God said:

Feel your heart opening to Mine, opening wide, almost swallowing Me up and filling every crevice of your heart, your beautiful heart made in My image, filling it up with My love voraciously, as if for the first time after a long drought.

Feel My love swirling through you.

Let thinking of Me be like pouring sweet cream down your gullet. Let this sweet cream of My love fill your interstices, this sweet cream of love, smooth like silk. Let your heart melt like butter, your cool sweet cream-filled hot buttery heart all ready for action.

That I love you with such abandon does not make Me empty. It fills Me. It fills you. And that is what love does. Love given fills you. Love received fills you. Only without sense of love, do you feel empty. So maintain your sense of love, your awareness of love, and your heart will always be overflowingly full.

Only love denied can quash the Human heart. Nothing can quash Mine. And soon your heart will be like that too. Soon nothing will dismay you, for you will be filled with awareness of what love can be, and how Our love is, and Who you are.

You will become the pump of love that others fill up at. You will fill them as I do, and at the same time you will send them on their way, for you are aware they don't really need you. They have their own connection to the Source, and that is where they are to fill up their own hearts of love. No one really fills up another's heart. You give love, and yet you send those who love you on their way. You keep them in your heart, and yet you exile them from dependency on it.

Christ loved, yet he did not keep hanger-on's. He did not let anyone lounge around in his love. He put them to work. It was enough that he had punctuated their hearts with love, and then he sent them on their way. He did not spoon-feed anyone.

Buddha dispensed love right and left, and yet he was silent. No one held on to his love, you understand. He gave love freely much as a mountain stream gives its water freely. And yet no one was to mistake Buddha as the Source of love. By his very Being, he made it clear that each was to find his own God-given love and give his own away. No one was to become a taker.

Buddha gave everyone independence. That is one reason why he could be so happy. He gave all God's love, entrapped no one, and he kept all his love just the same. His communion with Me was with Me. Why should anyone's communion be with anyone when communion of love is with Me?

The Great Ones reflected Me, and yet they knew the score. They were innocent and they were worldly-wise. They knew that each man must climb the mountain for himself. Of course, the Great Ones pointed the way, yet they carried no one. They carried no one because of their high regard for each man and each man's capability to climb to the top of the mountain where they would indeed find that it was not a mountain at all, but a beautiful grassy field, not a climb at all but a walk in a flower-filled meadow.

I ask you, beloveds, what could be easier than a walk around the block with Me? What could be easier than the two of Us arm and arm strolling around the world and loving it, and loving to be together in Our Oneness no matter where you imagined you were on Earth.

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So immediate, so

So immediate, so palpable!
That's what is different about Heavenletters, this immediacy at "body temperature". They just pass my thinking mind. They don't even sneak past it; they walk past it in broad daylight and mind watches dumbfounded (trying to catch up later, of course).
Thank You.

I LOVE these Heaven Letters.

I LOVE these Heaven Letters. Right now GOD is with me as I am having a cup of coffee listening to some beautiful music on this wonderful morning.

Blessings and Love to all,


During the past few weeks, I

During the past few weeks, I spend about a half hour in meditation before I leave my bed and the image I created was one of God putting a fuel pump to my navel and filling me up with love for the day! This Heaven letter is heavenly and one that I shall treasure to remind me to continue to fill myself with Love, let it overflow and then release -- we are all precious butterflies and need to fly free and let others fly free.
When I was a social worker, I can see that I became 'burned out' because people became dependent on me (and I worked in an institution which fostered dependency and people needing to remain 'sick' to continue to receive their benefits). It was also easy to become dependent on others depending on me...what validation for my newly chosen path to be in Communion with God, and live a life in joy and peace and love and health. What a joy to freely receive God's gifts and share the gifts with the world.
Gloria - you allow God's love to flow through you and out into the world and touch so many..and our vessels can continuously be filled by the Source -- what beautiful images created in this Heaven Letter -- I especially love the shift in reality from a mountain climb (which alludes struggle) to taking a gentle walk in a flower filled meadow.

