Sometimes You Have to Get Up and Say Good-bye

God said:

Boundlessness is Our natural state. We, you and I, long for boundlessness. Of course, I don’t long for it, for I am That. Yet so contrary is life on Earth, that you who are made of beautiful boundlessness, must set boundaries. Not only do you come up against boundaries in life that you don’t want, you also sometimes have to set boundaries you don’t want. What a contradiction Human life is. Boundlessness is your aim, and yet you must set boundaries. There are lines you cannot go over, and there are lines you must set where no one else may tread. You do not want to be quick to take offense, and yet you do not let someone walk all over you.

You cannot solve every situation on Earth. You cannot always prevent. As much as you and I desire peace, good will, all kinds of harmony, sometimes it is necessary for you to walk away, not in anger, not in distress, but simply walk away. In the finiteness of the moment, you know when it is time to leave. The party is over. Rather than embrace a brawl, you simply walk away. You do not have to stay in an untowardly situation to the bitter end.

No one likes to break off past associations, and yet who wants to continue in disharmony? You gave a relationship your best, and now it is at an end. You do not have to wait until it ends itself, or someone else ends it. Sometimes you end it. I am all for peace but not for weak pretense.

You are facing your feelings, and you are facing that, despite all good intentions, something isn’t working in anyone’s favor. The price you pay for continuance is too costly. There is a line beyond which you will not go. Not in stubbornness, but in honesty.

Start from the premise of good will, and yet, when a situation is false, acknowledge it to yourself.

Some associations end without your even being aware until you realize you and your friend haven’t spoken in a long time. Sometimes you consciously close a door beyond which you will not go. It is no favor to you or another to pretend an alliance that no longer exists. The alliance dissolved itself. Alliance had perhaps become unarmed conflict, and now you say, “Adieu.”

Absolutely seek harmony, and, at the same time, acknowledge where you are at in terms of Human life. You will not waste energy any longer. You will not pretend that an association is not over. You had a desire for a long and fruitful relationship, but when the fruit has dried in the kitchen, you do not pretend it is still hanging on the tree.

And so you acknowledge what already is and do not disallow what is already apparent. The day is over.

Sometimes an employer has to let someone go, not in anger, but in recognition that to continue is no favor. You want to be benevolent, but when a situation is at an end, it is benevolent for you to recognize the closure and that it is benevolent of you to establish it. To be kind does not mean to tolerate that which no longer serves. There are honest goodbyes. There are times when you have to get up and say, “Enough.”

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2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said I am that
Of beautiful Boundlessness
Where there are no lines

God said walk away
When the party is over
In all honesty

Love, Light and Aloha!

Really beautiful Haikus -

Really beautiful Haikus - thank you !!!

Very interesting that this

Very interesting that this issue turned up, for I was thinking about some friendships I have... I mean not to say "Goodby" or "Enough" but just see clearly what is so, what is my truth in regard to this or that friend. It is about love and about heart connections, it is about feeling inside me more and more the urge to authentic relationships, where hearts are totally open and transparent, where friends can just look at each other without saying a word and LOVE FLOWS or with whom you simply feel connected and feel gentleness and sweetness and love and compassion and concern. I think I mean real brotherhood and real and authentic realtionships.
With love and gratitude to God and all here !

So true, Berit. I would like

So true, Berit. I would like to add .....where people deeply connect before all their concerns, plans, desires, to-dos spill out; where they truly listen to one another and take in what is being said instead of mostly hearing their own automatic associations; where, when my most important communications get persistently intercepted by your spam filter (or yours by my spam filter; the ones in our heads, I mean), we can openly talk about what may be going on behind the scenes. Thank God for those relationsships that flow smoothly all by themselves whithout having to be "worked on“!
Recently, I sometimes think that perhaps I have been making too much of this relationship stuff. "Just discard the clearly withered ones“ seems to be what this Heavenletter is telling me. As for the rest of them, the viable if perhaps difficult relationships, I think I will just try to follow this advice I found in Heavenletter #1964:

"Like a circular spray that waters all of the lawn within its circumference, the love from your heart is to refresh the universe. The circumference of your love extends beyond dimensions. You simply are not to restrict your love regardless of who is around and what they have done or not done.“

I feel this will take care of most realtionship issues.
(And after reading the most wonderful promise God made in "The World Is Rising“ (HL #1962), I can only think, What is there to worry about?)


Thank you for this. It

Thank you for this. It couldn't have come at a more perfect time for me. Although I am sure that many people are thinking around this time of year, about their relationships and where they are going to go in the coming year, it has been heavy on my mind because of some events that have happened in the past few days. Reading this article gave me a great sense of peace and clarity. Again, thank you.

Oh yes...When there is

Oh yes...When there is simply no energy left in a given situation, try another direction! Jim

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

I had an example of this in

I had an example of this in my personal life a few months ago when I was very active at the local Unity Church...on the board and a chaplain, etc and the minister was even into Advaita whiich I resonate with. But for some inexplicable reason...over a period of several weeks...I just no longer saw myself there...and the enthusiasm for being there just appearred to evaporate. So...what could I do? No energy for it any longer so I left. I do on occassion go to the catholic church and meditate...(I just love the saints!...and all others too) But to get involved in a spiritual community in the 3d doesn't seem to be in the cards for right now...which feels just perfect.

Just wanted to share that...Jim.

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

Dearest Jochen, you explain

Dearest Jochen,
you explain so well what is on my mind and in my heart (so very well !!) and the quotation of Heaven 1964 (it's my birthyear I just noticed..) is wonderful. Indeed there is nothing to worry about, just let us share our love and joy and gentleness. I think once Rosemary Altea, I mean her spiritual Guide said something like that: "Your world needs so much gentleness..." and indeed that is true. Gentlness is a most sweet expression of God's love.

Dearest Naomi (I love your name !!),
I think all of us have been touched by the recent events in the few past days. I pray to God to help us and I send love and peace to those involved. I recently heard a new point of view (new to me) of what is it about turning the other cheek. It is turning our eyes in a different direction and looking at something different, for what we give thought to, there goes our energy, and so, I want energy to go to peace and joy and love and I want to stick to those feelings and energies and vibrations. We can spread endless love.

Dearest Jim(i), I understand what you mean. I have made the experience that often some spiritual comunity or other puts on some limits of what you should do or not, or what you should pray or not, or worship or not.
I don't feel any limitations and I love to share everything of God's creation, but I always run in some restrictions and at a certain point, with love and friendship, I had to say: "Ok, I'm going on my way." Sometimes this makes me feel like I do not fit in anywhere, but all I want and all I know is God's love in my heart. I am glad that this Heavensite is a place where we can freely express our spiritual hearts and our love for God and all brothers and sisters. We can only go where our heart leads us ....

A big hug to all !!!!

Yes berit, I understand the

Yes berit, I understand the feeling of not fitting in....and yet a tiny price to pay for being in love with God...and consequently all others.
I just love...loving God. It really just comes down to that! So simple...No doctrine, do dogma...just love God with all my heart...I can do that! ha ha..It makes me laugh! Jim.

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

Yellow Car

Yellow Car

Thank you Beloved Gloria,

Thank you Beloved Gloria, thank you and blessings to you in every step you take on your way!!!

It is amazing how your letters mirror my life at the moment. I find a lot of comfort in them and the confirmation on my way, as to all words you are delivering. As in the evening at my own so in the morning out of your letters....

so beautiful...
so much joy
so much love
so much real feelings letting in and gaining new understanding with wonderful instant manifestations every day...
shouldn´t I have had said yes to all that before????

all this procrastination


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