New Thoughts for Old

God said:

Ego and smallness are the same thing. Even when ego makes you feel big, it has deceived you, for it has merely inflated your smallness.

Smallness causes suffering. Egos gets hurt. Even in the case of the big inevitable causes of Human suffering, forgive Me, I will go ahead and say that ego stars. I will say that because, if you felt the truth of your existence, you could not at the same feel suffering.

Magnificence does not allow room for suffering. How can there be suffering when you are forever — and forever with Me? How can the Glory of Truth make a place for suffering? It is illogical.

Intellectually you know this. You know the truth of what is. And yet it is your intellect that also stops you. You know that you and I are irrespective of any condition on earth. You know that must be so. That makes sense to the intellect, doesn't it, at the same time as the intellect cannot accept that or even abide it. Your intellect scoffs. Your intellect prides itself on being a skeptic. It prides itself on proof. Your fertile mind says: "But, what about this? What about that? What about the loss of my loved ones? What about these tears?"

Too often your intellect associates life with suffering. It could just as well associate life with joy. Why not? Why does the inevitable have to cause suffering? Why, for instance, is old often seen as less desirable than young? Why is intellect preferred over innocence? Why is the intellect put in first place and the heart given a back seat? Why are the little things, even the things in life that you know are little, why do they take precedence over the things that your heart knows matter more?

It is like you live on two levels of life at once. And that is what you do. You parlay them back and forth. You switch sides. Use that to your advantage.

If you can think small, you can think big.

When you have an ego attack, start thinking bigger. Displace ego thoughts with better ones. If the pricks of ego deflate you, return yourself to a higher plane. If someone's neglect of you hurts your feelings, turn in your hurting thoughts the way you trade in a used car.

In the days of tinkers, there was a cry on earth of "New pots for old". I am the Crier from Heaven Who says, "New thoughts for old". I ring a bell and I sell My wares, and I cruise around town. My customers are hearts. My payment is that you accept My wares and are therefore happier. I accept that payment. I extract no other.

With the bulk of the content that is presently in your mind, how could you not be discontent? Your mind ravages you. Give your mind another diet. Fill it with nutritious thoughts instead of those tiny debilitated ones. Fill it with Truth.

You redecorate rooms. Redecorate your mind.

You repaint the pantry. Repaint your thoughts.

When you write an essay, you write and rewrite to get it right. But when it comes to your unwritten thoughts, you leave them unedited. You think your thoughts have a life of their own, as thought they are separate from you, but they are your thoughts, and you are in charge of them. You are not meant to be a victim of your own thoughts, nor is anyone else in the environs meant to be.

Take My thoughts. I give them to you. Accept them. Take them. I will that you make them yours and reprogram that mind of yours with Truth.

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Hello Friends,

God said Take My Thoughts
And redecorate your mind
With Glory of Truth

Love, Light, and Aloha!


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