Thank you marysunshine and

Thank you marysunshine and Jochen for your loving comments. Yes...This HL says it all. I feel less and less inclined to write...maybe that is a good thing! Jimi.

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said love fills you
Feel My love swirling through you

God said on Our way
Walk around the block with Me
Us two arm and arm

Love, Light and Aloha!

Dear Group, I am looking for

Dear Group,

I am looking for an 'angel' to help me set up a simple new website-- I want to offer a blog/newsletter just like is there anyone on the list who understands this process? Please send me an email!

My goal is to help people to stop, reflect and capture their life stories before it is too late. In the past couple of years I have survived four people in my family and my doggie pass away unexpectably (including my son in a car crash). I think so many people believe that we get a warning but most people don't. Getting affairs in order and writing love letters to others BEFORE accidents occur is such a gift. I want to help each person do their end-of-life planning.

Thanks for your help,
Mary G. Anderson

To outlive your child? Oh,

To outlive your child? Oh, Mary, I'm so sorry.

And what a great spirit you are.

You are not the only person to have admired Heaven's web site and have wanted to know who did it!

I know there are many blog sites that are free and easy. Blog might be a fast start for you. My understanding is that blogging is one of the best ways to get known.

Yes, certainly, good to settle our "debts" and leave everything in good standing before we leave this body.

You know, Heaven started very slowly. I also think you have devotion and determination.

Please keep us posted, and tell us more.

With love and blessings,


Gloria I have so much love


I have so much love and gratitude for you in this service that you do.


Beloved Kathy, and we have

Beloved Kathy, and we have love and gratitude for you.

At the same time, all our love and gratitude rightfully go to God.

Post more!

God bless you.

With love,


I feel a warmth from much of

I feel a warmth from much of what is written. Though I see love as an action and one of those actions is taking responsibility for self. Perhaps this may be one of the greatest faces of unconditional loving. So I find myself questioning why you claim to write for God instead of owning the words that you write. After all, would you also say that its God's words if what you were writing was judgemental, cruel, hurtful? You did talk of Buddha. From my understanding and learning he did not believe in God. He let go of all beliefs. He spoke of our connecting fully with the God we are. After all we are cells in the body of the Oneness. Is any one cell of my body less than the whole of my body. Each one has the whole being in itself (DNA) just as we are cells of the Oneness and contain the whole of the Oneness in our being. Thank you for listening and considering my thoughts.

Beth Ann, thank you for your

Beth Ann, thank you for your open and thoughtful response. Whereas it's really hard for some people to post publicly, especially for the first time, here you come right up and say what you think. God in Heavenletters tell us to be valiant. Incidentally, there is a recent Heavenletters (I'm not sure if it's out yet) in which God tells us to be valiant.Bravo.

We are not in disagreement, Beth Ann.

You wrote: "I feel a warmth from much of what is written. Though I see love as an action and one of those actions is taking responsibility for self. Perhaps this may be one of the greatest faces of unconditional loving....You did talk of Buddha.He let go of all beliefs. He spoke of our connecting fully with the God we are. After all, we are cells in the body of the Oneness. Is any one cell of my body less than the whole of my body. Each one has the whole being in itself (DNA) just as we are cells of the Oneness and contain the whole of the Oneness in our being."

I do not know the history of Buddha, as you do. I do know he was wonderful. I can't imagine that he would have done all the good he did do if he held on to all the beliefs always held around him. He experienced for himself. We all have to find out for ourselves. God in Heavenletters says again and again that we must let go of the past, and that includes our old beliefs. Again, we have to be new. A widely accepted belief may become our own, but then it is our own, and not one we parrot. There's a world of difference then in the same belief when it is truly ours.

