Look to Heaven

God said:

Checks and balances do not apply to your evolution.

Consider that you are swimming across an ocean. What matters is that you are swimming. You see the distant shore. You keep swimming. Otherwise, you get caught into perfecting your strokes. It matters not whether you dog-paddle, breast-stroke, go fast or go slow. It matters that you keep going.

Better not spend so much of your energy in gauging how you are doing. Your progress cannot really be measured. Having noted your destination, the rest is assured.

Of course, I realize that you will continue attempting to measure your progress nevertheless. You yearn to know how far you have swum and how close you are now. You fear that your destination eludes you moment to moment. But all your measurements are distractions.

You are not in a race with anyone or anything. You are not in a race with yourself. You are in life, and the thing to do in life is to live it. You cannot predict it. You cannot evaluate it. Of course, you can, you do, but what do your assessments have to do with anything?

You may measure a child's growth in inches, but measurement is one thing and growth another. Your measurements contribute not at all to the growth.

After the fact is after the fact.

When you reach shore, you will know it. No need to stop for repairs or new paint job.

You are mighty, and you are sailing a mighty sea. You have set your sails, and now you sail. You are ever coming closer to Heaven. What else do you need to know?

Beyond that, all the identifications are tweaks and pats of your merciless ego.

I say, "Come with Me." And you come. What equipment is needed? What preparation? What is there to pack, and why would you delay our voyage with details.

I say, "Come. Let's go." Would you delay Us?

I say, "Hold My hand." Why run to get your compass when you have My hand?

Our journey was started long before. It is ongoing. Why look back? What will you find that will speed Our journey? Looking back cannot even tell you accurately where you have been. Vision does not go backward.

What you need comes with you on its own. What you don't need you can leave behind. Counting your steps backwards or forwards does not help.

You keep trying to locate yourself. You want to pin yourself down and thumb-tack your progress on a map on the wall.

You are complete right now. You are a traveler who is rising. Or We can say you are a traveler who alights in the right spot.

You are exactly in the right spot now.

You spurt ahead exactly at the right moment.

Whatever seems to occur in your life, you are going forward. I am pulling you. What you do on your steam has little to do with it. Whatever your joys, whatever your troubles, whatever your speed, whatever your locomotive, you are spiraling to Me. Nothing will stop your spiral, and what can hasten it.

You grab the handrail where you are.

You swim another stroke.

Your ticket to Heaven has already been stamped on your hand.

You are all set.

You are all set. Think of what that means.

You are going full-blast ahead. There is no stopping you. The little detours along the way do not stop you. You are ever coming closer to Me. Coming closer to Me is all there is. Coming closer to Me is good enough. It will do you very well.

You will enter Our Oneness soon enough. Before you know it, you will have entered Heaven with all your heart and soul. Look to Heaven, where else?