Read the Sun’s Glory

God said:

Awake to Me, My loves.

You have been sleeping too long. Now is time to awake. Arise. Lift your sleepy head. Lift your eyes. Look up to Heaven. Let Heaven be your Reality, and you will make it the reality for all. You will make it so.

There is no distance between Us, and yet My hand can extend far. All you have to do is turn your palm up, and I will have grasped it. I grasp it with My love. Of course, love doesn’t grasp, so I will just comfort your hand with Mine.

We are like two photographs one on top of the other. Are We two or One? We are One. We are perfectly meshed. You, however, still see two instead of One. Your intellect has been so stimulated, it can’t stay still. But We are still. We are yet and we are still with the imperturbable quietness of a sleepy lagoon.

We swim the ocean together. One more stroke, and you reach Me. I am always within reach. There is no turbulence where I am, and I am everywhere. I am the Height and I am the Depth, and you are with Me.

Turbulence is a state of mind. It is not reality. You have gotten it backwards. You think pain is real. You think all those things you don’t want are real. You skipped to the wrong page. Certainly, you have left something out.

Oh, I know you are quick to think of all these examples of horrors too horrible to imagine, but why do you? Why would you? Why would you harp on the precise boundaries of that which is abhorrent to you? Why dig up and display what you do not want, and call it reality. How can it be true. Because it happened, seemed to happen, doesn’t make it true.

There is no need for that which you do not want.

And why would you want to prove the existence of the non-existent? Is your reality superior to Mine? You hold on to the non-existent and hold Me responsible for it.

The beauty in the world is incomprehensible to you. It is hard to assimilate the vastness and exquisite beauty of a sunrise. You are occupied with more important things, you say, and spend little time in admiration of such a color display, such a symbol of life eternal, such a display of God’s light laid out for you to see, for you are too busy.

The sunset is no less beautiful. Look at both aspects of the sun’s delivery and exit of itself, and you will learn much. Throw away your books and read the sun’s glory. For it is Mine, and it is yours. You have forgotten how to read beauty. You have forgotten to look for it.

Catch the early morning sun in your arms, and it will stay with you. Surrender to its leaving in twilight. It is going for a good cause. The sun never ceases its shining. Even the beauty of sunrise and sunset are illusions.

Consider the sun a gong I ring. Does the sun not reverberate? Is it not heard around the world? The sun is really everywhere all the time. Only sometimes it is not seen. Sometimes it is not in your thought.

Consider the sun your child. As soon as your child wakes up, he wants to see you. And at night you put him to bed. First thing and last thing, there is you, and the sun, your child.

The sun never tires. It never tires because it never stops shining. Shine more, and you will never be tired. You are tired of not shining My light.

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I am at a place, my God, where I know that You are Here always. And yet, it seems like "I" get distracted by the mind. And I do realize that I am not the one getting distracted, but it is actually the image that I thought was me that is getting distracted and I am watching it.

Help me see clearly that nothing is actually happening to Me. Help me see that I am Me and not me. Help me fully see that I am Being and nothing but Being. Help me see clearly that I am Consciousness. Let it be clearer than anything else. Thank You Self.


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