Even a Glance of Your Light

God said:

When you feel burdened with something you have done, rather than ask for forgiveness, simply apologize. If you are sorry, say so. It is not necessary to put a burden of forgiveness on another. Not that it is wrong to ask for forgiveness. It is just that sometimes, more often probably, it is for you to give rather than ask for anything at all. Put yourself on the spot, rather than another. Let another come to the idea of forgiveness himself. It is for you to do what is yours to do. No one owes you, beloveds.

Rather than ask for anything, ask yourself what gift you can give. You have known people who are always thinking of others. You know how good their consideration makes you feel, whether for you or for another. Do the same for others too. Look out for others as much as you look out for yourself. Consider that there is no need at all for you to look out for yourself. Consider that you are already taken care of, and that you have no need for protection nor defense.

Maybe no one else needs protection either, yet everyone benefits from consideration, the one who receives it, of course, and even more the one who gives it. Consideration is the true earmark of a leader. A leader is thinking of everyone. He certainly is thinking beyond himself.

When the sun shines, it shines for all. And why not you, My beloveds, why not you shine your light for all? This is the meaning of loving your brother as yourself. This is the meaning of Oneness in the world. Consideration for another is a great replication of Oneness. What is there that you would keep to yourself and not favor others with as well? What an easy thing to do - to brighten up others' lives. While your light is shining, why not shine it on all? Even a glance of your light may well work wonders for someone. Would you not like to work wonders? Would you not like to be a beloved soul to all?

Are there those from whom you would rather withdraw your light? Perhaps these are ones you will do well to forgive. Perhaps you are one who owes an apology. If you feel lack of good will toward anyone, you certainly do owe them an apology.

What is the point of any hard feeling at all? Why would anyone have hard feelings and keep them close to their breast?

Get rid of everything, beloveds, every vestige of anything at all that obstructs the free flow of your heart. These are impediments that you have kept for no good reason. There can be no good reason to keep these splinters in your heart. Remove them one by one or all at once. Simply remove them. Start with a clean slate.

What a good feeling this will be! To which person would you really wish to carry ill will toward? It is too great a burden, beloveds. Let someone escape your wrath. Let them be free of it. Maybe, in your eyes, they deserve it. I do not say they don't deserve it as the world sees. What I am saying is that you don't deserve it, and, furthermore, that you cannot bear it. You cannot come out unscathed. So somehow find it in your beleaguered heart to let go. Let the hurt fly away as light as a feather. Just let it go. You've kept it long enough. Any time is too long.

Life on Earth is but a minute. Use this one minute well. Serve all well, and so serve yourself, and so serve Me.

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Even people living under the

Even people living under the same roof and doing the same hurtful things over and over again, day in, day out? Even totally inconsiderate people you can't just avoid? Obviously yes. Oh, You will have to help me with that, dear God. And You will. If that is what it takes to be free, what is there to decide?

Beloved Jochen, you

Beloved Jochen, you understand very well. There's nothing to say to you but that!

Indeed, "if that is what it

Indeed, "if that is what it takes to be free, what is there to decide" ? I think it is about surrender and you really got the point I think !!
Much love

From HEAVEN #279 • August

HEAVEN #279 • August 4, 2001
The Heart Is the Entranceway

.07. What is the purpose in your reading Heavenletters? You may say it makes you feel good, makes you think, wakes you up, stirs your heart, opens your eyes, swivels your attention. You may say it makes you feel more honest, more intelligent, more clear, bolder. You may say it brings you closer to My heart, that it acquaints you with Me, that it establishes you with Me, that you feel My love more, that your heart and your life take a turn in an upward direction, and there are moments when you feel exultation.

.08. What is the deeper purpose?

.09. In order to follow My will, you must come closer so you can see what it is. When you feel far away, why would you follow the Will of a Stranger, and how would you know what it was anyway? Make Me not a Stranger.

.10. My Will for you was planted deep in your heart. It is still there. The heart is the entranceway. The heart is the teller of the story. The Human heart has a nose that can follow My will all the way to Heaven.

.11. If you knew how to follow My will all the time, how happy you would be. That would be perfect alignment. You on earth, fully aligned with God in Heaven.

.12. And you can have that, for the code is in your heart.

