You Are Spinning

God said:

The world is a-changing, and you right with it. You are riding an escalator of change, an escalating escalator of change. It may seem to you that you are not changing, and, yet, in world terms, you are moving fast. Do you feel it?

You who are Silence and Stillness are moving fast. You are propelled. You are spinning at a new speed. No more ruts for you, beloveds, for spin you will. You are spinning closer to the Sun. You are riding on the rays of the Sun. You perch on the Moon, and you wave. Stars flash before you. You are entering the Realm of No Time and No Place which means, in fact, that the pull of gravity is less.

You have always been Heaven-bound, bound for Heaven is what I mean. And now you are zooming to Heaven. You are gaining the speed of light, for light you are.

Everything is speeding up. No longer do you have a choice about keeping up. You are right on the mark. Willing or unwilling, you are on the fast track. You are keeping pace with Me. You are beginning to sense what you are onto and with Whom you travel. You are My entourage. I am the Pace-Setter, and you sprint across the Universe with Me, and you keep up.

You will get used to it, yet, it will not be ordinary. You will know extraordinariness. You will know how extraordinary you are. You will have awareness of everything, and still you may not be able to settle down. You will be unsettled. Of course, you had thought that settledness was to be attained to. Calmness and settledness are not the same.

You are on a road to Adventure, and what is adventure but a trip to where you believe you have never been before, and so adventure is the Unknown, and that means that boundaries do not apply. They no longer exist, those safe bed-rails that you held onto and that kept you in place. The boundaries kept you back. No longer will you equate boundaries with safety, for you will fathom that boundaries lock you in. No longer can you hang on to the bed-rails. You are flying through spacelessness. There is nothing to hold onto. Now, with all the room in the world and beyond, love will lead the way.

No longer will you tiptoe on the path of love. No longer will you play hopscotch on the sidewalk. You are riding the rays of the Sun, and you blend in quite nicely. How bright you are in the Sun. How many-rayed you are becoming. Soon you will see the light you are and the light that the seeming others are. You are a bright ray of light straight from My heart. You are lighted. Your heart is lighted. The world is becoming light, for the world is reflected in your light.

You haven't abandoned the world, and the world has not abandoned you. You are in tandem.

You know those pictures of planets where the planets are encircled? Earth is encircled by you. You are the circle of life, and you embrace the world and all of life. You love all the creatures. They are in your heart. You love all the human beings who are getting to know all their Divinity. Nothing stays the same when you are changing,

Your name now is Light. It is your True Name. Light does not stay still. It emits. You are Light. The Earth is bathed in your light. And you are spinning on your axis.

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In the name of Light

Like a seed awaiting the warmth of Spring sunshine, today's Word has given me joyous Life and the beauty in another day.
God, may i shine the Light on all that surrounds me. Love One Another.

Yes Sweet One.

You manage to capture the impulse of Heaven Letter's words. Thanks


Your name now is Light

Thank you for a most delicious beautiful message my Father. I know something monumental is happening for I can feel it. But I ask you when is my Light going to be returned? I miss the familarity of my Light.
Thanking you in advance for your promise in this Heavenletter.
I love you my Father.
I send Love to all Hearts.
I send Love to all Creation.
Let peace and goodwill and prosperity infuse every Heart.
Thank you. Thank you.


Victor knows his Name

Victor, you show us how to spell God's name so as to effect loves melody of Life in all. Thanks sweet friend.


"Your name now is Light. It is your True Name."

We all must put our signature on our life's form and its spinn. It is our real name and spells out our karmic drama day by bay. Reading Heaven Letters will help you see how to sign. Read carefully sweet ones.



Wow what a ride, I love it Thanks God Love Jack

Jack, we all applaud your way of saying: "Thank you Father"

If you only knew how you make our hearts join with your close encounter with God, Jack!


Beloved George.

Your Name is Light. Thank you.


Angela helps us listen with our inside ears.

Angela, you melt my heart. Anything that I write that gives life is from the Father. Thank Him too. I love you.



Thank you for your kinds words George.
I love to Talk to Our Father George.

Thank you my Father. I got your message and vision!
Thank you. Thank you my Father.
Glory be to your name! Glory be to the Highest.
You are my Source.You are my everything!
Love and more Love be unto you.


Victor's closeness to God is a strong magnet that pulls us.

Victor, the way you speak to us of getting God's message and vision make them ours to love, and part of the melody of love that sing us to sleep and AWAKE too! We are so grateful! The Glory you share to our Great and wonderful Source helps It become our Source too. Thanks sweet One. You raise our consciousness.


Victor, at my advanced age, I love your term Father.

Victor, as you know "life giving words" alway flow from the Heavenly Father. To be His scribe during this dimension is such a blessing. I love you Victor


The world is a-changing...

"You are beginning to sense what you are onto and with Whom you travel. You are My entourage. I am the Pace-Setter, and you sprint across the Universe with Me, and you keep up. You are flying through spacelessness. There is nothing to hold onto. Now, with all the room in the world and beyond, love will lead the way."

Love leads the way.

Love to All,

Beam me up Angela!

I would love to be one of your partners in your ENTOURAGE as you sprint across the Universe flinging through spacelessness with nothing to hold on to but love. You set the pace, you lead the way, beautiful One..