New Year of Love

God said:

Every day is the beginning of a New Year. You can shuffle the days any way you like. Whatever New Year you celebrate, it begins today. The revolutions of the sun happen, yet time is not. With that in mind, the concept of New Year is another example of relative time. Yet the theme of New Year is a beautiful thing. It is a beginning, and beginnings have great merit, even though there is no beginning and no end. Beginning is another way to speak of present timelessness. You can start over, beloveds. You can be new now too. You are new.

With the idea of the dawn of a New Year, you plant an intention in your mind. New is good. Welcome it. New means the past is let go of. By embracing new, the past is dropped off. In order to embrace a New Year, of necessity, you have to let go of the old. You cannot open your arms wide when your arms are already full of the past.

Celebrate this moment of existence in the world. Welcome a new threshold of life. Welcome spontaneity. Welcome the offspring of a New Year. If the New Year is a tree, what fruit will it bear? What fruit do you desire it to bear?

So, on the Eve of this New Year, you are seeding fruit trees in your mind. You are announcing that this is the spring of your life from which all bloom will come. Make every night of your life a New Year’s Eve. Every night set forth the idea of all the newness you desire. This is not remodeling, beloveds. This is not taking an old tree and pruning it. This is planting a new tree, a tree newly planted. This tree is for the blossoming of mankind. This tree you plant, you plant for Me.

This tree you seed will be the beginning of a New Garden. This garden will exceed the Garden of Eden. All fruit will grow to be eaten. There will no snakes in the grass. There will be no forbidden fruit. All will be bidden. What do you want in the New Garden? Think of it now, and it shall be as you say, for this is My Will as well.

All your thoughts will grow. They will manifest. You are creating your thoughts now. They will bear fruit, and you will harvest all that grows. There will no longer be your neighbor’s yard or fences or Do Not Trespass signs. This will be a New Garden, open to all for all time. There will no longer even be the mutated concept of separation. There will be no you, only I, a shared I. You will not know separation from anything, not even from the sun, for you will know the sun shines in you. You will know everything as your Self. The possibility of selfishness will not exist. How could it when all is you?

This is the New Year of Love where only love can exist. Love is another name for Oneness. One Love will be the Reality. It has always been so, only now you will know it as you know My Name, and you will know My Name very well.

You are planting hundreds of seeds now, thousands, millions, and they will be One Goldenness, One Royalty, One Oneness, One Shining Sun. Oh, beloveds, you are coming into the Arbor of My love now, and this is only the beginning We embark on now.

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4 Heavenletter Haikus for

4 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said know My Name
Know everything as your Self
Know only love is

God said Beloveds
This is the New Year of Love
And this is My Will

God said think of it
Where only love can exist
Love will manifest

God said this will be
The dawn of a New Year and
One Reality

Love, Light and Aloha!

Canim Gloria, as soon as

Canim Gloria, as soon as this letter appeared on the web-site, I translated and sent it to everybody in my address book :thumbup:

Beautiful. You felt to do

Beautiful. You felt to do it, and you did it. The thought and action were just about one.
God bless you.

Love is the same as

Love is the same as oneness..YES you can feel it instandly....

This is what I do as much as I think of it....when I breath in and out of my heart...I am in my lovecentre with my intension and while being there..the love grows for myself and anyone else...

....let us stay "in love" as much as we can.... to heal ourselfs and the world around us...oh how beautifull!!!! I wish you lots of (angel)light, love and selfpower in 2008..let us no longer wait......BE



Just a number.
But to us...who measure time, the beginning of a new Year.
We have a choice, a chance, to renew ourselves.
We make our lists.
We set new goals.

We awake to the new year with anticipation,
We want it to be better than the last.
We want ourselves to be better than last year.
We want to be happier than last year.

When in actuality, there is no time.
Its all the same continuous day.
And each moment, we can make the same choice.
Each breath we take, every second we live,
We can choose again.
We can choose to be happy.
We can choose to love.
And if within that moment, our dreams arent fullfilled,
We can choose again.
Dreams are continous.
Love is forever.
And the choice is ours to choose.
Happy New Year to All my wonderful friends.
This I choose for you.
To live, laugh and love each moment.
Lets dont wait for next year.
Its already here.
Love to all,

Yeahhh!!! Well said Rhonda ~


Well said Rhonda ~ I love & echo every word!
You are a beautiful Soul!

The Love that you are
Shines like a star




Dearest Rhonda, To live,

Dearest Rhonda,

To live, laugh and love each moment is indeed our choice.

Endless love, joy and divine gifts to you dear, you are an Angel !!!!!!

Love and a big hug to you

Divine Divine

Divine Divine Divine

Glo-ooooo-00000-ooooo-ria in excelsis deo...!
Glo-ooooo-00000-ooooo-ria in excelsis deo...!
Glo-ooooo-00000-ooooo-ria in excelsis deo...!

The newness is all pervading,

The present moment is here NOW,

allowing all else to fade away, to become blank canvas once again in the total stillness of this glorious moment.

The waves of the tempestuous waters calm and settle,
becoming a placid mirror reflecting perfectly,
that GOD IS


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