If something is bothering

If something is bothering you rather than ask for the forgiveness just apologize....If you are sorry just say so...Father God,Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit you will never leave me alone even in times like this. I'm working on a clean heart with Your help and strength! I wish that I could just sit down and talk about it the deep pain, hurts and desire to forgive the person.

There is something inside of me that brings out the resentment when I hear her voice, I just want her to leave me alone, but yet...I still return to help her, take out on errands and love her. To me this is like a cycle of abuse that keeps on rolling. When I try to talk about it, she just denies anything ever happen and doesn't understand. That makes me so angry. I want to forgive and then she makes me feel so bad all the time through manipulation of other situations or circumstances. I always try to make her happy if I can.
" Let them be free of the it-my wrath". I really want to and I'm trying, but it get harder.

Then had another incident, I said something that wasn't right and it hurt her deeply. So the next day after praying about it, my regret and wanting to make things right. I apologized and asked for the forgiveness and she wouldn't accept it-totally ignored me and didn't respond. The other person in the room( who I felt that I offended also by her just being there) accepted the apology and forgave me openly. So I just moved on, still feeling hurt and wounded that I made the attempt to ask for the apology and forgiveness and say that I was sorry-but she failed to accept it.

So, how do I let the pain and hurt go away like a feather? I want to release it the wounds are deep. My resentment, anger and lack of validation in my life hurts--- deeply. "I want to feel that glance of the light-truly-asking for God's help in this area with the person..I want to say the person who it is, but I just don't want to in case someone reads this and knows me."

Oh, beautiful soul, it's not

Oh, beautiful soul, it's not easy.

Somewhere there is a Heavenletter that tells us that sometimes we have to walk away.

Jochen, do you know which Heavenletter this is?

Regina, what if you write down a letter to God and poured your heart out to Him. Write down all about what has happened and how you feel. Say it all. There is something about writing it all down directly to God that brings some healing. You don't have to get an answer. In the writing, you heal your heart.

Let us know how that works.

Regina, I think we've all been there.

Dear Regina, Yes, things can

Dear Regina,

Yes, things can get quite desperate at times. But what is there to say except that we always do the best we can from where we stand and that therefore it has to be good enough. Things can and will get better, but if we are not there yet, what can we do but be kind to ourselves, looking at ourselves sympathetically?

I have no solution, Regina, but whenever I feel helpless to do something I know I really want to do -- like forgiving, apologizing, being understanding, loving -- I just leave it and turn to God, simply deepening my awareness of the joy and love of Our oneness yet another inch. If there is something I just can't do at present, then whipping myself is not going to help. God has said many times, that all the issues in our lives are but signals to remember our deepest yearning -- which is for Him.

The Heavenletter Gloria mentioned is #2592, Sometimes You Have to Get Up and Say Good-bye, of Dec. 30, 2007. (Correct, Gloria?)

In addition to Gloria's suggestion to write a letter to God (you can even ask Him a personal question through her), let me suggest reading a Hevanletter that gives specific instruction on how to talk to Him. I'll include it here so you don't have to search for it.

Much love,

HEAVEN #262 • July 17, 2001
Talk to God
God said:

