Come Back to Love

God said:

When you are in great pain at a perceived loss, it is no comfort to you to know that, beneath your suffering, lies a treasure. You see what I say as theory, very nice theory, but theory, and what you feel right now is heavy on your heart. How can you care about theory? You are in pain, and it doesn't help you to know that, if you were more far-seeing or more evolved, you would understand that pain and loss are not real. They are real enough to you right now. They are overshadowing everything else. They are dwarfing any inkling of Heaven you might have ever had.

You don't feel better to know that Heaven exists, and that I tell you the pain you experience now is not real, that you only think you are in pain, that it is illusion and you are mistaken. You may feel worse because you certainly don't find Heaven attainable right now. You are not only in agony, but now you are told you aren't really, you just think so. You are told you have a choice to stay in suffering or leave it, as if you can just turn off your suffering at will.

And so, you perhaps feel that I give those who are suffering a little pat on the head or another weak palliative and I go on, merrily whistling a tune.

Do not think that I make light of your suffering.

Something terrible has happened, and you are devastated. Someone you love has left his body. Or someone you love is about to. What can be worse to you than death or illness. You can't shrug it off. You can't understand why there is suffering and how it can be part of this life that you are told is beautiful, and that you — who feel so dreadful — are told you are actually magnificent, a gift from God to yourself and to all others.

Sure, you feel on top of the world when all goes well. But when tragedy comes, you are in the depths of despair.

And no one is spared.

That is no comfort either.

All right, look not for comfort.

Look to get through it as best you can. You won't come out of it unscathed, but you will come out of it. From the depths of your bitter pain, something sparkling will come. It will. It does. Certainly your sense of proportion will deepen. Once upon a time you grieved at flunking a test or your wallet stolen or love unrequited. Now you know better. And now you give more.

My beloved children, many times I advise that you not take anything personally. Not even personal tragedy. And, as best you are able, let go of your analysis. And do not think that I do not understand. And do not think that I don't care. But know that My perspective exceeds yours.

The easing of pain you seek will come. I am giving it to you now. But I cannot give it to you in words or in explanations.

Weep your tears. Feel your pain. I am not away from you. I am not away from your loved ones. Be kind to yourself and to one another. What you have lost will be found. Love cannot be taken away from you. Come back to love. Drop even a tiny filament of your pain. And then another. It is all right to let suffering go. It is not precious. Love is.

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Suffering is not precious...

It is all right to let suffering go. It is not precious. Love is.

Sometimes we endure suffering the same as we wear our personalities...Suffering becomes so identified with our persona...who we think we are. To even consider that suffering is inessential or perhaps optional...feels a tad odd or out of kilter. So...we go on suffering...because it feels "normal" and we may feel as if some arkane merit is accruing. And yet the opposite is true. Relax with all of this. you are truly entitled to a life free of doubt and stress and anxiety and hurry and worry. Feel the truth of this entitlement. Soak in the tub of this entitlement for a while and after a while you will lighten up and even float. Many blessings, Jim.


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