From the Center of Your Heart

God said:

Pondering questions about life isn’t the same as living life. Pondering is good. Living is better. Thinking about life is thinking about life. It isn’t the same as living it.

It’s true that all of life transpires in your mind, and yet you can relieve your mind of some of its responsibility. Live life at least as much as you ponder it. Live life more.

Raising your thoughts higher isn’t meant to keep you above life. If life is a horse, you are meant to sit in its saddle. And, then, take off for the ride of your life. Or ride a wild horse with no saddle, but ride away.

Your mind has had enough exercise. Now get on the bicycle of your heart and go where it takes you. Make those pedals go.

For a little span of illusory time, you live in a body on Earth. Use the body. Use the mind. Use the heart. Use them more than you think about them. Use them for all they are worth, and they are worth a lot, beloveds. They are worth a lot to Me. And to you. And to you.

Let your heart be the rising sun, and the moon of your mind a reflection of the sun. Let your heart be ascendant. Beloveds, you rise and fall with the beat of your heart. Lean toward your heart. It is your strength. Your heart beats a rhythm. A tom-tom sends you messages.

Your heart is direct. Listen to your heart. No offense to the mind, but it babbles. It repeats itself over and over again. It grabs everything in sight while your heart is simple and listens to more than what it hears.

You do not need to make a choice between your heart and mind. Simply favor the heart. Your heart is meant to lead. The logic of the mind can only take you so far. The love in your heart can take you everywhere, including uncharted waters. It is for the sake of your heart that you are here.

There is a map in your heart. I put it there. You may not see it. Yet you can read it. The heart reads itself. Your heart is not blind, yet it doesn’t need sight to know where to take you. Have trust in your heart. Listen to it.

It is the mind that judges -- the heart never. The heart feels. Judgment can come only from the mind. The heart can steer you toward your desires and away from what would deter you. The heart does not judge and yet it looks out for you.

The mind likes to prove itself. Your heart asks for no proof. It’s not so much that your heart takes chances. It’s that your heart knows where to go and where not to go. The mind is not quite able to keep up with the heart.

The time will come, beloveds, when your heart and mind are One, when there will no difference between them, so completely aligned will they be. No longer will the mind try to guard you. It will know there is nothing to guard you from. It will know that your heart is following a course set for it in Heaven. The course is set in your genes, and yet the heart will find many roads to travel down.

You have talents that are yours. Others have talents that are theirs. Everyone has talent. Your heart will identify them. You do not need to know the word talent. You do not need to know the name of your talents. You just have to let them arise. They will arise from the center of your heart. What rises from your heart will occur to your mind sooner or later.