Being and Seeing

God said:

You think you are far away from Me, or I am far away from you. As you think, so it appears.

Begin to think or imagine or contemplate or know that I am so close I am within you. You are a counterpart of Me. Consider that each breath you take and give is Mine.

Consider My thoughts clothes on a clothesline hung out in Heaven. You reach up and pull thoughts down, one by one, and you fold them over your arm. Or you fill your mind, a clothesbasket, with thoughts from the line.

Sometimes you crowd My thoughts as you take them down, or you pile them high, or you crush them or wrinkle them. But they can be unwrinkled. You can pull them out, one at a time, and hold them up to the Sun and see their originalness as they were when pinned on the line in Heaven.

Consider that every thought you have came from Me. Perhaps it fell to earth and got muddied, but yet it was My thought. Find its truth. Hear My Voice. Put your ear next to My thought as you would to a conch, and listen.

What have you been putting your ear to?

Do you speak first and then listen after?

Do you listen as often as you speak?

Today We venture out together.

Enough of masquerade. We bare Our hearts to one another. No more camouflage. To what avail? What do you think is wrong with being you, being you as you are? Nothing trumped up, nothing tidied, simply you as you are without subterfuge or aggrandizement. Simply you blazoning in pure truth.

Why live up or down to others' surface perusal of you? Their perusal may be pretense too. In any case, it is not sufficient, how others have perceived you, what they have thought of you and what they have said. They have not looked. They knew not whereof they spoke.

But you will look and you will see, and you will see what you have not seen before. You will look higher and wider, not exactly more closely as you look further, but more closely in the sense of more truthfully.

What have you been afraid to see in yourself? Your glory? Do you think you may have someone else's by mistake and that it is not yours?

My glory is thine.

What have you been afraid to see in others? That they look away from you or that they see into you?

Be afraid of neither.

Concern yourself with where you look. Look with Me. See from the vantage that I do. See overall. Or look at even the atoms and see the wholeness as I do.

Where do you look, and what do you see?

Where have your thoughts been hanging out?

Consider that We are engaged in thought, you and I. We ponder the universe I created with you in it. We stroll its shores. We look up at the stars. Or We look down upon them from Our height. It doesn't matter. You look across at Me, and I look across at you. How benevolent is Our gaze! Our eyes meet, and then there is only one pair of eyes, Ours. Our eyes meet, and vision becomes inward and outward and all-encompassing. There becomes no difference between inward and outward, for they are only words.

The point is that Our vision, yours and Mine, sees. It does not question. It sees. It does not change what it sees, for there is nothing to change. We see Truth. How beautiful is the Truth We see! Our gaze continues without thought, and We see and are infinity. We travel nowhere. We are everywhere.