A Passing Acquaintance with Dreams Sadly Done and Gone

God said:

Beloved, recently I mentioned your remembering the birthday of someone lost to you in world terms long before his bodily death. This is someone who meant the world to you, yet he backed out from your love without a backward glance. So casually, so callously, you were no more to him than another leaf falling off a tree. How could this be? What a blow, that someone you loved so dearly didn’t value your caring.

Come, let go of attachment. You have no right to hold anyone responsible any more than it makes sense to hold yourself responsible for everything that that occurs in life. There is much crisscrossing back and forth in life. This just is. There may be no accounting for it. Now let it go.

The so-called other person may well not have been fooling you. Life itself fooled you, or you fooled yourself. None of your holding onto what could have been was ever true. You were mistaken. Fault no one for the demolishment of your hopes and dreams.

Soon enough, you discover life doesn’t really wholly depend on anyone else. Not on your mother and father. You couldn’t rely on them to stay on Earth with you forever, nor could you count on your brothers and sisters not to become distant strangers.

You really couldn’t rely on anyone, no matter how much you believe in everyone and everything long before you had any inkling about your and My interdependence or even any belief regarding My existence Who, as it seems, does not always seem to hear you perfectly either or always answer to you as you truly and humbly ask.

Whom else can you ask? Of course, ask Me, Beloved, and don’t expect that I have to accord you the saving grace you ask for. This isn’t anything to take personally. You are beginning to sort out your place in the cosmos and not hold on so tight. Yet, as I reveal My face more and more to you, you gather the difference in how much I, God, love you beyond those who upped and left you of their own accord or by the way of life as it is on Earth. Such is your life on Earth. Some people come across a true love unto Eternity. In your case, alas, not even for a few God-given years of account, are you accountable.

Now you carry no illusions about those few you once were more fervent about than you were with Me. You once thought that romantic love was everything when, it wasn’t much at all. You will never know what a disappointment you yourself may have been to someone or another. You don’t want to know. You would like to keep all your dreams intact even when they are no longer viable or ever were.

Because you were left holding the bag, you have no divine right to become bitter. What became of your earth-shaking love? Assumed love is not a burden to be tossed aside into bitter embers. Bitterness is no one’s ally. False pride is no virtue at all. Don’t bear false witness. To be a victim is to belie honor. It is no honor at all to be victim. Be done.

Victimhood is nothing to pat yourself on the back about. It is a story that for some reason you like to brag about as you see how life ganged up on you and left you bedraggled.

You cry out, even if silently to yourself, that no one in the world deserves to be put upon as you have been. And so, you claim martyrdom.

Don’t get near this thought. You exist for far more than for dissembling.

Dreams undone can no longer be held up to the sunlight.