Make Peace with the Past

God said:

Mistakes happen. They are passing things. You are not to culture them and ruin your day because of them. You misinterpreted something. You have to let it go. A mistake was made. Apologize, and now you let it go, and you stride on. You are a strider. You move ahead in life. You get going in life. You step out of the past. So, you made a mistake. Wash your hands of it. Say Mea culpa once and forget it. The past is not to be an albatross around your neck. I know you. You hold yourself accountable, no one else. So far so good. Give yourself parole from servitude to the past now. Do not sentence yourself to regret and sorrow. Make your peace with what is past.

You are not always what you want to be. You are not always your hero. Part of you is a mistake-maker. Pardon that part of you. Guilt is not part of you. Guilt is a sorry add-on, and you are not to add guilt to your self-prescribed list of crimes. Even if no one else forgives you, forgive yourself. Forgiving yourself means to let whatever the mistake was go into the trash. That’s where disappointments in yourself have to go. You can’t store anymore past regrets. In fact, it’s time you tossed away those certain mistakes and even the possible ones. Give them a farewell if you must but get them out of your sight. To recollect them is like collecting flies. What would you keep them for? If you must atone, atone to the past by moving forward now.

That which is to be tossed aside, toss aside. Leave mistakes where they lie, or sweep them up. Let them disappear. They serve no function now all these mistakes except to laden you. Ladle yourself with the goodness you have done. Good grief, think of all the times you made no mistake, and when you arose to the occasion. Your mistakes were accidental. They were not deliberate. They were hasty. You were not looking carefully. You made assumptions that were not true, or you couldn’t see.

Here is what you must understand. Mistakes do not belong to you. You are not to keep them. You do not foster them. Errors you have made are not pets to keep. Throw away your mistakes up into the air or down a pit. It matters that you are done with them. Mistakes are always of the past, and the past is to be let go of. Have nothing hanging over you. Acknowledging a mistake is like smoking a cigarette. When it is finished, you squash it with your foot. You do not collect the cigarette butts.

You made a mistake. Not the first. Do not accumulate mistakes. Do not let them take your attention away from where you are on your way to. You are on your way to Me, and you get closer and closer. If you come to Me by car, sometimes you get a flat tire. It is temporary. You try to fix the flat tire. If you are able to fix it, it is no longer a flat tire. If it can’t be fixed, you abandon it. And this is what you must do with all mistakes you have made -- abandon them and get on with life. The mistakes you have accumulated are nothing but thoughts. You have better thoughts to think. Think them.

Look at the orange ball of sun that today sets in the sky. Notice the rustling of leaves that the wind makes. Notice the freshness of the air. Let the tune you sing be pleasant. Who in their right mind would put their attention on mistakes? Most likely, no one is counting your mistakes but you. Discount them. Uncount them. Be done with them. Mistakes are not to be worms that gnaw at you. You are sorry, and now you move on. This is what you have to do with the past. Lift your feet up and make new marks in the sand. You have good to do. You must not put a stamp of Mistake on your forehead and keep yourself in bondage to regrets. That you are on Earth is not a mistake. You march forward now. It is never a mistake to put one foot forward. Keep walking.

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makes sense

quite hard to swing on other side of the pendulum if we hoard resentment in side other then other side

heavenletters appreciated. some months or years ago my comments on text like these would have been entropical, teasing close to bullying now I can can state liberating within it. text is the same present only I have changed. This trench of past seemingly inflict same reaction but it is dismantled only echo which in terms of now serves to point to opposite.

thank you