Angel Wings

God said:

You feel that you are at My feet. You have surrendered your ignorance and chosen My love and wisdom. Being at My feet (of course I have none) is a way to say you wish to leave all the past behind and be with Me now as an acolyte. You want to take nothing with you but yourself. It is yourself you put before Me, not an image of you, not a blown-up you, but you. This is your offering to Me.

You say: "I stand before You, My God, as You have made me. I stand before You, My God, in the simplicity in which I was made. I stand before You as a bird ready to take flight. I wait only for a signal from You."

"At My feet" means that you stand taller than ever before. You are stripped of the past and denuded of illusion. You are at that still moment just before you take a breath. All is in readiness, and you have finally discovered your readiness.

"My dear God, I wait for Your signal."

And then, as you silently wait, you perceive that all of your life has been a signal. You were signaled at the moment of creation, and there is no bidding to wait for.

"But, dear God, how do I know what Your Will is and what direction I am to go in unless I hear it from You?"

I tell you that you have heard it. It was whispered to you long ago.

The signal is that you want to take flight. That is the beeper that was set long ago and which goes off now.

"But, my dear God, I don't know how to fly. I need You to teach me."

How do you fly, My angels? You lift your wings and you move forward. You fly by no longer withholding flying. You keep yourself back no longer, for you were always a being of flight. Instead of flying, you ran away. You were afraid to acknowledge your angeldom. And now you are ready to acknowledge the readiness of your wings and to take flight.

There is a current of wind that will come to your aid. You will be flying before you realize you are flying. You are asking how to fly when your feet have already left the ground. You are afraid to see. At the moment you see, you fear you will lose your innocent ability to fly. You have no ability to lose. It is Mine.

Enjoy being above the ground. Enjoy your newer greater perspective. Enjoy the distance of what you thought was so imminent, and enjoy the presence of what you thought was so far away.

Enjoy the movement of flight. Enjoy being above yourself. Enjoy being.

I lifted you from the ground long ago. Now you begin to notice.

Your wings that you flap signal My arms to carry you over the mountains and the seas. You are tender in My arms. You have never been elsewhere. It is impossible.

But what has been possible is that you do not see. Ah, yes, that has been possible. But now you begin to see, and you begin to see that you are not where you thought. You thought that the horizon was far away from you, unattainable, slipping further from you the closer you got.

But now you see that the horizon is your path. It is your flight plan. You are solidly on a horizon of spectacular color and light. You blend in. You are not apart from it. You fly on the horizon. Nothing is ever stuck there. It is all the movement of flight, not flight from, but flight to. You are soaring to Me. You have always been soaring to Me. Already in My arms, you have been soaring to Me.

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Thank you God, and Gloria. I

Thank you God, and Gloria. I have thought about writing to you for a while.
I just love you and HeavenLetters. I'm sure my heart whispered Eureka when I first visited this!
I wish every human beeing - Love, freedom, awareness of you God, and Great Spiritual Ones.
It is soo good to be reading your words, and to start see with a greater vision!
Let this vision grow higher and higher, in everyones awareness.