And you ask about my acknowledging myself as God. I am simply not able to do that. Theory is one thing. Living it is another. To my mind, it would be the height of arrogance for me to say that the words in Heavenletters are mine. To the best of my knowledge, I hear the words in my mind, a very subtle sense of sound, not from a voice outside me, so it must be from a voice within. I suppose it could be called Higher Consciousness. Bernie Siegel calls it the Inner Voice. David Hawkins calls it the Presence. There are undoubtedly dozens of names for it.

David Hawkins said that I hear from the same Source as A Course in Miracles, that it is the Voice of God I hear.

My individual self does not think the way God does. Not at all. For me, it's God Who speaks, and I like it that way. I'm rather ignorant really. That is good, very good. I'm proud of it! The American Indians say something like: "Let me be the hollow reed." And this has been said in many ways as well.

I love the relationship I have with God. God in Heavenletters (and other sources as well) has said that the time comes when we don't know the difference between who asks the question and Who answers it. I have had a few moments like that. Most of the time I know very well.

I understand that we are all enlightened and that Self-Realization comes when we realize (experience) what already is.

Whatever Heavenletter you read, dear Beth Ann, take whatever fills your heart. You don't have to accept everything.

Well, there's one more thing I have to say. If I should hear a voice that was negative and judgmental, of course, I would not say it's God.

You might want to check out the FAQ over in the right margin, the Story of Heavenletters, and the Godwriting blog probably has a lot more to say as well.

Thank you for listening and considering my thoughts.

God bless you.

With love,




Gloria, thank you for your

Gloria, thank you for your reply. I also, can see the unity in much of our sharing. After rereading my email and reading yours, I realized that I was not as clear as I would like. I had not intended to speak for Buddha, only to mention my understanding of some of his message. Your response helped me to bring into focus a bit better what I was attempting to address. You mention that to your mind it would be a height of arrogance to own the words you put in heavenletters. You also mention that these words are coming from within yourself. Aren't you already saying that you are God? Do you see the confusion that I am trying to address? When you mention that you would not see something judgemental or negative to be God's voice are you not saying that you know God so well to know what is and is not God's voice? My understanding of love is that it is not in the good or the bad. It holds both gently and accepts both as is. So to me it makes a bit more sense that God is equally in the things seen as negative as in the things seen as positive because God is love. I have read things that seem very much like this in your writings also. I think I'm getting a bit clearer in me. It does not matter wether you say that your words are God's or not. What matters is the loving. I can see that in much of the words. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to explore my path!
I email this to gain clartity of loving and to share my questions and thoughts.
I have looked at a few of your other letters and have come to see clearer what you write. Again, I see unitity in much of both our truths. I emailed you for my own inner growth if this helps another cool, if not it helped me. I shared here because I sensed a loving openness within the writings in this site. I had hoped that my ideas and thoughts could be at least considered. Thank you so much for not only considering them but addressing and sharing your thoughts. I experience such openness as loving and I value every such experience. Peace, beth.

Most dear Beth, you were

Most dear Beth, you were very clear and very courteous.

For me, these are topics that have nothing to do with logic. I can only tell you what is in my heart.

I am not telling anyone what to think or say or do. I am saying what I feel.

I would die before I would presume to say that I am God! I do not believe that I, Gloria, am God. It is not my Truth, dear one.

There is more than one thing I am not comfortable with, but that is definitely one!

Thank you for reading Heavenletters.

God bless you always.

With love,


Dear Beth, since I like your

Dear Beth,

since I like your thoughtful postings very much, I hope that perhaps it's in order for me to add a few words.

Even if, after thinking things through, it makes sense to me that "I am God", this still remains just another intellectual truth until I have the unequivocal and unimpeachable experience of it. For as long as I don't, "I am God" will be an empty and probably most detrimental claim.

But on the other hand I think it is a very good idea to always remain open for this possibility that one day it might dawn on us that we actually are God. In fact, I think God asks us to always be on the lookout for this. He has asked us in many of His letters to believe it. There can be moments when the truth of it seems very close, almost touchable, and perhaps everyone who has experienced moments of that kind will be extra cautious about claiming that "I am God". Why? Because we then know quite clearly that most of the time we are still very much run by ego. There seems to be an interim stage where we ar both - ego and something else we don't know what.

