Foraging in the Forest of Life

God said:

Today I serve you life on a golden tray. A napkin covers all the delicacies on the tray, and you cannot see what is on the tray until the moment you lift the napkin. All your favorite treats are here. In what shape or color and in what position on the tray, you do not yet know. As today is served to you, carry the thought that it is served to you on a golden platter of My love. Of course, this is the tray of your life. Of course, the tray of love is served to you, and everything on it turns to gold. All that does not glitter is also gold.

You are a wayfarer in the world, and every day you set out on your adventure.

You may think you know what the day holds, and yet you are surprised. Beloved, you are the surpriser as well the surprisee.

You wrapped up all the packages for today, and you have forgotten. In real life, you forget a lot. You are the recipient and the organizer of your own life. You forget the importance of your part in the life you lead while you make too big a thing of life itself.

I know you often don't think you put your life together, and yet you bring on life, and, at the same time, you sign for it. You are responsible for how you receive your deliveries. Do not mix up responsibility with blame. There is no blame. Blame is counterfeit. Blaming Me or blaming yourself is idling in life when you are to move forward. Who is to blame for the rain that gets you wet or the sun that burns your skin? Rain and sun are innocent. You could not and would not have a world without rain or sun, and yet you would castigate them and one thing after another.

Life comes with all kinds of terrains. Life all over the world comes with bugs, and it comes with flowers. The flowers you pick, and the bugs you swat. Life is becoming more immaterial to you. You are learning not to take life so personally. You are learning not to take life so seriously. By land or by sea, life on Earth is yours to enjoy. Why would you want to do anything else but enjoy life as it finds its way to you?

You are on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Even in rugged terrain, you can have smooth sailing. Life is served as it is served. When you are served ice cream, you can make a sundae of it. When you are served a ton of bricks, you can make anything you want from the bricks. You can build a castle, or you can leave the bricks as rubble. What is there you cannot do, beloveds? What is there that is not for you to do? You can change the world by how you apply yourself to it.

You are innocent, and you are responsible. What a combination. You are in a high school science lab, and you discover that the ingredients you mix are far more powerful than you knew. You are an agent for life and also an angel. You are my Holy Messenger. It is incumbent upon you to give out the lovely messages I give you. It is for you to be a beacon to the world.

You lift up the world, and you peek underneath it, and underlying it all, you see gold just like the golden tray life is served to you on. The world is made of gold, and yet it is not always gold-plated, and the gold, like Me, is not always seen. And you are made of gold, and you do not always see that you are My golden child who happens to be foraging in the forest of life.

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I love God taking my breath

I love God taking my breath away and just melting in His/Her sweetest love ! THANK YOU !

As today is served to you, carry the thought that it is served to you on a golden platter of My love. Of course, this is the tray of your life. Of course, the tray of love is served to you, and everything on it turns to gold. All that does not glitter is also gold.
You are my Holy Messenger. It is incumbent upon you to give out the lovely messages I give you. It is for you to be a beacon to the world.

Much love all of God's children

My questions to anyone who

My questions to anyone who may care to answer it is this:

How long before the HL (and other like minded material) reminders are so ingrained in us that we know longer need them?

Will we still need them, when we more fully live them consistently? Will the messages change and up the ante even more? Or will they stay the same and we see and view these reminders in an entirely different manner?

What can we do to more fully demonstrate these reminders so they are no longer reminders but just the norm of how we think, live and move about?

How are these questions now answered within the very reminders we now have?

I'm not sure whether this is an answer, Marko

I feel that Heavenletters are restoring me to the life I meant or was meant to live - that of an arrow shot from the bow of God. No more questions, no more looking right or left, nor more mulling, just zooooomm.

Thanks Jochen, If I

Thanks my dear Jochen,

If I remember from past comments you made, you do not like, or really care for more techniques or helpful applicable tools to further our development and that you tire of these things, you've had enough of them, at least for now.

