You Are a Living Loving Breathing Being of Light.

God said:

Do you perhaps have the idea that being disgruntled is second nature to you? Not so. Your true nature is good nature. Never were you meant to be or appear to be routinely displeased. Never were you meant to moan and groan and weep at disappointment. Never were you intended to let your good nature down and assume a role of displeasure. If you are on a foray of discontent, then be aware that discontent truly resides within yourself. You have opted for discontent. There are other choices.

Debate as you may, Beloveds, it is you who have wined and dined displeasure. It is you who settle for finding fault with just about anything and everything, as if nothing is quite good enough for you. You may set yourself apart from the throng. You may see yourself as bombarded by the world, yet it is you who feels, if you do, that it is the world that has given you a raw deal. What advantage is there for you to think this way?

Beloved critics, the world is bound to reflect your thoughts, uplifting or down-turning. If you announce even only to yourself your disappointment with the world, you uphold the world’s playing of sour notes. You may even rush to prove the inadequacy of the world, as if the world is determined to let you down. Have you become more and more adept at forswearing and faulting the world as if you are a notch above? Of course, you have the freedom to look at Life that way.

Look, by the same token, when you give a little thumbs up to the world, the world will flock to you. Everyone and everything goes toward that which gives a modicum of joy. Give yourself joy.

It can’t be that you like to have something to complain about, can it?

In the fairy tale of the Princess and the Pea, the Princess emphasized the misbegotten and found pleasure in the slightest annoyance as she imbued the world with all her good taste! How good and sensitive she is, way above the quality of the world! She even deigns to say that the world is inadequate to her standards, that she really must have a world more considerate than this one, and that, really, as things are, the world must acquiesce to her! To the Princess, one-hundred soft mattresses are not enough for her to be comfortable in bed. One little pea at the bottom of 100 mattresses stands in the way of her getting a good night’s sleep!

Now, is it too much to ask My Children to refrain from grumbling? It may be that you see yourself as a connoisseur of the world. Connoisseurs stay at attention on the outer fringes of Life. A food critic doesn’t prepare the food, merely tastes it and makes his pronouncements.

I do not think you belong on the outside, on the rim, external to the real Life that is here as an offering to you.

Dear Ones, there is no outside you. All is within. There is no out there for you to frown at. Come back to Life and living in the World that grows with you.

Be at the Heart of the Matter. Be not desultory. Be not conciliatory. You are a Living Loving Breathing Being of Light. Rather than pointing out the wrongs of the world, shed Light. Make the world a better place by virtue of your raising the tone of the world high. Give, dear ones, and no longer think of cutting the world down to size.

Beloveds, it is for you to uplift the world. Make the world what you want it to be. Start now. Now! Raise the world. Find that which exists in the world to cheer the world on with, will you?

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"Beloveds, it is for you to

"Beloveds, it is for you to uplift the world. Make the world what you want it to be. Start now. Now! Raise the world. Find that which exists in the world to cheer the world on with, will you?"

He makes it sound so simple. My heart processed God's simple request, my mind frowned not catching on the logic that went on in between. I seems there is no logic in living the way God is describing, it's just a choice.

Dear Kidest, so good to hear from you once again.

Where are you now, and how is everything going?

How much good does all the logic in the world do for us?

By and large, God tell us to go by our heart. The heart is God's preference. He asks us to give him our Hearts, not our minds.

Love you,


Hi Everyone,

This Heavenletter definitely gives me something to think about. Or perhaps I should say, some things to give my heart's consideration to. In my perception, we are all God's children, all perfectly unique, and each traveling on our own path. Although we are seemingly separate, we are all in this together, separate together.

A decision that felt right for us as our perfectly unique individual self one day, may or may not be the right choice for us the next day. It is not for us to judge ourselves or other people as being good or evil. It is however, our job to determine whether a particular viewpoint or action resonates with us and is a good fit for us personally, in whichever moments that we happen to be giving our consideration to it.

As to my own personal experience, I have recently been discovering more often that the messages brought forth by and through my guides and friends which do not resonate strongly with me upon first reading, may resonate much more clearly with me even by the middle or end of that very same day. I am constantly shifting and always evolving. Thank God!!

The more I focus on being the light, the more light I see in the world. As we each focus on our own growth, the world grows with us.

Thank God. Thank you, Gloria. Thank you's to Everyone.