Deeper Than the Deep

God said:

As a Godwriter, you experience not being able to remember or write down a message from Me from the level on which you received it. You don't step in the exact same stream twice. This experience may tell you that time, as you know time, does not exist. In your terms, it seems you are given a one shot at a specific Heavenletter.

You would think that, in Infinity, specific thoughts of Mine exist Eternally, and that you could always find, not only many received Heavenletters endlessly, yet every single one.

Certainly, you pick up thoughts out of the ether. They are not written down until you write them down, yet We could say that they are always present and ever-present for posterity.

My thoughts are permanent. They are all given and all available, yet My thoughts are something like a catch of fish. You can go to the same fishing spot where the Stream of Infinity flows. I am Stillness and always reachable, yet there is no map of Infinity for you to follow.

Nor are there place cards in Infinity. There are no places to point arrows to.

On any day that you sit to receive My thoughts, at any time of day in the world, you catch what you catch. You take pot luck, as it were. You do not order a rerun of a specific Heavenletter. You receive with an open mind.

Am I purposeful in what Heavenletter you receive? Yes and no. You receive a Heavenletter from the Horse's Mouth. What you receive is what I want you to receive, yet which Heavenletter is not? I offer all My thoughts to you, yet, from your perspective, you are getting a pig in the poke.

I do not sit down with My chin on My hand and ponder which topic or which words I will hand to you. We could say that it is you at this moment who reaches the words I give to you. It is as if you pluck them from a certain branch of a certain tree, the same way you might pluck plums from a plum tree. All the Trees of My Thoughts are available for you to pluck. You grab what you grab.

In the case of Godwriting, We can say that you pluck as far as your hand can reach. You reach up and take the plums your hands reach.

We can say that you receive My words by touch. You do not read my words first and then pick. You may perceive that you pluck by other senses. My thoughts come to you through any of your senses, yet My thoughts come from somewhere far more silent and more powerful.

Often, as right now perhaps, your mind does not intellectually comprehend what I am saying. That's fine. It is not exactly a Tree of Knowledge you pluck from. A way to say this might be to say that you pluck the Fruit of Deeper Knowledge from My Heart.

In any case, ultimately you pluck from My Heart. This brings up the question: Is My Heart the same as Infinity?

Hmm. My Heart of Love contains Infinity, or, if you prefer, you can say that Infinity and Love are inseparable, just as you and I are inseparable.

We can also say that you pluck the beautiful fruit you pluck from within your own heart. My knowledge is no secret. All I know, you also know deep within you where you may not yet dare to go.

My knowledge exists on a deeper level than you are accustomed to. So, where does My Knowledge exist? It exists anywhere and everywhere. This includes within you and within everyone. You haven't gotten used to this depth of knowledge as yet. That doesn't mean it is not available to you. Avail yourself of it.

My Knowledge exists, and My Knowledge is available to you no matter who you think you are. You may hide this knowledge from the purview of your conscious selves. I do not hide it from you. I invite you to find all the Trees in My Garden. Therefore, I do not hide Myself away from you. I hide nothing. I give you everything.

You are all Seers if you would only dare to see, or hear, or touch or sense what I say in any way it may come to you. Open the gates.

Translated by: Eddy Konig
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Wow, what a Heavenletter!

It's uncanny how I am seeing this Heavenletter as if for the first time. God, You are quite a God!

God willing, when we can get a Godwriting webinar up, this Heavenletter would be a blessing for people who want to learn how to Godwrite to read before they sign up.

For me, reading this Heavenletter today, seems to have burst the world open.

Thank You, God.

Thank you Gloria

For Being such a wonder filled Receiver! I Love You Gloria with all My Heart.

I second that, dear

I second that, dear Christine!

It's so wonderful what you are doing, beloved Gloria! And, yes, what an incredible Heavenletter. I can't wait for the Godwriting webinar.

Nor can I wait, dear

Nor can I wait, dear Clemens!. Please know how much you, as an Administrator, day in and day out, are doing for Heavenletters. The Godwriting webinar, along with a new website, are priorities.

I might mention how much hands-on help we are looking for AND the wherewithal to do it with.

Interestingly, the Heavenletter written down this morning talks about how so many of us in the world think that if only we had the $'s to accomplish, all would be well. This Heavenletter seems to deny this. In a minute I will find this new Heavenletter and quote a few lines from it.

Before I do that, I would like to say that our help lies in people. Good people with heart and the desire to help -- volunteers -- are the best of all. Volunteers have been moving Heavenletters right along. The translators are volunteers who give their all from their love. And so are you, Clemens. There are incredible stories to tell.

For three years or more, William Harader, a computer whiz, has given freely of his time and skill. William, like so many, has to make a living. He works at home and is raising his now five-year old daughter.on his own. My understanding is he would glady head up the new website with some help from other technical and designer folk who would be like partners in developing the new website.

We are also looking for someone who has experience in designing a webinar or someone dedicated to learning how who would make this happen..

Now, I will find today's written down Heavenletter and quote some lines from God who says that money isn't really the issue. I'll be right back. (I have to post this or I could lose all I've written.)

Okay, I'm back without finding the Heavenletter I was looking for. It was not the one written this morning. It may have been one I proofed recently. Clemens, can you find this Heavenletter? This Heavenletter says that money doesn't make everything right, that, rather, the true help lies within ourselves. Thank you!.

Trees of Knowledge

Within in each and every Precious Heart there is Knowledge of All Things and when we are ready then the Knowledge is there to Be Known. I open the gate and I make Myself ready and I patiently wait Knowing and Trusting Knowledge will come to Me. I am grateful for the Unconditional Love in every Heaven Letter. I AM indeed Blessed.

Your comment seems made for

Your comment seems made for yesterday's blog as well:

Godwriting, Handwriting, and Walking on Water

As always, thank you, beloved Christine.