Let me end with a quote I find particularly clear and inspiring. It is from Heavenletter #264 (formerly 265), "A Universe of Such Magnitude". (You can find the complete letter here: )

You are not in a chamber. You are in the universe. The universe is your home. Your address is not. Like Me, you are everywhere all at once. Like Me, you are moving, and you are still. You are Me.

Jochen, thank you so very

Jochen, thank you so very much for your email. I felt that what I was attempting to express was heard and considered. I really appreciated the quote that you ended with also. My highest priority, for as long as I can remember, has been to be as loving as is possible. As I've grown in this and have made the transition from living in the black and white state into living in a loving state I've come to look at all things that I've been taught and question them with my heart and to listen to the inner, gentle voice to see in new ways. I found that to even consider the idea of being so connected with the Oneness that there was little distinction meant to truly take full responsibility in every thought, feeling, and action that I make. Whether there is truth for others in my way of seeing or not, I have found that my path has lead me to be respectful to all that is in my world. This includes the plant people, the rock people, the four legged people, and us two legged people. I see all that is as being equal to myself and that means that everything deserves to be treated by me with loving and when I react out of a fear instead then I own that and strive to be more loving the next time. I think that whatever path that you are on that leads you to being more of the being that you are is a path that I surely respect. I see loving as the only logical path to choose, for myself. I have enjoyed our interaction and have found that it brought me joy to think of where I've been and where I am so far. Thank you for sharing you and being gentle and recieving me.

Dear Beth Ann, I happily

Dear Beth Ann, I happily endorse your words. "Black and white", oh yes, I know that state and how good it feels when things take on colors again.

As before, let me add a few observations of my own. In a recent Heavenletter (#2779, "When You Are Perfectly Still"), I found a phrase that speaks to me more directly and more deeply than anything I have ever heard before. "Lean into stillness". I immediately knew what it is but I would be at a loss to explain it. The complete paragraph is:

Lean into that stillness, beloved, and you will accomplish more. The easier you are, the more easily everything in the Universe falls in your lap.

Obviously, your most prominent natural "leaning" is towards love and your sincerity in following it is beyond doubt. Yet in our sincerity, do we not sometimes tend to be a little too strict on ourselves - or am I the only one who is? What I mean to say is that, although we certainly are responsible for our "every thought, feeling and action" (a point that is made again in today's Heavenletter #2782, "Excuses, Excuses, Excuses"), let us not make it into a project, the project of having to do it just right every time or else we will deny ourselves the approval we really deserve for every step and apparent misstep. Feeling responsible and at the same time being easy, this seems to be the ideal combination.

I'm looking forward to more of your beautiful and perceptive comments.

I know this was posted years ago.

I know this was posted years ago, but I would like to share my testimony. Heaven Letters are not from Gloria. Sure, there are moments where there seems to be the filter of Gloria present, but they are very few. I have never come across any writings that are so touching... They have helped me so many times. Specifically, through the Generator. Where I DAILY experience Message that are meant just for me, it feels like. Where I notice that the inner and outer world are actually ONE. Through Heaven Letters and my Life in general, I have realized that time and space does not actually exist. I have received Letters that seemingly were written years ago, and they are PERFECT for the moment. When I say PERFECT, I mean utterly PERFECT. It's like the words are coming from within, not just Gloria, but All of Us. I can feel the God Within speaking to me through the Letters.. It does not feel like an external source, except when I am in denial. Which is often.. :P Here's the deal, Heaven Letters has been a companion for me that is priceless. More valuable than any course, class, or human advice I have ever received. This has been going on for years. YEARS. And I read them almost every day. God has shown me so much through Heaven Letters. I am thankful to the God Within.


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