A Soldier of Fortune

God said:

The opposite of peace is not war. The opposite of peace is commotion. Instead of ease, there is flurry. Instead of steady pace, there is to-do. There is hurry, urgency, as if you have to control the universe with frenzy. If peace is coherence, war is incoherence. Remove the blocks to the smooth-running of your life, and there will be peace in your own life. The blocks are within you, beloveds. Multiply peace in your life, and there will inevitably be peace in the world. I know you never want to be a cog in the wheel of peace.

Whatever you are impatient with, you are the source of impatience.

Your mind has set up surreptitious rules the way mines are set in fields. One mine gets stepped on, and there is an explosion. The explosion is you. Have you not exploded?

You may cover up your life with turmoil so you may not have to deal with what is within. You stir up trouble on some level to keep your mind off another layer of something you are afraid to look at, a layer you desire to keep from your awareness. You just may not want to get into it. It is trouble only in the sense that you see change as trouble.

Even if We concede that it is trouble you don’t want to see, what you don’t want to see may be troubling you the most. It doesn’t have to be up front . You often don’t know what is troubling you, would you agree? You send your attention outward in so many directions. You pick on one agitation to mask another, so it seems.

Beloveds, even pioneers settled down after a while. Settle your heart down. Acquire peace by not covering it up with so many items. Absence of peace is some kind of clutter. It is the closet that, when you open it, everything falls out.

Let your heart come out instead.

Spend some time with yourself. Find out what is going on within. Go deep enough, and you will come to peace. It is the platform you are on. Put your ear to the ground, and you will feel peace. Sit in a branch of a tree, and you will know peace. Look up at the sky, and you will embrace peace.

You need not be at war with the world. Feed it peace instead. Curry the flavor of peace. No longer invite disturbance. It is just loud noise. Turn the dial down. Choose quietness. Raise the vibration of the world.

I have appointed you to do this. You are My emissary. What kind of an emissary do you think you are supposed to be? A harried one? A noisy one? One going in many directions? One who blames his state on the state of the world? One who is forgetful of Whose emissary he is? One who does not enjoy what is his to enjoy? One who finds fault more than joy? One who yearns for love and yet forgets to give it?

I did not make a mistake when I chose you. I knew full well what I was doing. And you agreed with Me. You volunteered yourself. If you have been waylaid, beloveds, you waylaid yourself. If you fumbled in the dark, you are the one who fumbled. Turn to the light now. The past matters not a whit. The past holds no power over you except the power you appoint it.

You are a soldier of fortune, and you lead an army armed with desire for peace and the means to make an armistice once and for all, at home and abroad.

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Put your ear to the ground

Depth psychology. More convincing than what goes by that name.

covering up

"I know you never want to be a cog in the wheel of peace. "
Fine psychology indeed.