If I'm correct in that assessment, I get how you have come to the conclusion you have come to. I honor and respect that.

a more functional answer

Marko, dear, yes, you have seen through me. But my wife loves techniques and tools and we have much fun understanding and enjoying our different preferences and being happily one. Thank God, no one has to be right and everything is good for someone and being fed up with tools is neither higher nor, as you suggest, necessarily for eternity. Everything is all right as long as no one says, "Now let us all....." I know you are not saying this. You are an explorer and that's wonderful.

Having said that, I invented a tool yesterday and immediately called it Nonstick Consciousness™. No kidding. During my evening meditation (no, not really meditation; no particular practice; just deeply enjoying relaxed calmness), my inner field of awareness suddenly appeared as if coated with polytetrafluoroethylene (aka Teflon) and not able to hold anything any more: everything, EVERYTHING sliding off, leaving for a moment an awareness without content. I can feel that sliding off almost physically AND I can go back into it. So that will be my tool for now. It's wonderful to be rid of everything for a moment.

But yes, I don't really know what to do with things to do. I don't feel good doing them. Very often when I open a Heavenletter (like the one below suggested to me today by our Cosmic Heavenletter Generator), I find words that seem to tell me I am not to do anything.

From the Energy of God's Thought
Heavenletter # 1347 Published on: July 25, 2004
God said:
You always were, and so you are. If verb tense were true, We would say that from the beginning of creation, you were. We will say you were with Me, but there was no where to be. There was no who. There was no how and no why. There was no was. There is the Allness of Oneness.
When the Earth and All were spread out before you, it was as if you were spread out. It was as if I made a blanket of Myself and covered Myself with it, but that could only be a game of Let's Pretend. I created a universe from the energy of My thought, and you imagined you were spewed out in a sequence of time and space, but I contained you all the while. Nothing happened. Everything was. Everything is. Everything is a euphemism for Oneness, for there was no thing.
I never departed from Myself. I never slivered one part of My consciousness. My consciousness, which is what I AM and ALL THAT I AM, remained whole. None of it slipped away. Where could it slip to? After all, I am All, and that means you too. You are totality. You are the totality of Oneness. Of course, words do not say. There is no inclusion really for there is no exclusion or seclusion. There is no opposite to Oneness. All of this is in a manner of speaking. Words fall short.
There is no one to speak to, and there is nothing to be heard. All is understood, and all is known. Bones cannot be set when there is no fracture. Oneness never lost cannot be regained.

Sir Jochen,-- Teflon

Sir Jochen,-- Teflon consciousness, that's an interesting creative idea for sure. I like it! We don't have to do anything for sure, usually we want to do something some of the time and not to be doing all the time.

It's all balance. Balance, which is different depending on where ever our awareness is currently at. Thanks again.

From the Energy of God's Thought

Dearest Jochen:

Reading your words made my heart feel like I won the lottery. Wow, such beauty,

George getting richer while getting older

From the Energy of God's Thought

Dearest Jochen:

Your words make my heart feel like I won the lottery: WOW!

GEORGE getting richer while getting older

How long before the HL become us?

Precious Marko:

As long as you read them with your human brain you'll need them and not be able to use them.
Read them with your essential Spirit and they sing to you a melody of the GREAT DANCE.
You stop reading them and start eating them for your main meal. Then watch your SELF dance. You always are FIRST!
It's like taking a gold supplement.

George, giddy from dancing with the LIVING WORD.

Hey George you're getting

Hey precious George you're getting mystical here!, but at least your opti-mystical, so I tip my hat and clink my glass to you for that.

You do not give a very functional answer (not that, that is required or even always necessary) which is what I'm actually looking more toward.

Yet, I will also remind myself that it is not always about functional pragmatictism (it often is, but not always), otherwise that becomes a stubborn belief and a self made impracitcal dogma that I don't want to impose on myself. Thanks for you're thoughts.

