchained, love unlimited. Love, sweet Heavenly love. That is God's love in each and everyone of us, in every creature, in every thing, and in all the Universe. If that's the way the love of God is...why not overflowing it everywhere?

In Love & Light