God said:

You are a wonder who performs. An actor on the stage of life, you move around and stir things. In the midst of life, you ready yourself for it.

You dip yourself in and out of life. Runner by day, sleeper by night, you are immersed in life, which you yet hold off at arm's length. You fight the existence of life, or you lag in it, or chase after it, or make too much of it or not enough. Sometimes you would kidnap life and hold it hostage. Sometimes you would abscond from it. You do have a mixed relationship with life, life as a whole and your own-seeming one.

Today let's celebrate life. Today let's dance with it. Let it swing you in its arms. Enjoin yourself with life today, and be its celebrant. Why not engage in it? Why not partake? If life is a piñata, you are the one who pokes at it. Go ahead!

Take wider steps in life. Try new steps. I encourage you. I beckon you on. I will catch you. Indeed, there is nowhere you can fall. You are in My arms. I do not drop you. Where then can you fall?

You think of a myriad of things that could befall, and I dare to tell you there is nothing to fear. You know fear well in its many forms. Fear is a well you fall into.

Life is a book you read. You are a player in life and a character on the page. You turn pages and read and you discover yourself going through many motions, and yet your character is not the motions. You are on a page in the book, yet the page is not you. And there are always more pages to turn. The book of life is sturdy, and yet the pages flutter in your hands.

You turn this way and that. Many faceted, you perform for your own eyes. You peek at yourself in mirrors and around corners. You dance ahead of yourself and behind. You play an invisible flute. You dance to the beat of the heart of life, and you are also the drummer.

Ever new, you tread where you have never tread before, and yet, there is a familiarity, as if you have been marching in place, as if it is the scenery around you that moves, not you at all. There is an other worldliness feel to your life, as if you have been ever-present on this very walk in life that you wend your way on now. You somehow know that you also walk beyond the veils you presently see. You somehow know that your vision is vast and that your eyes scan the whole of the universe in one glance, and that you have captured it all.

Begin to know that you are of the universe and are indivisible from it as you are from Me. The Creator is not far from His creation. You, present in the first whirl of creation, are whirling still in the vortex of My heart.

You are a spinner. You spin in the galaxies, and you spin the galaxies. With your fingertip, you hold the moon. With your other hand, you stretch the cloth of life. You pull the universe with you. Your feet do not touch the ground, for you fly across the many-dimensioned realms and take them all with you to this little spot where your body is placed in fictional time and space.

Oh, yes, you are a dancer in the spinning universe. And you are also the watcher.

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"You are on a page in the

"You are on a page in the book, yet the page is not you" "it is the scenery around you that moves, not you at all" and here is the answer to my question if is it possible to be with God all the time as He was with me and I just knew and felt that He, They are with me. So if I don't forget that I'm not alone and I'm beloved so much by Him, this won't ever change :)

Tomorrow I have an anatomy exam and I was wandering if will I pass or not, with all the consequences of a possible fail, but hey, that doesn't really matter, cause I think it doesn't really matter for Him. If I fail, it wont stop Him loving me. So that is just great and so different from the world and from the rules of my life till now, its amazing.

Interesting, Kata. The

Interesting, Kata. The Heavenletter written down this morning was all about how God loves us! You are so right. That doesn't change!

As for your test, if you take it, you already succeeded. If you didn't take it, then, maybe, it could be said you failed. Anyway, you're going to pass in every sense of the word.

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