Don't Weigh Yourself Every Day

God said:

How you feel is not the purpose of your life. To feel better or good or wonderful is not the end-all of your being. How you feel only tells you how you feel. You do not need to read more into it than that. Sometimes when you feel at your worst, you are making great progress. You do not have to feel at ease in life any more than you have to feel ill-at-ease. Neither is your purpose. How you feel is one thing. What you are is another.

What you are is greatness. Greatness does not necessarily mean that you feel great. You don't have to feel great. You don't have to feel super. Have you used how you feel as the scale to weigh yourself on? At any given moment, has how you feel been the measuring tape of you? If so, it is inaccurate. You must know that by now.

Oh, the follies you have measured yourself by. Stop looking for measurements. You don't know what to go by.

If you must have a barometer, go by Mine. Mine is infallible. Yours is almost always inaccurate.

What does neutral mean but that you do not measure? What is the value of comparing yourself to others? What is the value of comparing yourself to yourself. You are in the business of living, not living up to some standards of measurement.

You do not need to measure the rain to know that it is raining. You do not have to examine the sun to know it is shining.

Neutral means that you do not ascribe too much meaning to momentary feelings, yours or other's. The high's and the low's are high's and low's. That's all they are. Who said that your feelings must be one way or the other? What are you remiss in if you feel whatever you feel at a particular moment? Your feelings are not your purpose, and they are not what you are made of either.

Roads go up and down, and you walk on them. Your life is not dependent upon the lay of the land. Consider your moods nothing more than the terrain you walk on this moment. You make too much of momentary moods. You make them more than they are. They are not earthshaking.

In the world you are told you must be a balanced being, and so you try to fit a mold of balance, as if only so much of anything is allowed. And so you correct yourself, whatever side of the mood swing you are on.

Despite how you feel, you can feel good. You will feel better when you put less importance on how you feel. How you feel is such a limited thing.

When you are always supervising how you feel, you deny yourself freedom. If you are only supposed to feel one way and not another, if only one way is better and all others are not, where is freedom? It seems to Me you have superimposed popular opinion over your life. You have given jurisdiction of your life away. And yet your life needs no jurisdiction, unless you call My love that.

There is a refrain that runs through your mind like a jingle: "I must feel good. Life is all about how I feel. How I feel must live up to expectation, or I have failed."

You are somewhere today. Therefore, you have succeeded. What does your mood have to do with it?

And right now you are reading My words. Oh, how you have succeeded!

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Hello Friends,

God said go by Mine
My Words that you are reading
What you are is great

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