This That Is Called Life

God said:

Beloved, whatever life asks of you, it is asked of you. We can consider that life asks you in installments. Life befalls you as it befalls. You can’t take back your life. Life may change, yet you can’t trade your life just like that for a new one. Inevitably, however, life does ebb and flow.

Your life may be beyond your expectations. Sometimes you take your life in your stride.

There are times when you may see your life as magic and miraculous before your very eyes. You have no idea how this so-called life could happen, and you thank Me for it. You know that you lucked out. You thank your lucky stars. Not for one minute would you change your life an inch.

Of course, even as We speak, your life may be doing a somersault, or your car gets stuck in the mud, or your car pulls itself out and the sun shines on you and you are spun-gold.

What cannot you be? What cannot dazzle you?

Or you have pain, and someone else has none. What cannot life be?

Upon what does your life depend?

What is your recipe for life? Is life by chance, or is life by design?

You gather you have some say about your life, yet how much you don’t know. Sometimes you feel like a fish cast back into the sea and just can’t get out or go in any other direction. Where you are must be where you are supposed to be. You don’t know what else to think. Do you ask for too much? Do you for enough, or do you get too much?

What author would you choose to be the author of your story? What classical author do you believe might have written your story? What language would your story be written in? What would you write as your novel or a movie or a TV series, or a play on stage? What actor would play the lead? How would you rewrite your script, or would you?

What happens now? How do you end your script?

What title would you give the Story of Your Life?

If you want to hark the herald angels, would you know how to do it?

Is your life stalemated?

What genre is your story – fiction or nonfiction?

Could you be in a fairy tale or in a stark drama?

Is the story of your life science fiction?

If you could be somebody else, who on earth would you be?

What role in life would you fancy now?

Did you already make your life up?

Sometimes it feels to you your life was stylized, or your life hardly happened. It doesn’t seem to you that your life was in technicolor. Your life had more of a matte finish, and your life rode on the rails.

Is it possible that your life could have happened any other way? If it had, would it then have been your life?

When you think about it, did your life really happen, or was it read aloud? If so, who read it, or was it a computer recording?

You have led a multi-dimensional life. Part of you would like to be recorded infinitely, while part of you might prefer to be enacted in a silent movie or not at all.

Did you have a childhood photo of you on a pony? You can’t quite figure out why this is considered such a necessary part of childhood. Could you actually exist without such a photo?

Do you really exist anyway with a photo or irrespective of it?

What are you doing captured in this body? This may indeed be a dream. It could be that someone else dreamed it, your dream, that is.

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I can't resist answering

I can't resist answering just a little of this!

I imagine that the story of my life might be a Russian novel. Who might be the author? Fyodor Dostoievsky. That's on the level of deep dark fiction.

On the other hand, the book The Little Prince by St. Exupery would be counted as fiction, yet this is a sweet book of Truth. Don't miss this one.

Love, Gloria