You Carry Great Light

God said:

Never again think of yourself as a weak being, for that never was so, and it most assuredly is not so now. As you think of yourself, so will you be. Think more highly of yourself, and you will be nearer to truth.

You do desire truth, don't you? We are not talking about nice words to puff up your ego. I do not give a pat on the back to soothe you. I am a Teller of Truth. You are as strong as you permit yourself to be.

You continue to think of the truth of yourself as something off-key, something shady, something unpresentable, something to be hidden, something deformed, unworthy to be presented. But you have hidden the real truth of yourself from yourself and therefore from the world. This is closest to sin that I know, to relegate a child of God to the closet.

I take attendance, and now it is time for you to come forward and claim your place. I call your name, and now you answer, head up, shoulders back, spine straight. Walk over to My side. There is ever room for you. I have been waiting for you to claim your place for a long time. No one else can take it.

It is not that without Me, you are nothing. It is that you are never without Me, and, therefore, you are really something. You need your recognition of Our Alliance. You are part of My corps. You were sent to earth to bring Me out, to announce Me, to reconnoiter with Me, and unite the world with Me, for the world is with Me, and you are with Me. Our hearts are united. As you rise to your place next to Me, you hearten a disheveled world. You lay it before Me.

The world is just like you. It has forgotten its worth, so it tries to manufacture what it thinks is lacking. But it has not made enough of itself.

But you will light up the world to itself. You are its ordained light, and so you proclaim the world to itself. You are a candle, but you are more than a candle. You are God's light Itself.

If you thought your purpose was for yourself alone, you have been purposeless. Knowing your purpose has great power. You marshal all the power of Heaven behind you. All of Heaven lines up within you. Your individual self palls next to the Universe of you. Why would a child of God accept so little when such great wealth is before him, and is his for the intention alone?

You are My heir. You are not My heir in some future time. You are My heir now. That is inevitable. You cannot change that. You cannot claim less than I give you. You cannot take only a portion. It has all been assigned to you. All that is needed is your signature acknowledging receipt of your inheritance, not long lost, but long unclaimed.

Be a claimant.

When it comes to Me, you have to put analysis aside. You cannot put Me under a microscope, nor can you put yourself there. You do not try to squeeze Me into some ready-made concept. You cannot make Me fit into preconceived ideas, for they are too small. You do not try to figure Me out. You cannot alter Me to fit an unwieldly sketch you have drawn. I am the All. I am beyond analysis. I am not illusive, but I cannot be bound.

It is your thinking that must expand. Elude the boundaries of man's thinking. You belong on a vaster horizon, one of light so pure and so vital that you resonate it on earth. You light up the world to itself. You are a lighter.

Love is not a thought. Love does not need thought in order to thrive. It thrives on its own. Love is not made up of all the things that the world says, although love may be revealed in all the things that the world says. Any thought or action in any circumstance can reveal love, but love cannot be sieved out, for love permeates and is impenetrable. It is the wholeness of love that puts everything else together.

A surgeon cuts with a knife, but he does not wound, for love moves his arm. It may be he has forgotten the love in his incision, but love has not forgotten.

The grocer displays the fruits and vegetables. He may consider them merchandise and his living, but beyond his overt purpose he loves the splendorous colors of what he sells, and he merchandises love. He does not merchandise the thought of love. He does not announce love. But love is his ware.

And so it is yours. This is just a reminder that you do not need the constant conscious thought of love to anchor love in the world; you are a purveyor-displayer-relayer of love just the same. Accept once and for all that you are a musician of love on earth for the attunement of all. Raise your eyes and ears, and you raise the world higher, note by note.