All Along

God said:

Beloved, there is something about bowing down your head that is more about awakening than submitting. There is something about recognition. There is something about finding your way clear, something about seeing doors opening in preference to doors closing. A light bulb goes on for you. You begin to rise to behold your Self as a Beautiful Soul and so, My heart brightens within you.

You don’t see struggle so much any longer. It is more of a sighting you see now. It is as if you see a star in the sky that suddenly bears your name. The star is your Namesake. It isn’t wholly that you have arrived to what you might call deliverance. It is more that a portal within you begins to open before your very eyes.

Once you were blind, and now you can see. You have more than an awed glimpse of the glory of the Lord rising before you. You understand, this is a sighting of your Self as it is in Heaven. Your true vision overtakes the extant world beyond happenstance.

You absorb truth from the tips of your toes to your fingertips, the same way rays of My Heart radiantly relay Heavenward through you.

No longer are you seeking Light. Now you see the radiance of Light itself. Now you recognize that the Light you have been seeking has been yours radiating all along. Your doubting has dispersed to the winds.

No more are you wondering where God’s Light has been hiding out. Now, you see that My Light has ever been yours. By God, all along, without exception, you have been the Light of the World. Ever were you the emanation of the Light of the World shining through your eyes and lighted fingertips. You are the Light of the World and ever have been since the first moment of Creation. So has Heaven ever been flowing outward from within you.

You are no longer a seeker of My Light. You had been knocking on your own door all along.

All along, you have been exactly what you imagined you were seeking from far away. You see now that you are the Light you thought you would realize when you rose higher. You hadn’t realized that you already stood at your full height.

It isn’t that you have arrived. You begin to notice where you have always been. You have been in a state of total Oneness, not as an addition or subdivision yet rather in Wholeness. There has never in truth been an outer you, only the inner you. You, I, the One God have been hanging out as One within you all along. Fancy that.

All along you needed no introduction. All along you were My Self. You were never actually sprouting wings. You were already wing-ed. You were ever the Being on High you sang to and yearned for. You were your heart’s own longing for your Self. It was always to your God Self you prayed. I am you, and you are I – the One. You did not just arise to this. You have been the Grace of God all along. You have been the Power and the Glory all along. You only imagined you were shuffling along when all the while, you were the God in the Highest your heart cried out to.

This is the plain truth. You have been missing the point only in the telling. Get used to this idea. You have been seemingly turned Heavenward in your search for your Self when you always were and never were not in the flow of Heaven. Never were you Godless. You, yourself, and I equal the greatest discovery of mankind. You as I and I as One always have been singing on High.

Hello, My Self.

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Thank you

Thank you from the deepest core of my heart, dear ONE.

so very precious the "work" you do so graciously.

Not many words left - need to adapt to this truth step by step.

Love you dearly.

Hello, Myself, Ottmar.

Hello, Myself, Ottmar.