You Were Sent to Earth

God said:

When you know that you are My light, where can you walk in darkness? You carry your own light with you. It needs no battery, unless you call love a battery.

You are a firefly, only your light stays on.

You couldn’t live on Earth without My light. You couldn’t exist anywhere without My light. My light is in every cell of your body. You are My light. You are My torch. The world is the Olympics, and you run every day carrying My torch.

You are valiant. You never tire of carrying My light. It ennobles you. It enables you. You couldn’t run without it.

The extent of My light in you extends far beyond the physical, you understand. The light in each cell of your body is a reflection of the light that is you. You are My light tripping on Earth.

See the light that is you. Feel it filling you now. It is as if you have bathed in a pool of golden light, and now you step out, and you are all light. The light you are cannot be dried off. It is indelible.

You have never been less than My light.

You have tried to hide My light under a toadstool, a futile act. My light will be seen, and you are fortified to see it. It is not only the world that programs you. Heaven fortunately programmed you long before. You were sent to Earth to discover the light you carry. This is an important mission.

You may have thought you are all manner of things, but now you will discover Truth. The time is now. You have been pre-set.

Once you discover you are light, turn the switch all the way up. Might as well. You are the only one who can shine your light brightly. Do not wait for someone or something to emblazon you. You are the emblazoner. You are the light I sent and you are the tinder for everyone’s light. You are the signal that will set off a series of light brighter than the Earth has ever seen.

You believe in almost anything anyone tells you, but you are suspicious of what I say. You will take a wooden nickel, but you are skeptical when it comes to Me. Don’t you have everything backwards! Live the words “In God we trust.” Live them to beat the band.

You are light, and naught but light. Say it: “I am light and naught but light.” Let the awareness of your light sink within you. Feel it. Assimilate it like a warm soup. This is how you spark the light within you, and the light within everyone.

I have been waiting for you. I have been waiting for you to ignite My light in the world. Now that you know this, you won’t delay, will you?

When you awake in the morning, remind yourself that there is a great light in your heart. This light radiates from your heart. It can do nothing else. But with your awareness, it will enwrap the world. Does not the world need your light? For what reason would you not hold My bright light up high so that it is cast over the shrinking world? The world does not know the light it possesses, and now you are here on Earth to reveal light for all it is worth.

It is not really that you turn light on. It is already on. You make the present light to be known. It is exhilarating to know your light and to know it’s Mine and to shine it. What a blessed Being you are, blessed with My light. It is unremarkable, My light, in that everyone has it. It is a miracle that My bright light in you has not been seen, and that you have not seen it and waved it high. Now, tell Me what happens when you light up every room as you enter it?