You Are an Inceptor of This Wonder

God said:

Even if the whole world looked at Me, kept their eyes on Me, there would be diversity. There would still be all the delicious accoutrements of the world. Don't worry about that. You will still have your individuality, but you will be on another plane of existence because of the swell of vaster earth vision.

When the time comes — and the time will come — when everyone has loving attention on Me, no one will be side-tracked. Everything will move easily. There will no longer be uphill. Mountains indeed will move. All of eternity will open up. Life will be dazzling. All will be dancers, and only accord will be known, not sameness, but an ever upward spiraling of joy, new engagement in life, new swiftness, new ease, new energy.

When everyone leans toward the same intention of love, the world will turn itself upside-down. Everything will become Technicolor. You will see colors on earth you have never seen before. You will know such joy on earth as you have never known before. The joy will not belong to you exclusively. You will ride a surge of joy. Wherever you look, there will be heartrending joy. There will be no departing from it.

Life will not be boring. It will not be less exciting. It will be more exciting. You will have the excitation of Oneness revealing itself in evermounting ways. You will not know what is going to happen, but you will know it will be wonderful, and more wonderful, wonderfulness escalating to new heights of wonder.

And you will be an inceptor of this wonder that will be like Christmas lights going on all at once in all of mankind's hearts.

You are ready for this joy. You fear you are not. You fear you will come apart, but it is the opposite. You will come together. The intensity and density will drop off, and you will be weightless, and you will reverberate to high music that is ever-present now but which you do not presently hear. You haven't listened for it. Start listening for it.

You have been seeing and hearing only so far as you have assumed you can. You have made limiting assumptions; therefore, they are false. Start assuming bigger. Make wild assumptions, and they are more likely to be true.

What if you had descended full-grown to earth today from Heaven with no loss of memory? Imagine how you would look at the world and its inhabitants and yourself. You would certainly see differently from how you see now.

But you have been dipping in and out of Heaven right along. You catch the drift of Heaven because you have been immersed in it. You are not a stranger to it. I am not speaking of momentary happiness. I am speaking of your fellowship with Me and where I reside. You know Me, and you know what it is to be with Me. You may not quite recollect, but you almost remember. You remember something, even if you cannot give it a name. You remember that there is something to remember, even if you have forgotten what it is.

You do not have to forget the world in order to remember Heaven. Just tune yourself to a higher frequency. Perk up your ears. Listen for Me.

Do not predict how you will know Me, for predicting can come only from the conscious past. The past is not enough for you any more. What has always been (so have you thought) is no longer enough for you. Let's face it. Only I am enough for you.

Find Me, find Me. I am findable. I am eager to be found. Find Me where I am. I am not to be believed in. I am to be found. Believe that you can find Me, and that you will. Believe in the powers I have given you. Start using them. Secure Me deeply in your heart. I already appear. Now I will appear to you. Keep looking. Keep your eyes, heart, and ears open.