.01. My relationship with you is one-to-one. That means you address Me directly. Our hearts engage. My words engage you. Your talking to Me engages Me.
.02. Of course, Our communication is one fell swoop. We are not separate characters, although it seems so to you.
.03. In any case, do not be afraid to speak to Me. You may not directly hear Me, but I will hear you. And you will hear something of what you say.
.04. When you talk to Me, it is not like talking to any other. It is so personal, so intimate, so bare-boned. You don't pretend with Me. You don't attempt it. You use simple speech. You may not know what you are going to say until you say it. You may find depths in yourself that you had no idea of.
.05. How you speak to Me makes a difference with you. You have to say what you have to say. I know what you are going to say, but you are the one who has to say it. No one can speak for you. No one can translate your words to Me. Your heart has to speak to Mine. The importance is in your speaking to Me from your heart. Not a formula. Not a rote. Your heart's speaking to Me is an act of surrender.
.06. How hard that is for some of My children. You really think you have something to surrender. We are not at war, you and I. When you think you are really surrendering something to Me, you have then been holding sway with Me. You thought you were in competition with Me.
.07. When you kneel your heart before Me with the thought that there is something you are actually giving up, then you had been thinking that you had to control. You thought that control kept you safe. Control is your attempt at competition with Me. Control is your fighting ahead of time. You are loath to give up your fantasy of control because you think control is your strength. Control is your illusion.
.08. I am your strength. I have been your strength all along. You have no other.
.09. Tension is not strength. It is tension. It is holding tight.
.10. With Me, you have to let go. You have to let go of your superstition. You have to let go of your fears. Yes, you are even afraid to let go of your fears, as though, if you do not keep them prisoner in your mind, they will unleash their swords, as though your keeping them in mind keeps them at bay. But that is where fears reign — in your mind, and when fears are entrenched there, they have already won. If you are watching them constantly, you are in their thrall.
.11. Abandon fear. Abandon control. Abandon them, and you stand before Me with great strength. My beautiful creation stands before Me in the glory of My light. You bare your heart before me, and it is beautiful. It is good.
.12. I have long awaited your standing before Me. You came as a kneeler, but soon found you were a stander, standing taller than ever before, because in giving yourself over to Me, you grow in My light, and you grow to My height.
.13. You thought it was great ego to stand before Me. But it is your great Oneness that stands before Me. It is your heart melting in Oneness that stands before Me, and We are One Indissoluble Love meeting Itself, always meeting Itself as if for the first time, when all the while there is no first, and there is no last, for We meet all the time. Whether you know it or not.

Beloved Jochen, as it

Beloved Jochen, as it happens, this wasn't the Heavenletter I was thinking of -- but maybe this is the one I should have thought of! I needed to read this one again. How did you feel about it, dear Regina?

The one I was thinking of was a more relative Heavenletter about physically walking away from some situations in life when they are not helpful to anyone.

Yes, it was the first one

Yes, it was the first one you list above that I had in mind. Sometimes you have to say, "Enough."

Muchas gracias!

The above Heavenletter, at

The above Heavenletter, at first glance touched my spirit and brought tears to my eyes and I was unable to read it completely. So, I walked away until I was prepared to read it...the words just pierced my soul, as if God was speaking to me directly, something that I need to do. I will also write the letter that was mentioned earlier-that is when I'm able to deal with it.
Thanks for all of your comments.

Dearest Regina -- what we

Dearest Regina -- what we resists, persists -- the more 'you try' the more energy you are giving to it and it is so very easy to get stuck in this cycle. You do have choices; you do have power and that power is tapping into the One True Source. Life is a journey, not a destination so try to go with the flow and let the process unfold in your life.
I send you loving prayers and my prayer is that your vision can see beyond the immediacy of the moment, that your thoughts and emotions can become still and you will be able to hear God's loving Voice speaking to you.
God bless you!

...Live is for-giving and

...Live is for-giving and not for getting, and the for-giving has to start right in our heart, yes ?
What we resist persits and what we look at, what we accept, we can transform and re-create anew. I love it.


I love the word breakdown

I love the word breakdown here...u R a great Master of Love, Beloved Berit...and all here are so forthright and real...such energy of thought and expression...mike

Sweetest Mike, all credits

Sweetest Mike, all credits go to Neale, I'm just a tiny student doing exercises .... to keep me uplifted and happy God did send me his special divine poet - YOU !

Much Love

Dearest Regina, as Gloria

Dearest Regina,

as Gloria says, we have all been there, and I might add, are still there from time to time. Without going into details. I have no answers or solutions, for they are within your heart, but I want to tell you that putting a question to God through Gloria was absolutely a life changing experience. I cannot express the tender love and the wonderful way in which God did help me through Gloria, it is beyonds words.
The wonderful thing is, that while thinking about what to say to God, He immediately gave me a message that did help me so much and that message was, that I was afraid that the person in question really thought all these negavite things about me, that the negativeness between us was real, but that is not so. On a higher lever, on soul level, there much much love, there is only love.

I send you all my love dear Regina and a big big hug !


P.S. Jochen, you are a magician !! This Heavenletter is SOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!

Just to clarify, I wasn't

Just to clarify, I wasn't suggesting that Regina send her question for God to me, just that she write it down. That's a great place to come from.

