Your Best Interest

God said:

Be grateful for what you have. Gratitude is a great tool in life. It carries you far. Ingratitude drops you right where you are. Kerplunk.

Complaining keeps you mired in what you complain about. Furthermore, complaining brings you more to complain about. Complaining is ingratitude. Ingratitude is a lack of gratitude. You may have just escaped an auto accident, let's say, and, instead of appreciating, you may be irate that I let you come close and you may further be sore about your flat tire, and even hold Me responsible for it. You do have some say in your life, you know. In any case, whatever occurs in your life that you think I inflicted on you, think again. That is so off-track for you. Sometimes I have the impression that you are smug about what I am supposed to be doing in your life! You really do want to tell Me what to do!

Gratitude serves well. Ingratitude serves you not at all. Ingratitude serves no one, not you, not the world, not Me.

I am not saying that you have nothing to complain about. In world terms, there is always plenty to complain about. Complaining isn't to your advantage. It is not to your advantage unless you want to increase your long list of what you presently see as necessary to complain about.

If you have a pile of dirt, and you keep adding more dirt to the pile, you will have a bigger pile of dirt. Your complaints are like a pile of dirt. Why on earth would you seek to refresh your complaints?

I am going to say something you may not like to hear. You are responsible for your life and how you look at it. Don't blame Me for your life. Don't blame anyone. Don't blame yourself, and yet you will do well to take responsibility for how you respond to what occurs in your life. There is a higher platform from the one which you may be responding from now. More than once have I heard My children tell Me that I have let them down because I did not intervene. You are the traveler of your own path. If you don't like the path you are on, choose another. At least, choose another way to look at your life.

A victim mode is not in your best interest. When you blame, you are making yourself a victim. A victim isn't a hero. A victim is put upon. When you feel put upon, you are a victim. When you complain that I or someone has not done right by you, you are making others a villain and yourself a victim. When you make a villain of Me or anyone, you make yourself a victim. If you perceive someone as a villain, then you are, by default, making yourself a victim. Is that what you want? Do you want to make yourself downtrodden? Does it make you superior?

Don't blame yourself either. Don't blame. When you blame, you put yourself into a weak position, and you lose. By and large, you are responsible. If not directly, indirectly. If there is a mess, beloveds, regardless of who made the mess, when it is in your yard, you're the one who has to clean it up.

Sometimes I wonder what you think is owed you? Sometimes I wonder what you think I owe you? You do think that I owe you and that I should pay up. You can pout if you choose, but don't blame Me because you choose to pout. Free will is yours. To pout or not to pout is your choice.

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