You Are a High-Rising Star

God said:

Beloved, you are a high-rising star who hasn’t quite caught onto the idea that you are a star already risen high in the sky. You have been a high-rising star while you imagined you were planted deep into the soil on Earth.

This goes to show how a mistaken idea has been the crux of all your perceived lack. My Oh My, imagine all the power even a mistaken idea carries. Imagine the power of truth that you are. The phrase, “Hallowed be thou!” takes on a whole new meaning. ”Hallow-ed be thy Name.”

Time to fly! You already have wings, and you have always been flying high above all the world for all the time you thought you were Earthbound. You are waking up now to truth. This is your moment of truth. Now you begin to see as you have never quite seen before. This is a singular baptism you receive now. Don’t laugh, Beloved. You are truly God in the Highest. Are you not newly enthralled now? What a discovery to latch onto your True Identity. No longer do you merely walk through life. You are a High Flier now.

I give you your birth certificate now to be yours forevermore. Yes, now you are signed and sealed where you have always been but had not yet quite conceived. You hadn’t grasped that you are the bird on the wing – that you are the Light of God.

This is a realization you now take in your stride. You accept yourself. This isn’t pie in the sky. Long have you known the truth of your birth. It’s okay, for you now know the extent to which you are risen. There is so much power in knowing the state of affairs. You were sure you had missed the boat. No more. Now you know exactly Who you are and make no bones about it.

You are the real thing – not a fill-in for Me. You are!!! And this is all there is to it. You are getting used to carrying My Name. You are getting used to the idea that you and I are truly One. God bless truth. You are expanding to truth right now. Now that it is your reality, you are not so impressed as you might have thought, for now you are God in all humility. It is the God’s Honest Truth there are no Gods before Me. There is One God for all time. The One is I in Wholeness, and you are the One as well. Separation in truth does not exist.

To be Oneness is very simple. It is tried and true. It has always been. There is no trick to established Oneness. Wholly One AM I.

There is no beginning to this road, and there is no ending. Hail Truth. There is One in the whole Universe. Oneness is. Oneness lives and thrives, and it has always been so. In this sense, there is nothing new under the Sun. No longer are you surprised by what has always been so and never was otherwise.

Hail to the Humble King, the Sun Himself Who shines brightly and lights every corner of the erstwhile world. There is no longer any place for the illusion of darkness to hide. All is in the light now. Darkness cannot even be conceived of. Now there is celebration. That there is celebration goes without saying. Yes, now there is cause for celebration and naught else. No longer do you kid yourself that you are helpless. The concept of victim can no longer exist. End of issue.