God bless us all!

Dearest Regina...honesty is

Dearest Regina...honesty is the best policy...be true to what you feel...the more we can observe our feelings...not suppressing...not running...but being...present...then we can heal that which hurts...everything and everyone is our teaching and teacher...pain is neither to be denied nor fuel for some fire...it's a firefly flickering...reminding we are our own light in the "dark"...and so is everyone "else"...blessings...in love...michael:)

p.s. as i remember from ACIM...i love this translation of "vengeance is Mine sayeth the Lord"...which is...give Me your vengeance and anger...i'll take care of it as you let it go...it's not Yours...nor Mine...for "nothing real can be threatened...nothing unreal exists...herein lies the Peace of God"

"love your neighbor as

"love your neighbor as yourself" . . . and "who" is my neighbor? -- "what does it profit you if you only do good to those who do good to YOU?-- for even the unbelievers do that . . . rather do good to those who hate you, and then you will have the Kingdom of heaven" . . . and He added in other places, "if someone demand you cloak, give him you shirt as well . . and if someone demand that you walk a mile with him, walk yet another" . . . forgiving can be a hard thing to do . . . but "unforgiving", in the long run is even more difficult . . . loving "everyone' with God's love can be hard . . . but unforgiveness and anger (or even hatred) kept in one's heart is even more painful . . .

I must confess that when I

I must confess that when I first started reading this, I had difficulty hearing the message but God touched me with His grace and my heart opened wide and magic is happening on this glorious Sunday.
My husband's aunt is quite ill and her dying wish is for my husband to reconcile with his mother. Last night we had talked about forgiveness and love but after reading this letter, we are FEELING love and light and it pierces the darkness of the past to transform it into loving action.
At times, I feel the urge to withdraw my light from others who may be hurting or down or 'not responding to me' in the way I feel 'they should'. But all of that is washed away in this amazing wave of love and Truth!
And this letter segways so perfect from the previous letter -- to love and let light shine and touch others and live as light as a feather but to not allow anyone to 'ride my coattails' but to guide them toward creating the wonderful life that everyone deserves through my loving energy and tender words.
THANK YOU GLORIA!!! And Glory be to God!

This is such a nice heaven

This is such a nice heaven letter and all of the comments are so genuine and beautiful as well. May you all be loved and blessed continually...and receive the comfort of the Creator in each moment. Jimi.

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

Sound advice God thanks for

Sound advice God :) thanks for the clarity...mike:)

I do enjoy your heaven

I do enjoy your heaven letters but I don't really agree with some of the comments, such as, "Maybe, in your eyes, they deserve it. I do not say they don't deserve it as the world sees. What I am saying is that you don't deserve it, and, furthermore, that you cannot bear it." It's like you're agreeing with the bad guy and backing up his opinion even more. You're trying to open him up not consolidate him more to his own opinion or judgement........ But keep it up for the most part a little moral lesson every day is good...

Beloved Brandan, I love that

Beloved Brandan, I love that you say what you think, and that you post it.

As I see it, God is saying we who judge don't deserve judging others. It's not good for us! not for our health, and not for our general well-being. And, I imagine, He means It's not good for the world and not good for the ones we judge.

Are you new to Heavenletters?

God says:

"There is nothing for you to learn here but to be with Me....What is My message here for you today? Forget about it. Just be with Me, and allow Me to take you places. Do not sit up so straight. Do not take notes. Just rest in Me.

"Let Me tug at your heart. Let Me weave whatever I weave. Let Me pat your brow. Let Me pull worry lines away. Let Me enjoy these few moments with you. What are you in a rush to learn? What must we complete so soon? Just abide with Me.

"Give Me your heart, not your mind. There is enough mind in the world, and perhaps not enough heart. In any case, I ask for your heart. I wish to entwine it with Mine. Let Our hearts rub elbows. Sit down with Me a while."

Brendan, if you do not yet subscribe to Heavenletters, on the right margin of this forum, you will see Subscribe to Heaven! We'd love to have you.

Many thanks again.