My question is not just for me you see, but to get us all thinking, feeling, acting in a way the we more desire to be.

you're getting mystical here!, but at least your opti-mystical,

Delicious Marko:

Thanks for calling me mystical, or at least opti-mystical, what ever that means. I have no interest in mystical matters beyond what i learned from Shakespeare and Emerson and Therou and the likes.
I do fancy life as a dance and I even used to let my partner lead now and then, but now with a stroke and being 84 I do the rumba in my mind.
As to functional pragmatism I'm at a loss. That sounds as though the logical positivist has some answers and they don't have answers. In case you have not noticed we only get to live one second at a time and make choices in that second. Some are good choices, some suck but every one tries to make the right choice for that time in their lives. De we have Answers, no, questions yes.
That you call me Precious George is some music I like to dance to. I only do the rumba in my mind, remember.
Your comments excite me and please me.

George old as dirt but full of JOY.

Opti-mystical is a combo of

Opti-mystical is a combo of optimistism and mysticism.

I've done ballroom dance in the past and rumba was one of the dances I enjoyed.

Functional pragmatism to me is being able to demonstrate our spiritual theory in action and not just talk about it.

Carry on sweet precious George.....................

spring chicken

Dearest George
Please stop calling youself old! As wise as an old owl maybe , but the heart of a spring chicken
Much love Nancy x

I love what you wrote,

I love what you wrote, Nancy.

Inside we are so young. The age of our body has nothing to do with it.

Dearest Marko, a most

Dearest Marko,

a most interesting questions really, thank you. Personally Heavenletters put me back on track so to say, I sometimes get caught up in the many things to see to and with which I feel challenged I might say and Heavenletters put me back on track, but that is true only to a certain degree. In my heart I know I have no needs and that the overwhelming love and peace of Heavenletters is already (in) me.
I feel we need do nothing in particular, especially nothing to demonstrate I mean, but just BE the love and peace Heavenletters restore in us or what ever you want to call it. Heavenletters are a certain feeling for me, like my relationship to God has or gives me a certain feeling, indeed the same, that's why I "recognized" them, I just stay and float in that feeling.

Much much love

Well beloved Berit, I think

Well beloved Berit, I think that sounds good, staying in that place consistently is the challenge.

Nevertheless, I'd be a fool to argue the points you make. It is about staying with a "feeling" we desire, and sustaining and multiplying it as well.

So yes, stay and float in those feelings, that is a great place and space to be.

dear freind,

my dear freind Marco,
just only i can say your question , you just stay wher you are,
you know why, som day people come to you curiouse about God,
it your chance to open in your hearth toulk about God,
it call massenger of God is that what we are her in de aerth to work of it,
heaven letter it aour gift from God to know who we are,
what life is what we do her in de aerth how we can reserve of aour King
of heaven and aerth,
that only i can unswer your question,
and God bless you of da day,
love ligth,


By it's form, only shaking it hard can you know

This precious Letter from God shows us how very complex the understanding of our Maker IS.
GOD likes to watch us shake the package like a child trying to guess what's in it. When I shook mine real hard you'll never guess what I found.
Love, all love in all its forms, shapes, tnkles, and smiles.
At times it even looked like Gloria so I smiled back and listened for a word. What a WORD comes from that sweet God Source! Like I say so often: "God's a kick!"

George made of gold, once in a while sure he's tin.

Pure gold, George!

Pure gold, George!

thank you God,

God thank your presiouse letter of de days ,
i take day a time what you give to me,
and im thankfulnes of your love,
thats all i can say my Lord,
of my words to day,
thank you of my life,


Dear Carmen, your words are

Dear Carmen, your words are delightful like a breath of fresh air that makes me stop for a moment to take in life as it actually is that moment.

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said lift your life
In your once-in-a-lifetime
Holy adventure

God said enjoy life
As it finds its way to you
Life comes with all kinds

Love, Light and Aloha!