God said:

When you want to show love, you may want to show it one way while the one you want to give love to wants to receive love in another way.

Some people make it easy for you to know what they would most like, and some don't. Some might like cash for a gift, for instance, and some never. Some might like cut flowers, and others like a potted plant. Some may like gifts more than anything. Some may care about another form of love much more. The combinations are countless.

It is not that you are to reinvent yourself to suit another person. Nevertheless, what means most to another? This is how it is with love and those you love.

And you might as well know yourself when it comes to how you like to receive love. That is probably how you like to give it. You may not be able to figure someone else out, yet you have many clues to yourself. Know thyself. You will be way ahead.

Love is a common ground, yet, as with artists, composers, books and so forth, everyone has his preferences and not everyone likes the same artists, composers, or books. Having different tastes is not an offense.

Make life easier for yourself. No one is going to be exactly like you. Differences are simply differences. The word differences is often used to mean disagreements, yet there is no disagreement here. Everyone is entitled to be who he or she is. You accommodate each other when you can, when you notice, when you understand.

There is no one who thinks exactly as you do, or sees the same, or has the same wants. Every single person on Earth is unto himself. Fraternal twins are two different people. How can you expect someone to be just like you?

You and everyone are alike in that you are entitled to be who you are. You are entitled to this freedom. At the same time, preferences are preferences, and all preferences are not yours to put above another's preferences. This is a fine line. You know what I'm talking about. Harmony is not dependent upon agreement.

I like the word accommodate. I like the word compromise less. I see accommodate as serving, two people serving each other as best they can. I see compromise as giving in, perhaps two people giving in or giving away, and neither coming away exactly happy. What a world of difference between serving and giving in. Well, what can you do but do the best you can. In any case, you can be aware. And sometimes you can take turns. Sometimes you can. Sometimes that works. Sometimes it doesn't. And sometimes it's a matter of degree.

Sometimes you can budge. Sometimes you can't seem to budge at all.

Each case is different. Each set of people. The timing. The setting. Who knows all the externals that affect My children in the world.

Love comes from the heart. Love exists, and sometimes the mind can help you. It is a helpful thought to choose to love. It is a helpful thought to know yourself well and come closer to understanding others well too and what makes them tick. The clocks of some go faster or slower. The beats of hearts beat different tunes. Love makes for Oneness, and that does not always mean agreement, nor does it have to.

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I'm confused...

God said: # 4174 – 29.4.2012 The Imagined World

How lovely is this imagined world I created. I created imagination. I
manifested imagination. The individual you is imagined, imagined down to
every last detail. I imagined male and female, and I gave each to the other.
I imagined a Garden of Eden which was very like the reality of what was
imagined. Imaginations took over, and then there was confusion, and stories
were begun, and the stories continue still.

Heaven #4234 Heartbeats

There is no one who thinks exactly as you do, or sees the same, or has the
same wants. Every single person on Earth is unto himself. Fraternal twins
are two different people. How can you expect someone to be just like you?

Is not there a contradiction in these Heavenletters?
The individual you is imagined
and There is no one who thinks exactly as you do

I am confused....there is only One of Us.....or every single person on Earth is unto himself?

Could someone please explain this to me?

Thank you so much!!

love and light, namasté, ANneke

Anneke, you bring up a good

Anneke, you bring up a good point. I certainly see what you mean. Which is it?!!

My guess is that in the first Heavenletter above, God, is, of course, speaking about Truth, yes? That Unity in the Diversity.

In the second, my thought is that God is talking about the world of diversity. In the relative world, this world of imagination, who sees exactly the same?

What do you think, dear Anneke? What does it feel to your heart?

Loving you, Gloria

Dear Gloria, thank you, for

Dear Gloria,

thank you, for thinking with me on this.....

My heart gave me this answer now: all spirits and souls are part of Oneness, The Great I Am, God

The diversity in the world of imagination comes from the Ego.

Ego lives in duality/separation, Soul and Spirit in Triality/Unity

Maybe that is the answer...?

love and light, namasté, Anneke
(I'm tired, so I had to correct some typo's)

I like how you put it,

I like how you put it, beloved Anneke! Brilliant.

Please ask more questions! They make me think.

Loving you,