You Who Art My Very Heart and Soul

God said:

Beloved, do you exist in the Universe, or are you a dream dreamed of or what? Are you a dream yet undreamed and that’s who you are? Have you even been put back together again as yet? Or are you simply a random thought not yet registered anywhere?

What does it mean that you have a birth certificate or you don’t?

What does a piece of paper have to do with you – if anything at all? You don’t have to have a piece of paper in order to arise to Greatness on Earth. Not in the least. What does it mean if anything, when out of the blue, you remember someone’s long lost birthday?

If time doesn’t exist, what does a date have to do with you? You are valid, yet what does a birth certificate have to do with you or anyone or a passport for that matter? Isn’t there something odd about the world and what it makes of you and also what it doesn’t make of you or you don’t make of yourself?

I, God, carry no certificate of standing or passport that I know of. What are Heaven’s credentials? Did souls actually exist in days before paper and pen and ink and a stick in the sand?

Something is amiss when a Being isn’t evidence enough of himself.

Every person alive has a beating heart. Surely this means something. If a body can be declared dead, certainly this is proof he or she had a life and presumably lived somewhere. A tree exists somewhere without an exact address. Even a sky or a wisp of a cloud means something. A bird sits in a tree to where My finger points. It is enough that My finger points. After all, how significant is a precise reference point?

I say you are with Me, and this is good enough.

If you can forget, you can also remember.

There is no one and nothing on Earth who doesn’t mean the world to Me. Everyone who reads this Heavenletter means the world to Me. No, rather I mean you, the very soul who reads Heavenletters means more than the world to Me. You are My Very Heart. You are My Very Soul. No one is a straggler. Everyone is My Angel. There are no exceptions.

Never think that you are overlooked. Absolutely, I attend to you with all My Heart. No one is left out from My full attention. No one matters more than you, and no one matters less than you.

You keep up with Me more than you give yourself credit for. We could say that you are at the top of My list. Only, I do not keep a list. I keep you yourself spinning in My heart – all glory to you who lives right in the center of My heart.

You are heart-torn and heart-wrenched and too often heart-weary and heart-sore. You berate your very Self, so it seems.

Regard yourself to the hilt. This is what I ask of you. This is what I request of you. Request? More than request. This is a must. This is what you must do at My behest. You see this now, yes? This is your courtesy to Me. This isn’t too much I ask of you. I ask you humbly to soothe My heart. Never are you to drop yourself off by the wayside. By all means, fill your heart and do not cut yourself short. It is you I have appointed to fill your heart to the brim. Is there anything else you are to be doing that is worth My heart and soul, Beloved?