Declare Peace

God said:

Roll with the punches, beloved. You do not need martial arts to teach you this. Life teaches you this. Life may have taught you how to get wounded, and now life is teaching you how to bounce. There is no contest. Therefore, what is there to be fraught with?

You are not in a bout with life. It is not you against life. It is not you or life. It is you and life. It is life and you. You are partners. You are on the same side. You may not feel affection for everything that life delivers, but that does not mean you must run headlong against it.

Save your energy. Why rail against the rain? If it is raining, it is raining. If the sun is shining, the sun is shining. Protest all you want, but doesn’t it make more sense to go under an awning?

Sometimes you look for a good fight. You want it. You want something to butt your head against. Mostly you bang your head against an imaginary brick wall, and you mortar more bricks to it. Non-resistance doesn’t mean giving in. It is not cowardly. Nor is it sly compromise made for advantage. Sometimes it is simple common sense to go around the wall or use a door. Put your energy where love is.

When you stand in Truth, what is this about standing up for yourself? What is this about your having to be a victor? When you win an argument, what have you won? What have you satisfied? Ego, perhaps?

Sometimes you don’t know the difference between winning and losing. Sometimes you think you have won when someone or something in life has wounded you. “See,” you say, “life treated me unfairly.” You prove it, and feel victorious. In that case, you won defeat.

Giving and giving in are two different things.

Mostly you fight when there is no real occasion for it. You only notice that later. Notice it now. Sometimes you have fought for no other reason than to fight. You look for excuses for it. Life will provide them for you very well. You do not have to pick up every one.

Come out of the ring. Shake hands with your opponent of the moment and come out, not fighting, but with equanimity.

Declare peace right now. Declare you will not be quick to take offense. Declare you will look for the good rather than the lack of it. Remove your sheriff’s badge and put on a star that represents light from Heaven. Which would you rather?

Because you do not step on another does not mean you are stepped on.

If you are angry, you can know your interpretation of life is off. You have seen it one way when there are other ways see it. See through My glasses, beloved. I offer them to you. When you put them on, you will see further. You will look down the road. You will see that all is taken care of. You will see that there is no need for fuss.

It is not that I am patient. Patience assumes something to be patient about and, therefore, some irritation. What can irritate Me? I see the dance of life. I see the drinks spilled, so what? I see the dancers, the beautiful dancers, twirling. They are all dancing in My light. Like the morning sun, My light fills up the universe. I fall in love with My light. I am engaged in the activity of love. Come join Me. Come now.