Another Horizon

God said:

Are you beginning to feel your union with all other beings? Do you feel an extra surge in your heart when you consider that you are a part of something great? Is it a relief to know that you are not, after all, one little being alone, a waif on earth, secluded. Is it good to know that you are a blessed integral part of the universe? And that it is My universe you live in, given for the joy and use of all who inhabit it?

All do inhabit it. And the universe includes Heaven. How empty the world would be without it! How forlorn! How abandoned! How rudderless!

But, fortunately, Heaven exists, and you and I exist, and all else exists along with Us.

You are not a stranger to Heaven. It is not unknown to you. You are familiar with it. Its name alone conjures a happiness in your chest. Your eyes try to visualize it, and you try to remember it, this Heaven, this blessed location of you.

Certainly you have tried to find yourself. Mostly you have looked on earth. Yes, you find something of yourself there, and you see that it is good. Yet a virtual part of you is not lost to yourself; it just often is not included in the scheme of things rampant in your awareness.

Now, it is time to take it into account, this Heaven part of you. You recognize it when you see it. You recognize it in all beauty that gives you pause to take it in.

Everyone is trying to describe Heaven in their lives. All want a picture of it hung high on their wall. All wish to attain to it. All wish to rest there.

But do not think that it is death that takes you there. Life takes you there. Death is merely a continuation of life in another dimension. "There are many mansions in my Father's House" means dimensions. You do not need death to know Me.

With or without your recognition or acceptance, you do not live on earth alone. You are more acquainted with earth because you give it more attention and, therefore, more credence.

Earth has a beautiful horizon. Earth's beautiful horizon leads you to the horizon of Heaven. Why do you think your attention is drawn to the horizons before you? Horizons are reflections of greater horizons beyond earth's bounds.

There has to be more to life on earth than life on earth. Else it is a prison cell. All boundaries tie you up. Therefore, it is up to you to expand the boundaries, or to go beyond them. It is the same, expanding or going beyond. Even the boundaries on earth can be expanded. You have the skill. Now have the will.

Boundaries are meant to be jumped over. Fences are not meant to keep in or to keep out. Every child who has ever jumped a fence knows that. Have you forgotten?

And even tall thick fences have slits through which you can peek through and see beyond.

As far as your eye can see is very far indeed. As far as your eye can imagine is further. It takes only a little leap from fact to truth.

Will you consider that there is a reality beyond that which you presently see? Will you consider that the five senses do not tell you everything? They tell only a part of the story. And yet, you are blessed with senses, and they can lead you to the heart of the story. The five senses can lead you through the setting, through the characterization, through the plot, through the words into the meaning.

And it is, after all, meaning that you seek. Do you think you would seek it if it did not exist?

All that you have imagined and dreamed of exists. Existence exists. And I love you with all My heart.