The Big Realization

God said:

Thou art I. Thou art I. Thou art I.
Is there anything more you, the so-called you, has to know?
It isn’t that everything else is a waste of time, not at all. Everything is for something. At the same time, everyone is gearing, whether near or far, to come to the realization that thou art I. This is the Big Realization.
Naturally, I am not talking about your saying these words and intellectualizing around them. I mean much more than the thought of the words. I mean the Reality where, suddenly, or slowly, you melt into the blessedness of Me. You stay in your body, and you do not leave it. You still carry it around, and you take care of your daily affairs, yet at the same time, instead of feeling separate from Me, you have separated from your body and all the identity that goes along with it. You are in your body and you know you are, and as you live life in your body, you express Me, Myself, and I. And that’s it.
In your own Reality, you have risen to My Essence. You become, as it were, I in all My neutrality and glory. You see as I see. You hear as I hear. You are out of the entrapment of ordinary life in the world. You still live in the world yet you no longer hook into that singular identity. You are merged with Oneness. Oneness has emerged from your Being. No longer can you hold out. You don’t have to wait to leave your body. You walk right into Me, as it were. The little you disappears. Bye bye, little you.
You give up nothing, and gain everything. You fly to the head of the class and merge with every fiber of your Being with Me. No longer can you stand apart from Me. Like attracts like, and you walk right in, still a body on Earth, yet you have awareness in Heaven with Me, centered in Me, adored in Me. Even in the midst of all the interchange on Earth, you have become I.
Every one of My children rises up to meld with Me and become Myself. Even as you participate in the dailiness of life on Earth, you have risen to Heaven. Behold, you know Who you are and, therefore, you know Me as Yourself. There is no departure from My love. You have acquiesced to My love. You have given yourself fully to My Light. Any difference between your light and My light no longer is imagined or adhered to.
Who is it that says you are other than I AM? What a dreary role to play, to take on any less than the Fullness of God, and parade around as less, most decidedly less. You wear a parade costume when you are the Celestialness of God. This is the State of Truth, and you will live it full-time. I have always seen the Light of Myself in you. It has always been there. You did not see. You saw amiss. Your eyesight was flustered, your heart and mind too, yet, at the same time, you had a glimmer of your Totality. Somewhere in the recesses of your mind, you sloughed off this glimmer. You decided it couldn’t be true. You looked askance at yourself, for when you cut yourself, you would bleed. If you hit your thumb with a hammer, it would hurt and you would yell. Even so, just the same, you are the Greater Reality that you have not seemingly, as yet, attributed to yourself.
And, yet, the day comes, when you forget about all this otherness. Once you were a child of ignorance who is certain that he knows what he is talking about when he does not yet have this solid knowing that he and I are One, and, furthermore, that there is no one else. There is One. Regardless of the multitudes, there is only One, not even a One of Us, just One, Me, God, that is, and, so, this is your Return to Innocence, and there is no We in Reality, only I, and no one else. I alone AM.

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I'm blown away!

I'm blown away!

Thou art I

Sooo beautifly said !!! I feel the Truth of it and it seems the mind doesn't want to hear it, it has it's own adjenda. Thank you Beloved Gloria. God I Love You, You ARE Myself. pretending to be Alan. ( Consciousness is Everything )

Thank you!

I love this letter. It is very timely for what is going on in my personhood at this time. I recall as a child using the expression "Me, Myself and I" when I wanted to be alone, or when I had been alone and someone asked who I had been with. This letter gives a whole new meaning to the phrase for me. I will begin to use it again as a positive affirmation.


this is high....

Oneness Is Truth

Thank you God, Thank you Heaven for opening Your Heart and Arms to cuddle me out for fear and lovingly embrace My Oneness with all that Matters. I laugh and smile at the gentleness and humour that resides in the Truth of Oneness. Thank You for Eternity. By Loving You I AM Loving Me/We.