You Are the Ocean

God said:

The physical world is not always easy. I am not even talking about relationships, although I suppose it could be said that you have relationships with the physical inanimate world as well. Something breaks. Something trips you. There are potholes and bumpy roads. Your internet goes down. You can’t open or you can’t close your umbrella. You lose something. You simply don’t see something and bump into it. Something falls on your head. Don’t tell Me that you haven’t been irate and kicked a physical object that got in your way.
There are leaks and water damage. Things spoil in the refrigerator.
The more you have, the more that can go wrong. Without the physical, what would you have to buy? Buying may be one of your favorite things to do, yet there are matters like bills to pay and checks to write. There are groceries that you forget to bring in. Oh, well, you don’t need Me to tell you all the pesky things that may make the physical world cumbersome for you and get in the way of your peace of mind.
And the physical world is costly. If you didn’t need shelter, you wouldn’t have to pay rent or a mortgage for a place to put your body. So far, you don’t have to pay for the air you breathe, yet there is a fee for where you park your car. You may not even be allowed to rest your head on a park bench.
What would be the necessity of the whole thing called money and commerce if there were not hands to transact and carry and hold and minds to count numbers?
And then, in the physical world, there is hot and there is cold and stormy weather. There is wet, and there is dry.
There are sports to play and bones to put in a splint.
If you had not bodies, you would not have tears to weep nor any reason to.
The physical causes work. You have to wash clothes and mop floors. Sometimes a body doesn’t feel well, and every night it has to go to sleep.
Put this way, doesn’t this all sound like science fiction?
And all of the above is the play of light. Light is true, yet the play of light is a game with rules of its own that are not always honored.
Deeper than the light of day is the non-physical world where nothing wears out and all is well everywhere. No five senses to get in your way. There is nothing to get in your way. No bumping into anyone or anything. There is no here and no there. There are no clocks to wind or to wake you up because, beyond the physical, there is no getting tired or any need to get into a bed at night or make the bed in the morning.
There would be no morning, noon, or night. There would be no getting hungry. There would be no eating too much or burning toast.
Yet, as I describe all these matters that get in your way in life, do you discover that you are partial to them? You really like them. You really like life on Earth, and, frankly, you’re not at all sure that you ever want to progress from it.
If you didn’t have troubles, would you have pleasures? They seem to go together.
But please do not think for even one moment that the non-physical world is flat or boring. Oneness is a vibration of love. Oneness is Infinite. Infinite means forever and, therefore, timeless, everlasting. I made Earth life for a reason. It is useful, and it is necessary for your awareness. Just remember that it is play. It is not forever. Life on Earth is an ocean you swim in a for a while until you perceive that you are the Ocean.

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This is a real reversal. Puts everything in perspective. Another angle.
Alters how we see ourselves. Good.

God sure wakes us up, Steve.

God sure wakes us up, Steve. Or shakes us up!

I should memorize the last

I should memorize the last four lines. They are a concise answer to so many of the questions we ask God about the reason for things and the reality of things.

Hi, Sally! You mean these

Hi, Sally! You mean these lines?

Earth life useful, and it is necessary for your awareness. Just remember that it is play. It is not forever. Life on Earth is an ocean you swim in a for a while until you perceive that you are the Ocean.