Love High Like a Bright Light

God said:

My Love for you is a given. It is not a bonus. It is not a reward earned. My Love is not a sometimes thing. My Love for you is that which never changes. My Love is absolutely yours throughout Infinity. This is how it is.

You perceive division, however. This is another way to say that, to your eyes, My Love for you is dependent upon how I package it. I tell you that My Love never goes up or down.

The wrappings of My Love are one thing. The content is another. Your acceptance of Love tends to be conditional. You too often see an if. You speculate that I, God, love you if and only when I cover you with the kisses and applause that you consider contingent. You foresee certain codes of conduct as in or out. You pluck petals off daisies – “God loves me, God loves me not. God loves me, God loves me not.”

You see as you see, and you do not yet see what is immutable. You draw conclusions. You believe your Father in Heaven loves you when He gives you what you want. How can your Dada possibly love you unless He gives you what you want? If you are indeed God’s Beloved, what kind of God allows you, His beloved, to have your Heart torn asunder? This has been age-old questioning and reasoning.

You make the connection that if God truly loves you, God would change the Laws of Nature to keep you happy. A God of Love would not permit your Loved One to leave Earth and leave you bereft. As a Human Being, you see giving, and you see taking. You see all death as wrongful death. On the basis of what you see, Love is, or Love is not. The Road of Love is open to you, or the Road of Love it is withheld from you. As you see it, I dangle Love in front of you, or I hide Love away from you.

Beloveds, I withhold Love from you never. Think again.

A child loves her doll. She loves the instrument of a doll. She loves her doll through all of her senses. I include a sense of Imagination. Where does the little girl’s Love reside? Not in the doll. Love lies in the child’s Heart.

All Love resides in the Heart. You attach your Love. You objectify your Love. You play Peek-a-Boo. You believe utterly in Peek-a-Boo.

Oh, to love and love and love and not require love to be bound. You can’t hog-tie Love, Beloveds. You can’t limit Love. When you do, Love is a Game you play. Now you see it, and now you don’t.

You build sand-castles. You take bets on yourself. You pull daisy petals. You bet against the house, for you are the House of Love, and you snatch your Love away for a case you alone build.

Love gone? How full of smoke-dreams you are. You breathe in a cheap opiate you name Absence of Love. Is something gone when it changes form? Is cream absent when it is whipped or made into butter or scalded or anything at all?

Love can seem to vaporize, yet Love is. Love is.

There is an old saying – Love is a twinkle in your father’s eyes. My Love is much more than a twinkle in My eyes. Love is the Truth and Essence of you. You are not to tear up your Love in pieces because of one thing or another.

Hold your own Love High like a Bright Light and let your Love, shine like Mine.

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Isn't everything done out of Love for something or someone?

If I were still a thinker then I would be putting limits on this question.

Loving you all,

I imagine that revenge is a

I imagine that revenge is a twisted form of Love. God has said that Love is All. So someone who deliberately seems to hurt another, in his way, is seeking some kind of love. He is certainly giving someone his attention.

God bless you.

Bright Light

I Know and Feel I AM Love,
I Know and See I AM Light,
I Know in My Precious Open Heart, I AM Infinite.

I AM so Grateful to real eyes this Truth.

I want to acknowledge you

I want to acknowledge you Christine, for being a wondrous soul. And I'm pretty certain more than just a handful of us feel this way. I, for one, always anticipate your wisdom-filled comments and the inspiration they bring us. Thank you for being you.

Dear Shay, I am with you in

Dear Shay, I am with you in appreciation of Christine's universal comments. God bless you for acknowledging Christine's gifts to us. There are many ways to look at Life.

How wonderful.

Thank you for yours, dear Shay.

tears of gratitude

Thank you Shay.