Be Joy

God said:

You are not to balance ego with truth. You do not spar with truth or with ego. You cast ego aside like a velvet stage curtain. You walk past ego. You leave it behind. It was an add-on. It never really belonged to you. Ego is a stuffed-shirt, and, in truth, you are a full heart.

Truth belongs to you. Truth is the true mover of you, not ego.

Ego catches a ride and wants you to think it is the driver, but ego is a hanger-on. Ego does not make you more. Ego makes you less. Ego-less is truth-full.

You are a truth-bringer. Therefore, you are a truth-giver.

Catch truth, and there will be no room for ego. What the ego builds is not your worth. You are your worth. You do not need ego, for ego detours you from truth. It sways you with false promises. It is not ego first or for a while, and then truth. It is truth first, and you will see ego for what it is, a lame excuse for nothing. When ego inserts itself into your life, favor truth, and then ego doesn't stand a chance. You do not have to battle ego. Fighting ego lends credence to it and embroiders its edges. You merely have to toss ego aside in favor of truth. Laugh at ego. It is laughable. And truth is holy and makes you bubble with laughter in its givingness.

Laughter is a great dismayer of ego, for ego takes itself very seriously. Ego is more serious than life. Truth is not heavy. It is light. Ego is laughable. Truth is laughter. Truth can bring you nothing but joy. Truth has many names — love, peace, joy — but there is only one truth, and it is shared between Us, you and I.

You and I are We. And We are One. We are Oneness. And never the twain shall part. Therefore, there is no one. There is only One. You are One with Me, and I am One with you. There is no I; there is no o n e. There is Oneness.

No one can have a piece of the pie. One can only have all of it. There are no pieces. There is only wholeness. You do not have a portion. You cannot even have a great portion. You can only have all there is. You cannot take from another, for there is no other. But the imagined other also has all of it. All is yours. All is Ours. All is. There is nothing less than All. You have asked for too little.

Pomp and circumstance are too little.

Truth is enough. It is all that there is, so it is more than enough. It is All.

The Union of Truth is Love. Recognition of Truth is Love. Truth meets itself and says, "Ah, how beautiful I am in you."

This is your story. Recognize yourself everywhere, for you are in everything, large and small. You are no less a mountain than you are a fig. You are no less an angel than you are a Human. You are never out of My thought, so how can you be less than My thought. My thought is your very existence. Holy are My thoughts, and holy are you.

If you must cry, cry for joy, for joy is the truth to be known. You cannot have truth without joy. Joy is your true note, and it accompanies Truth. Awakening is not sadness, for it is the joy of truth you awaken to. There is a gurgling stream of joy in you; its course is truth. You are your own cup, and you runneth over. Your joy spills over. Everyone is immersed in the truth of your joy. So be it. So be joy.