Your Soul and You

God said:

Savor the pleasures of life. A cup of tea. A walk. A meeting with another soul. A parting. Partake of life while you are a Human Being on earth but also remember you are soul. This is not a problem. There is not a battle going on between your Humanness and your soul. Each is for the other. They are compatriots. Your Humanness is an opportunity. Your soul and what you identify as you are not on opposite sides. You are not one OR the other. You are deeply part of each other, and there is no contradiction unless you say so.

Your Humanness goes beyond your body, but it is through the senses of mind and body that you experience your Humanness. Your Humanness conveys your individuality, and your soul takes off with you. Your soul is not a conscientious objector. It likes to go with you. It is a part of you.

Don't mix up soul with conscience. Soul is far more refined than conscience ever could be. Consider soul a fine stream that runs within your Humanness. It rides with you. As the growing Human being you are, you have more conscious involvement with the Human side, but the soul is well-cognizant of you.

It is a Human thing to have a soul. It is a life thing. You are no more supposed to give up your Humanness for your soul than you are your soul for your Humanness. Set neither aside. Keep both. Whatever you may think, they are compatible. That must be so, or what would the use be of being Human?

Do not be ashamed of being a Human Being. It is not, as you may have thought, that your Human side is your downfall, and your soul your salvation. It is just that your soul has a longer vision. It knows its place in the cosmos, while you, this individual Human, seek to find your place on simple earth.

Please note that you are as good for your soul as it is good for you. You are partners together, the soul less noisy, but that does not mean silent. And it also doesn't mean that you, individual Human, are always without wisdom, for you know far more than you give yourself credit for. You rely on each other, you and your soul, and you are not antonyms.

It is not a trade-off or stand-off. There is a meeting place.

Remember this: your soul is happy to be part of you, pleased, perhaps proud. Your soul is a vibrant aspect of you. It is not outside you nor opposite to you. It is yours.

And where does the soul, this intimate sparkle of you, exist? Am I your soul? When I say I am within you, and you know Me in your heart, does that mean that I am your soul?

I am the Creator of your soul, and I am the Creator of you. Your soul exists with Me. Your soul grows as well as you. Your soul is ahead of you, but you are not so far behind. You and your soul are in this together.

Your soul is eternal. Your ego is not. Souls melt into Oneness on your journey, and yet it is your journey.

Even when you are soul in Heaven, you still experience, but you experience only the fullness of love. That is all you know in Heaven. That does not mean you, as you, are lost. It means you are found. You discover yourself, that you and your soul are one, and that I am One with you. You are Mine, and your soul is Mine, and We are One Wonderfulness gathered into One Experience of Ourselves, and so you come to remember.

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No it doesn't, dear One. Not

No it doesn't, dear One. Not this time.