With love and blessings,


I agree with God with all of

I agree with God with all of my heart, sometimes His sayings are too good to belive. I can not help myself asking "Oh God how can you love someone who gives harm to any kind of living creature? Don't those deserve any kind of punishment or lesson?" ;)

If my neigjbour were Pol Pot for example, I think I could not have managed to love him. ;)


Canim Engin, you and

Canim Engin, you and everybody else!

There are Heavenletters that go into this aspect. I remember there was one about Hitler. I'll see if I can find it.

I do remember reading a book by Jampolsky in which he had given the true stories of people who forgave the unforgivable. The one I remember was told by a mother whose son had been killed by her son's friend who was on drugs at that time. Every year she went to the murder's parole hearings and expressed her anger etc

At some point, this mother realized she was killing herself with her vengeful thoughts.

At this point, she arranged to go to the prison and talk to the boy. They both cried. From then on she befriended this boy. She went to parole hearings and fought for his release.

When he was released, she went and picked him up. As I recall, she brought him to her home. She had lost a son and found another one.

Don't you just love her?

Canim Gloria, I do love her,

Canim Gloria,

I do love her, I do appreciate her. In her case I think that young man remembered that he was a human being and regreted maybe, or at least he revealed some humanly behaviours as an answer to this lady.

On the other hand, my question is something like this:

In the eyes of God, are Hitler and Jesus the same? ;)

love you

me (in confusion)

Engin, I'm going to quote


I'm going to quote from Ramakrishna here. When asked by a disciple why does God allow evil to exist, he answered seriously "To thicken the plot."

Are you a mother Engin? Well you radiate motherly love so you must be! This question will be easy for parents to understand. Parents love their children no matter what crimes the world accuses them of. Parents love their children the same, but differently.

One Love

Dearest One Love, what

Dearest One Love,

what beautiful heart you have, your words a overflowing with love and wisdom and gentleness.

Love and blessings to you dear

Beloved Engin, remember that

Beloved Engin, remember that God has said it's good to be confused!

From our level, how can that be?

From our level, how could it possibly be that God could love a good guy and a bad guy the same?

God also says something about our inability to truly understand everything He says.

Now, the question you ask above. In law, that type of either/or question is called a negative pregnant. It's a question that whichever way you answer it, you get yourself in trouble.

I'll tell you what your question reminds me of. In an ancient tribe, when someone committed a theft, for example, the tribe would sit in a circle around the thief. Each member of the tribe, one by one, in front of everyone, would tell the thief what was good about him.

How could the thief steal again after that? How could he steal from people who love him?

Would God be less?

How would Christ, who proclaimed that we not judge, want God to answer your question?

There's a Heavenletter somewhere in which God says in different words: What would benefit a bad guy more? To be put with other bad guys or to put him with Christ?

Dear Canim Gloria and

Dear Canim Gloria and Santhan,

The plot thickens quite well, at my side :p

I am trying to find a way out :Criying: , let's see:
Yes a mother loves all her children; yet as far as I observe she appreciates one (or some of) them more. This good guy is the one who is closer to her Mother I think. And the mother sets this guy as an example for the others. She wants her other children to take this good one as an example. Isn't it soooo? ;) :Criying:

Yet, does a mother support all her children the same way? Do the good and the bad ones take the same support and care and opprtunities? For example good one wants to buy flowers and the bad one wants to buy a gun, what does a mother do in this situation? In the present, world she is giving the same pocket money to her each son I think ;)

Sometimes a mother may favor

Sometimes a mother may favor the wayward child.

In God's case, as I understand it, He favors all.

No one wants you to cry, canim Engin, yet, what a good release tears give.

The question about reward and punishment goes deep. Haven't we grown up believing in reward and punishment? Yet it is love that works.

To think of being "good" in order to have a reward doesn't feel quite right to me any more than being punished for not being "good" feels right to me.

Canim Gloria, when I am

Canim Gloria,

when I am enlightened, maybe I can understand the point...

Yet at the moment "karma" idea is giving me relief a little.

Now, I will translate the next letter, let me see what God says this time... :Rolleyes:

love you

Just when the idea of karma

Just when the idea of karma is giving you some relief, I believe that God in Heavenletters has said there is no karma! at leas the way we understand karma!

But, you know, canim Engin, we don't have to understand!

Loving you, Gloria



Canim Gloria, thank you very much.. Infact as far as I remember, in Bhagavad gita, God was neutral too, he was helping both sides, wasn't he?

