What Was All the Fuss About?

God said:

Love is equal. You may want to be the most loved being in the whole world, and you are. My love is limitless. Therefore, everyone is the most loved being in the world. In terms of love, there is no deviation. My love is full-blast. My love encompasses all. I do not make evaluations. I have so many other better matters to take care of. Do you possibly imagine that I would occupy Myself with sorting and hypothesizing? Naturally, I occupy Myself otherwise.

The fact is I choose to occupy Myself with what matters and is easy for Me and what, in other words, I cannot help but focus on.

It is easy for Me to love. It is that simple. Nothing stands in the way of My love. Nothing that is not love has a chance of making it to My heart. We can call My heart, My love, a great filter, and, yet, My love has no need to filter. I see differently from you. I do not have to extricate certain elements and keep others. I do not have to analyze or figure something out. I love you. I love everything I have created. I have starlight in My eyes. We could say that I have X-ray vision. I see what there is to see. I see beautiful. I see beautiful when I look at you. And I do look at you. I see you filled with My beautiful Beingness. I look at you, and I see Myself, and I know I am beautiful, and I know you are too.

My standards are mighty higher standards than yours, beloveds. I have high vision. Wherever I look, I see beauty. I see light. I see better than you do, better than how you see most of the time.

You may look to isolate. I look to embrace. And that may be the relative difference between Us, although, of course, nothing is between Us, for We are One, but, as you see yourself individuated on Earth, so do you look to individuate everyone else who already individuates himself on Earth. Some you rank high. Some you rank less, and, yet, you don’t know. You don’t see, and you don’t know. You can’t tell by appearances. Better not to individuate at all.

Better to simply love and not trip yourself up in rankings. When it comes to My Creation, it’s better to just love it, and let it go at that. You are not a great shakes at seeing the world as it is. You see it as you see your life to this point. You extract too much from the past and paste it on the present picture you have of everything. Instead of making a composite, you subtract. You rewrite the world, not to your liking, but to your disapproval. See approval now. No, don’t even seek approval because that is just the other side of disapproval. Seek to see beauty. Seek to love all from a state of equilibrium.

From great height, you will see as I see, and you will see Truth, and you will know it intimately. Truth will be yours. You will be utterly unable to not see it. You can only see what you see, and you are beginning to see greater now.

You will leave fault behind you. You won’t want to find fault any longer. You will seek Truth, and you will find it. You will find it where it always has been, and that is deep in your heart. Your heart sees and knows from a great height. You will see individuals and humanity in a new light. Your whole perception will change, not from determination, but from realization. You want that, don’t you? You do want to be self-realized, don’t you? I am sure you do. And I am sure you will be.

Soon enough, you will not even remember what all the fuss was about.

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As God says so often Love is all and love is truth. What other identities want to create is their free will. Everything that is not love is a illusion created by the population. I have no problem with anything anymore as My live is love, so I can not see what others are worried about. I feel empathy for other worries. I do not know if Iexpress myself clearly but as I love I cannot judge so I am happy with whatever comes my way. Thank you myGOD. Love Jack

Jack, we join you in this wonderful wandering in Joy through....

Jack, would you mind our company. We love to hear you tell us of "No problem with anything anymore" It really is all love. Nice song that we all can sing with you, if you don't mind.


Thanks...It looks as this is

Thanks...It looks as this is written just for me! So beautyful... and I just want to take the step to live from my heart, and not be afraid to express my love or receive it, and know that all is well, what ever comes..or goes!
To experience self-realization must living in heaven!
Reading this lettere ... make me see that Heaven is truly here on this planet, as this kind of guidens! <3 <3 <3
Thanks a lot, again!

Beautiful comment of yours,

Beautiful comment of yours, beloved Tove. However, this Heavenletter was made for me!


Catch the A-train. It is the heaven train.

Is LOVE really THE answer to Life's questions?

Remember this: "You always feel what you do feel and you can't not feel the way you do feel." Another interesting conclusion is that "in the present moment you can only beleve what you do believe today and you can not believe what you do not believe."

To get out of the box of social norms and psychicic truisms that tend to be true because we do believe them it will be of great value to listen to Gloria in Heaven Letters give us God's manual for learning to drive our Karmic car or our inner space shuttle to learn how to find the person in us that we never knew existed. "Don't look here and don't look there; the Kingdom of God is within you." The KING is there to speak to you as HIS child. Don't be afrain to look into the intoxicating mirror of life you can find in Heaven Letters.


You will seek Truth,

There is no fuss my Father."When it comes to My Creation, it’s better to just love it..." When I sit back and think about the intricately design of the snowflakes or the present body of the Human I am awed and humbled at your craft my Father. It's all in the details.
If you are reading this blog I would like to tell you God has already designed EVERYTHING that is to see or to know about in eternity.
If you are wondering what is in the year one million and nine - it's already been designed - that is, the outer framework or shell or template. The melodies of music are already composed. The only thing/things missing are the details. This is to be done by the individual of that era who supply the words of the song or the detailed parts or pieces for that structure, even the detailed parts are already made in form..,,,someone in the NOW, can then access something designed from another era and bring it in to the present.This has happened all the time.
Praise be to GOD.
What is the difference between the realm of the dead and this world? The details of things are missing on the other side, as it's not important. In this our world, we love beauty, which is in the details of the work.Or the details create the beauty.Anyway GOD is teaching us how to expand our talents and gifts.


Victor knows how He came to be. I tip my hat to him.

Victor I commend the way you look at the divine Plan that has always been in operation.

It seems to me that the way you see it compliments the source and intelligence of the All. That which always has been a part of divine energy and apart from our concept of time can see many points of formations in becoming part of the beauty of the song of NOW.

This moment tells us exactly what we have become in the moment of recognizing our wonderful Self in and with God. Heaven Letters gives us much precious information about the Designer! Thank you precious Victor.


details are details

Dear Victor,

there are details, yes. God says in Heavenletters ... do not confine yourself to details, there is much more to be, to have and to do.

Why should God prepare a world, where only details are to be formed by His Children next to the assignment which God had chosen - - whereas God says, You Are My Trust. Why should God give you free will to write down your personal cosmology about details and about God's ordained framework bordering details, whereas your details while writing the lines above are expressing God's Trust in You.
Who will accept that you wrote down details?

There is so much to read and to re-read in Heavenletters, beloved friend,


Beloved Victor, how can

Beloved Victor, how can there be Heaven without beauty?

Beloved Theophil, you always add a depth of understanding in your comments.

Theophil sings a song to our heart right from God's boquet

The boquet has the the fragrance of divine light like Gloria's comment above.