A Library of Oneness

God said:

Life is a dance, and yet it is wise to sit out a dance now and then. It’s not necessary to dance with everyone who asks you.

Life is made of many interesting things. You cannot delve into each one, else you skim the surface, else you eat the rind of the orange and skip its inner sweetness.

And so with life, and so with knowledge, skimming the surface is skimming the surface. The cream on top of milk is good, and so is the milk. Dabbling is dabbling. Flitting from one knowledge to another is flitting. Swinging from star to star is good. Catching a star, well, this is also good.

Racing around is racing around. Even a bee finds nectar. Your heart is a bee. Buzzing around has its place. Extracting sweet nectar is better.

Playing the field in life has its merit, but sitting down with a good book by the warm fire does also. A little knowledge of many things is little knowledge. The treasure in hand may be worth more than what is over the fence. Because there is a book you haven’t read doesn’t make it more valuable than the one in your hand, or, more especially, in your heart.

Hunt knowledge and also graze. The cow chews its cud, and gains greater nourishment. Betting on all the horses does not usually give you a return. Stick with one.

You cannot meet every individual in the world, but you can get to know some well. You cannot read every book. You cannot know every school of thought. Numbers are numbers, and numbers are not to be equated with Vastness. Give what you already know a chance. Let your heart engage.

Perhaps you will read over a book rather than starting a new one. Turning pages isn’t the count of knowledge. You are not meant to be a dilettante. A little knowledge is not dangerous. It’s just a little knowledge. A little knowledge of many things is just a little knowledge of many things. Go deeper, beloveds. Now that you have peeled an orange, bite into its sweet fruit. Drink the juice. Savor it.

Following your heart does not mean to always keep traveling. Sometimes your adventure is right now. Certainly, your heart takes leaps but your heart is not meant to always jump around.

You are not a squirrel. When you have a nut, crack it.

When you have prepared a meal, sit down to eat.

Be not a sampler of life. Do not take little bites out of ten cakes. Find the cake you really like, and savor it.

You can have a great library with shelves filled. There is great knowledge in books. There is great heart, and there is great consciousness. The selfsame knowledge, heart, and consciousness reside in your heart. Accumulated knowledge matters little next to the knowledge that is deep within you. That knowledge rises. Take a look at the knowledge that is so simple within your heart. Your heart is a fountain of knowledge. Wisdom is already yours.

Develop your heart by developing it. You are not an island. You are a whole universe complete. Your heart is a library of Oneness. All the knowledge you seek is within you. You already have it all, beloveds. Dwell in your heart. Why seek all the knowledge on bookshelves. Reference the Source, beloveds, that lies within. Your heart is not an encyclopedia, but it is a book of knowledge. Seek if you must, but seek deeper. Honor your own heart. Honor yourself. Honor Me.

You can read about Me. You can find Me in words, and you can know Me personally in your own heart. I am closer than anything.