LOOOOOVE LOVE YOU DO!!!! :thumbup:

Beloved Engin, it's been a

Beloved Engin, it's been a long time since I read the Bhagavad Gita.

God was helping the bad guys? Do you mean God did not interfere?

I know Krishna helped Arjuna.

It has been a long time

It has been a long time since I read it too.

I am just trying to find the right answer. ;)

If God is a Mother and if he loves all his children and if he favors all of his children then he must have helped bad guys too. :thumbdown: :?

Isn't it so? I think I am confused toooo much...

The God of my heart should help the good guys and Arjuna, not to the bad guys???

I think I should stop thinking about this issue.... >God knows better than me I guess, to help who, not to help who...

Maybe we can't understand.

Maybe we can't understand.

I don't know, but I don't think that loving is the same as helping, Maybe God doesn't interfere. He must see so clearly what is going on. I just can't believe that he runs to the aid of those who are perhaps cruel to others.

Whatever it may be, it's incumbent upon us to let go of our anger and judgments. At least hold the intention that we will truly allow that.

Love you, Engin!


LOVE YOU TOO canim Gloria,

love, love you do :wub:

In reply to Engin: Gloria

In reply to Engin:
Gloria asked me to find any Heavenletter on Hitler. Actually there are none, but in the year 1999 and 2000, Gloria had addressed a question or two about Hitler to God or Mother Divine. Here is what I found through a quick search:

1) A few paragraphs down in Heavenletter for July 31, 2000 (http://www.heavenarchives.org/y2000m07/y2000m07p10.html#c)

2) Some mention also in Heavenletter for Aug. 7, 1999 (http://www.heavenarchives.org/y1999m08/y1999m08p03.html#a), with Gloria asking and Mother Divine answering:
Gloria: Mother Divine, I always seem to hit the hard wall of Hitler. He was adored apparently. Loving him would have changed him?
Mother Divine: "Love, not kowtowing, not semblance of love, would have altered him. He was feared, not loved. He was idolized, not loved. He was obeyed, not loved. He was used, not loved.
Come to love what you hate. Love transforms. Not pity, not compassion, but love. Not lovingness, but seeing as Christ did."

I hope this is helpful.

Love and blessings,
Annette, Heavenletter Archivist

Dear Anette thank you very

Dear Anette thank you very much...

Dearest Annette, MANY MANY

Dearest Annette,


Love and blessings to you !

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said why not you
Even a glance of your light
May well work wonders

Love, Light and Aloha!

Hi! :)

HI! Gloria asked me to share an e-mail I sent Her. Resently I ask God a question. since then I have been translating heavenletters to Norwegian. this is an e-mail I sent her today. As I used the cosmic generator this beautiful heavenletter turned up, so her is what I wrote to Gloria.

Dear Gloria. It is encouraging (uplifting) to translate Heavenletters, and I find so much clarity and guidance and love in each Heavenletter, and I learn alot about my Self in these beautiful letters from God. It means alot to me, and I am very thankfull.

I see that the relationship between my family, and colleagues has changed quite a bit since I first asked God, and started to translate. I do experience things coming up in my life that I have to let go of, but each Heavenletter points out so perfectly, and I find my self in more peace and deeper knowing that all is good.

To be short, I have witnessed some resistance and turmoil coming up, but as I remain in my I AM presence I see it as blessings, helping me to let go and Let God. I hope numerous souls will be guided to Heavenletters.

Many blessings ~Kristian

Beloved Kristian, God had a

Beloved Kristian, God had a success story with you. God's response made a difference for you. After God's response, you opened up immediately and were translating. You are translating Heavenletters into Norwegian. You are translating singlehandedly 7 days a week even now as you go to school full-time.

Yes, please, always share on the forum whenever you have something to tell us.

Thank you, Kristian, for your bright light.

A thousand blessings and great gratitude.


Many Blessings to you Dearest Kristian

You are Amazing and Your Light Shines to Light the Way for All to See. Thank You!

Dear Kristian, it is a

Dear Kristian,

it is a blessing that you are here and that you are translating God`s Love Letters, so that more hearts can be uplifted by His words.

Tons of love to you


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