You Are an Arrow That Flies through the World

God said:

You are an experiencer in life. You experience what life holds. You experience all of it. You experience the power and the glory, and you experience the aches in your heart. Through all of life, you are the experiencer. Be like the arrow that flies through the world.

The arrow flies in rain and sun. The arrow is not deflected. An arrow does not grumble about the weather or anything at all. It doesn't say that it would rather not be an arrow today or stay in its sheath. When called on, an arrow does what arrows do. An arrow doesn't look right or left. It moves ahead. Regardless of what is going on, regardless of a barrage, an arrow shoots right ahead.

You are an arrow in life. You are the experiencer of it. Whatever it is that you go through, you go through. Life is life whatever is going on. You can be an arrow that shoots straight. An arrow doesn't look around. It pays attention to what it is doing rather than to what may be going on around it. An arrow is not so affected by everything else. An arrow knows its purpose. It knows what it is to do, and that is to be straight as an arrow.

Because you are an experiencer of life, you may have thought that you are to be affected tremendously by what is going on. You may have thought that your heart must go up and down according to whatever is going on around it, but that is only an idea you borrowed from somewhere. An experiencer experiences. This happens and that happens around an experiencer. To experience does not mean that you are to be overrun by what goes on.

An arrow does not keep turning on itself. An arrow doesn't mull things over so much. Even if there are bullets shot at an arrow, the arrow does not weep. Even if a bullet hits the arrow, it doesn't suffer. The arrow has been hit, and yet it doesn't get angry and swear, and it doesn't accumulate grief and pull it out every now and then, as if grief were a feather on the arrow. The arrow never convinced itself that it must suffer. An arrow doesn't interpret anything as cause for suffering. You, however, have learned and perhaps even taught yourself that you are to be dominated by what goes on around you, and, therefore, to suffer.

That you are an experiencer in life does not mean you are to reflect all that goes on. You are not to put on the clothes of what you experience. You are not to be cowed by an experience. You are a hero, beloveds, not a martyr.

Life is not a gauntlet. But even if you think life is, you run it. When you falter, you get up. You do not sit down and cry and not get up. You finish the gauntlet, and you continue on in your role as experiencer.

Look, beloveds, in life you are running toward Heaven. You have a direction and a purpose, and you are not swayed by every Tom, Dick, and Harry. You keep going forward.

You who are the experiencer are not indifferent to life, and yet you do not have to flinch. You experience life, and yet you are a simple observer of it. You, as experiencer, observe and keep going regardless of a particular experience. You are an arrow of life, beloveds. You are a beautiful arrow I shot from Heaven. I aimed you right. I gave you all the energy and momentum to continue in the direction I set you forth in. Do you understand Me? Do not adopt havoc. You are a simple experiencer, on your way to from whence you came.

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thank you God,

dear God,
thank you,, your lovely letter, and thank, you let us know about life, you know i am so happy in my life after im reading your letter,
you know my Lord what even hapeind in my life aslong i have you and you have
me it more than enouge in mylife,
yes i ven so expeirince of arow of my life
but im stand agein to roller agein aslong i have you my lord God,
i am so happy ,,
love joy,


"... in life you are running toward Heaven."

This sweet writer tells me that I am running toward Heaven. In my long, rich life it helps me to think that I am running toward purpose, toward meaning, toward destiny, toward divine design with intention, toward my loving Father who manages to write just the right thing for me as HE shoots me towards HIS target. I call this sort of thing, happiness.

George with running shoes

Dearest George, I do love

Dearest George,

I do love your beautiful heart and I am SOOOOOOO HAPPY that you are here right now !!

much love

I do love your beautiful heart

Sweet Brit:

You didn't even try very hard and you added a bunch of years to my 84. You bless me the way a Popsicle makes a child happy!

George licking the lips of his consciousness

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said all of it
Experience what life holds
Whatever it is

God said you hero
On your way from whence you came
From Heaven to Me

Love, Light and Aloha!

Experience what life holds

DARLING Alohalight!

I can only hope that you know how deep you are. You grace the Heavenletters with beauty, grace and total deepness.

George, dizzy with joy

Simply wonderful ! When

Simply wonderful ! When reading again a Heavenletter sometimes it seems even more beautiful and deep than the during the first read.

You are a beautiful arrow I shot from Heaven. I aimed you right. I gave you all the energy and momentum to continue in the direction I set you forth in. Do you understand Me?

I love the overwhelming beauty of Heavenletters !

much love

I love the overwhelming beauty of Heavenletters !

Precious Berit:

Much of that beauty bears the imprint of your wonderful mind.
You make me feel like I struck the celestial jack pot! Much love

George getting richer every day