Your Inheritance

God said:

So often you say, "My God," or, "Oh, My God!" More often I say, "My children, oh, My children!" It brings great tenderness to Me to say your name. And it brings great tenderness to Me to hear you say Mine. Especially when you speak to Me and look into My eyes — then I am most charmed.

Whatever sweetness you feel between us, more is Mine. Each experience with you is sweetness for Me. I think you are My ambrosia, and I will to be yours.

Fill My heart with joy. I am enamored of you. And when love comes to love, We are enjoined, and We enjoy Our exchange of love. Not that we trade love. We just give it, and then more becomes Ours.

This passing of love, back and forth, is the rhythm of life. That is the flow of the ocean. That is the rising of the sun. Waves of love lap back and forth, and each wave is sweet. Neither back nor forth is greater than any other moment of love itself.

That rhythm was the rising and setting of My son Jesus.

He came into the world as love. He passed out of it as love. And in between his birth and death he was the simplicity of love for all to behold. Behold My son who chose love over fear, truth over ego, life over death. We can say with great accuracy that he lived My light on earth.

In thought today, the world rolls over for him. He touches hearts. He touches yours. What a wand of My light and love was he.

You feel a dismay rather than a gladness when I tell you that you are the same, for you feel far away from your greatness, even from the possibility of it. But greatness is not show. It is not production. Greatness is what already is. You need nothing but to dare to shine your light that I bestowed upon you. Before you were born, you were gifted with light. You were filled with it. Now let your light escape. Let it do what light likes to do.

And then you are lightened. Tremendously lightened. You unburden yourself of light! Light kept in is not happy. Light, like you, is happy when it does what light does. And you, you are happy when you rise to your truth, or My truth, whichever way you prefer to look at it. They are the same.

My truth and your truth are no different. Truth is its own.

And you are My Own. You are My own child of love that I gave to the world so that it might be gladdened.

Look upon the gladness that Christ gave. He gave from Me. Of himself, he could do nothing. Of himself, he could give nothing. It is not his individuality that touches you. It is his gift of loving Me and giving Me that touches you. That is what makes your defenses crumble. He who had no defenses brandished My strength and My truth before the world. He was My innocent son and he gave his inheritance to you.

He willed, as I will, that you have it. He touched his wand of light upon your shoulder. He dubbed you his brother equal to him.

When you feel your love for Christ, your layered image of him, you begin to love yourself. You peel away at what you are. What you are has seemed foreign to you and unlikely. But, listen, it is time for you to begin to know who you are. My son is My son. There is no getting around it. You have all the gifts that I give. I gave them to you. Take that personally. True, I gave them to everyone, and that includes you.

Be delighted, not dismayed, that you are greatness. You have to know it before you can rise to it. Begin to know. Begin to express. Begin.

How is it that the name of Christ evokes so much love? How is it that he is so dear to your heart?

Within his name is his vibration, the same vibration that is in your love for him. You reflect his love for you. He loves you the same way.

And he can love you so much because he knows your truth.

Can you let it be possible that you are worthy? Do not measure your worth, and then you, like Christ, will not measure others.

Christ does not question his worth. Therefore, he doesn't question yours. He looks into your eyes and sees himself standing there.

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Oh, God! Oh, my God! I am

Oh, God! Oh, my God! I am surprised!