God said:

I come into your life in unexpected ways. You may expect Me. You may await Me. You may call Me. You may demand Me. But how I enter your life is not by your design.

Be innocent. I am not a waiter at your beck and call. I am God.

Consider Me more a take-out order for which you call in advance. I respond to your call, but you don't know the exact moment I ring your bell or at which door I will appear.

Do not think this is because of whim or folly or show on My part.

In truth, I have been knocking at your door. Loudly. Yet it may be some little thing that leads you to hearing Me knock.

Like life, I am expected and unexpected all at once. I am a surprise only because you didn't see Me coming. You saw your picture of My arrival. You saw your preconceived idea. You saw a certain manner of speech or dress, and you saw My entrance as dramatic which it may or may not be.

I will make sure that you see Me as I am. You will not see Me with your constricted eyes. You will see Me in your awareness.

Some little thing will turn your head in the direction of where I am. Perhaps when you least expect it. When you are not looking.

That is where innocence comes in. Expect My entrance into your life anywhere at any time, but do not premeditate it. It is not that I insist upon entering in My own way. It is just that your predictive concepts keep your awareness away. Your rigid ideas keep My presence out of sight.

That is why it will seem that I sneak in the back door or a little window or through the flight of a bird or a phrase from a book or a leaf falling or the sound of a song at a distance or a voice whispering in your ear. Your control blinds you. It is not that your control keeps Me away. Nothing can keep Me away. Your control keeps your awareness away from Me.

You cannot force My entrance. You can stamp your foot and pound your fist and demand Me all you want. But do not pound so much that you cannot see Me right here beside you.

Close your eyes more and see Me better.

Perhaps when you open them, you will see Me so close to you that you sigh and say, "Ahhh." Or, you may see Me at a glance, and not know what you have seen, but you will know you have seen something.

I am an ordinary God at the same time as I am extraordinary. It could be said that I wear disguises, but, if I do, it is only so that I can gain entry into your vision.

In your heart I already reside.

I keep using the word "see", but I could say hear, feel, sense, touch. I could say brush, wave, tickle, glow, spark, splash, moving light, stillness, encore. I could say briefer than touch. I could say seeping. I seep into your awareness. Or I could say sink into your awareness, float, rise, descend, fall, slip. I will say that I will slip into your awareness, and it may seem that all of a sudden I am there, as if, which is the truth, I had always been there and only partly visible from the corner of your eye.

Most certainly I have been there, a reflection in your heart expended outward until you see. Until you know. Until you suspect. Until you glean. Until you gather. Until you accept My inalterable presence. Hello.

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brush, wave, tickle, glow, spark, splash

Some little thing will turn your head in the direction of where I am. Perhaps when you least expect it. When you are not looking.


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