God's Light

God said:

Accomplishment is not your mission. Making a sale is not your mission. Preaching a sermon is not your mission. Being present is your mission. Being is your mission.

When you meet with someone, the outcome is not what you are meeting for. All the outcomes, all the reasons, all the goals are merely excuses for the God in you to meet the God in someone else. All occasions are excuses for Us to meet. All the rest is palaver.

You bring something to the table. Deals are not the extent of what you bring. I am what you bring.

I am the gift you give all you meet. Remember this, and your life becomes significant. You give Me silently. You cannot hand Me over as some brightly-wrapped package. You don't exactly slip Me under the table either. I am a silent presence that you acknowledge to yourself. To yourself you say:

"God comes with me to this table. I am in the mighty presence of God. Now I no longer pretend to be other than what I am. I am not so much a deal-maker as a God-giver, God-allower, God-blesser. God has sent me here to meet Himself.

"The moment I enter a room, God is here. Wherever I turn, God is. I am in the mighty presence of God.

"This does not mean I put on good behavior. It means I take off past assumed behavior. I take off my cleverness. I become I AM.

"I am not an accumulation of something. I am not my reputation. I am not rich man, poor man. I am not seller, buyer. My world identity is not my identity. It is not my being. God is my Being, as I am His.

"Without effort, I cast God's light. Indeed, effort has kept me from portraying God's light. With effort, my attention is elsewhere. Effort and awareness of God's presence are incompatible. All my effort does not cancel God, but it cancels my awareness.

"That I deliver God in some way to whomever I meet is my reason for being. Outcomes are not. I shed a little light on God by revealing His light as it shines forth through me.

"This is such a little thing for me to do, to radiate God's light. All it takes is my intention, my willingness, a little of my acceptance of this as my due process.

"How often I have forgotten what I am here on Earth for! Now I take a breath and remind myself Whose breath I breathe. I am a breath of God. I am the love of God. And I am His beloved given to His beloveds.

"When I remember my mission on earth, barriers evaporate. They were never there except as I saw them. I saw barriers in proportion to how I forgot God. It is utterly amazing that I have spent so much of my life forgetting God when I could have just as easily thought of Him and His goodness. Oh, I have exalted fear and stress. I have bowed down to them. I have lain in wait for them. I have promoted them, advertised them, revered them.

"Now I let awareness of God sink into me, and so my awareness reaches everyone.

"God wants me to light this room for Him. He has asked me to be His light on earth. If I am in a dark dank prison, I am still the light He has sent. If I am in a palace, I am still the light He has sent. Whatever the window-dressing, I am a pure being of God's light sent to emanate the light and to kindle it in others. I am a light-bringer."

What I made you of and why I made you are the same. From My light I made you so that I would be revealed on earth.

We can say that in the writing above, I was tearing down the marketplace in the temple. The marketplace does not supercede Me. Transactions in the world are to be much more than mere transactions in the world. The wares of the world clink and clatter and make noise. I am silent. Silence is more powerful than noise. Transactions in the world are to be exchanges of Me. Light up the density of the world. Those who make light become enlightened.

When the world has been heavy on your shoulders, put your burdens down and lift My light. Cast it on the darkened world.

How simple!

Wait no longer for someone else to light it. You can light it just as well as anyone else. A little start, and all the lights will go on. You cannot turn on someone else's light. You turn on your own, and someone else gets the idea to turn on his.

You are not an intermediary for Me. You are a signaler. You mutely point the way.

I speak for Myself. You cannot explain Me. Do not even try. Do not try to teach Me to others in words. I am the Teacher. I cannot be taught. I am not subject matter. I am not a topic. I AM. I am the Reacher. I reached you.

Respect that others will recognize Me too. Give them the credit I give you.