Your Purpose for Being on Earth

God said:

Perhaps your choice is silence or ego.

Perhaps your choice is ego or God.

You must well know by now that ego does not bring you happiness of any account. Ego is a pain. It is an inflammation. Losing ego also causes you pain. As you free yourself from it, it sticks you with pins, telling you that you can't get along without it, like a too tight shoe that hurts your foot more when you take it off .

Ego wounds you, and the wound festers. Ego is ambivalent. It's nice to you one moment and then it slaps you the next. Ego helps you to forget grandness and teaches you to accept smallness. It tries to make you think that everything it is concerned with is important. Ego makes a lot of noise so you won't hear My love for you, and so you take the little spatterings that ego offers.

Ego pursues you. It is a patient suitor. Yet, all the while it is courting you, it eats off you. It makes you think it is polishing your shine when all the while it is abrading it. Ego is a smooth-talker. It gives with one hand and takes away with the other. It praises and it humiliates.

No one extols egotism. No one considers it worthwhile. You sneer at other people's show of ego, yet you smoothly encourage your own. As ego saps your vitality, it makes you think it is vital. With all its might, ego keeps you in its thrall. How can something so unworthwhile fool you so?

Ego is self-serving and performance-oriented.

Ego dances in many areas of life.

Ego ensures that you have a place to fall from. It knocks you down and tries to make you think it is your rescuer.

Enough of ego. Let's talk of Me. Let's talk of you.

Ego has nothing to do with Us. Ego is not in the equation. Ego doesn't exist. Ego is flash, and ego is false. And you are a seeker of Truth.

Would that you would give Me the attention that ego greedily slurps.

When you are ego-oriented, you are thinking of appearances. That is what it comes down to. The outer is appearance, as if appearance were Truth.

All the world glory is only an appearance. You are so much more than pomp and circumstance. No praise in the world can equal you. Nor does praise in the world serve you. When you've caught the brass ring, what do you have? What was that moment of glory? What its meaning? What its attraction? What did you think came along with it? Did you think it brought more indication of Me?

And yet, at the same, you have to make your way in the world.

The world may abandon you, but you cannot abandon it.

Behold the world and bless it.

You are on earth for more than what the world can give to you and for more than what it can seemingly take away from you.

You are on earth for Me.

You are relaying Me to the world.

You are carrying Me around.

No jewel on earth equals Me. Nor is there any jewel that equals you.

There is no treasure that can be added to you.

The abundance I give you is Myself.

Let go of your dependency on the world.

Chase it less. Give it more.

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