God said:

You have a model in Christ, not a model of action but of being. Christ's actions are not to be copied. That is not where being is. Christ was pure silk of connection to Me, and from Our connectedness he moved and spoke and altered the universe. Do not seek to be an imitation Christ. Then you would be an imitation Christ, and Christ was Truth.

Seek to the Oneness that Christ and I were and are. Find the true you, and then you are indeed Christ. Burst into the light that he was and emanated. Or sink into it. Relight Christ. He is needed.

Christ is a model in the sense that he gives you hope. Someone like him walked on earth and spread Heaven. He was not born to it any more than you. Perhaps he was more innocent than you.

The accessibility of Christ within you seems far away because you have set him apart from you. You have set him in stone immoveable. You have made him greater than life-size. And of course, he was. But so are you.

Like Me, he is within you. He does not have to be added to you. You do not have to go to him somewhere. He has only to be unveiled. Your innerness has to be revealed. Shine it, My beloved's.

You like to think that that the man Jesus knew from the beginning who he was and what he was to do. He did not know from the beginning. It dawned on him, the same as it is dawning on you. It is not that I singled Jesus out. He singled himself out. He separated the wheat from the chaff within himself. He did not let his Humanness dismay his Godliness. He let his Godliness be what it already was. He let Me shine through.

You have My light to shine as much as he. Perhaps My light is yours to shine in broad daylight or perhaps in dark corners. Perhaps everyone is to recognize My light in you, or no one is to know, but you will reawaken hearts, and you will open eyes. Hearts will open because of My light that shines out from you.

I talk to all hearts here, not just to some and not others. I single no one out. I gave and give My light to all. It is irrevocably ignited in you. Now it is for you to let it shine. That's all.

Decide to shine it. Let Me do the rest.

There is nothing for you to do but accept Our Oneness. Once accepted, it reveals itself.

Unburden yourself of darkness. That is what Christ did. And that is what he gave others the assurance to do.

He did not wait to do what was before him to do.

You see him as the Greatness that he was, but he did not see himself that way. He saw My Greatness.

What Jesus did was to take his next step. He did not know where My light would lead him. He knew that it would lead him. His life was not laid out before him to follow. His life was for him to discover in My light.

That was his faith. That was his truth. He did not deny his truth. He did not waste his time denying truth. He believed Me. He believed in Me, and therefore he could only believe in the truth of himself. He did not know what he was supposed to do. He knew only his moment with Me. He did not live his life ahead of time, nor did he look back. He lived with Me in the present. And that is your course as well.

Accept Our Oneness. Come with Me.