You Are Already Invincible

God said:

You stand on the Vestibule of Life. And what, you may ask is: What is actually the Vestibule of Life? The answer is: The Vestibule of Life is Love.

You may view Love as a fortress that you feel compelled to build. If you make your Love a fortress, you build the fortress yourself. You arm yourself. You bring the fortress to Life. You build it, and you may make it tall and impenetrable. Even partially-opened Love isn't Love enough. Your choice is to break down the fortress. Let Love break down all closed doors.

Love amounts to the Highest in the world, and Love will take over the world. Do you think I exaggerate? Not at all. Love is taking over the world. Love is taking over the world right now.

If you think that Love can be vanquished, you believe in fallacy. If you happen to think that Love is a Fairy Tale, start believing in Fairy Tales. There is an Essence of Truth in every Fairy Tale. Peter Pan knew the Truth, and Peter Pan spoke it.

When you can believe in skepticism and think you’re smart, why not then get on the right track? As it is, you limit your Frame of Reference. Hear Me now. The Sky is not the Limit. No way.

Why would you believe in limitation when you can hold your beliefs wide open? Why settle for a penny when you can be – when you ARE the Precurser of the World? Precurser of the World doesn’t begin to say enough. Let’s call you the Innovator of the world. Let’s call you the Inventor of the world, the Initiator, the Protractor, the Evidentiary and Divulger of the whole Universe. Do not be a distracter or detractor from Truth or debilitater of the Universe as I breathe Life into it.

Dear Ones, now breathe Life into the Universe again. What wonders you perform when you get into the groove. Imagine. Imagine this. Imagine that you can do anything. At least imagine that you contribute to the world. You contribute one way or another. Contribute what you would like to contribute.

You can turn the corners of your mouth up, and you can turn the corners of your mouth down. It’s this simple. Smile or frown. You have a choice. One way or another, you make a choice.

Beloveds, truly, you are invincible! It takes a lot of spirit and might to say no to Life. Simply for once in your Life, say YES to Life. Sing it out. YES awaits within you. Well, where else would a YES come from but from you? If you can say NO, you can also sing a Beautiful Yes, and Yes, and Yes.

Say Yes for the fun of it. Sing Yes louder now. Sing it out! Try the Higher Notes of Yes.

If you have been out of practice, get in practice.

If you want to walk, you have to move your legs.

If you want to sing, the only way to sing is to sing. Singing is not to think about. In fact, stop thinking so much! Without further ado, start singing. Now is the time to sing. Don’t stall. Later or some day or maybe later isn’t good enough. Not good enough by a long shot.

Understand, Beloveds, there is no later. You have only now. What holds you back? Nothing of account, Beloveds. In the sense I speak, there is no pause that refreshes. Don’t delay. Start singing out the Glory of Life. Let Me hear you sing -- how soon? Now, if you please.

Why, you have a Beautiful Voice. Use it. Use it now. Sing out Yes with all the Power of God that stirs within you. I ask you to.

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Love is life

For me, love is the most durable, unbreakable link that connects people with God and other people. There is no tomorrow without love, just like there is no day without Sun. People have to stop thinking about the past - and begin their hard work for the future.

Thank you for your Heavenletters - You always bring me a wave of warm love through right the Internet.

Thank You, My Dear...

Dear Angel Samantha

Dear Angel Samantha,

7 Points to Make:

1. The finest most dear people discover Heavenletters™ and naturally sing out their joy in God's Words.

2. In reading Heavenletters, by filling your heart, you share God's blessings with the world.

3. God gives this gift of Heavenletters, and God is the only one to thank.This is an absolute. Heavenletters are God-given.

4. To my happiness and astonishment, they came and they came to me. By some miracle they came and continue to come. I write down the words I hear so dearly. I didn't even have a conscious desire for anything like this until after they started coming. Now, horses couldn't take me away.

5. Of course, God's words will come to everyone and without effort.

6. I don't know how I could live without them now. It is 20 Good Years now.

7. Here's how God describes my role in all this. He says that I'm the donkey who shares His Words and delivers them in a donkey cart!

Blessings All...

I love you Gloria

God chose a sacred vehicle to deliver God's words and her name is Gloria.

Most Beloved, Christine. If

Most Beloved, Christine. If you only knew!

God blessed me deeply with this responsibility. I am grateful more than I can say.

In the terms you express, dear friend, I am an interloper. I believe that God chose -- goodness know that no one else would have. This isn't false modesty, beautiful soul. I am telling it like it is.

An extra note here for Zeeshan Tahaboor. He left two comments here that were duplicates. I erased one. I see the remaining one, but the website doesn't, and I'm guessing no one else does either.

Zeeshan, I know your good heart and the purity of it. I didn't fully grasp its meaning. I thought that others might take your reponse a little as I did. I saw your point. wanted to be sure that your point wasn't seen amiss. So please excuse me. And, if you will, beautiful soul, just let it be. God bless you.

Love, Gloria