All the Children of God’s Heart

God said:

Never do I run out of topics to talk about with all the Children of My Heart. Virtually, all the topics We share here are for everyone. In one way or another, the topics, as given, make you nod your head Yes or make you shake your head No. One way or another, you are investing in what I say. Even when you debate vigorously with Me, you are investing in what I say. You respond to what I say. You react to what I say. What I say holds great importance to you. Even when you disagree, or –- most especially when you disagree -- you are investing heavily in what I say. You don’t have to love what I say in order to be invested in it.

If you are adamant that I change My point of view, you are likely to be supremely invested in what I say. Otherwise, dear ones, why would what I say matter so much to you? Unless what I say matters to you inexorably, why would you argue? The more you rebel against Me, the more attached to My thinking you are. Otherwise, you would let My opinion – or anyone’s opinion – be like water and let it roll off your back.

Whether you care for My point of view or not, or anyone’s point of view or not, it seems pretty clear that others’ opinions matter to you a lot, or why on Earth would what I think or say or what anyone thinks or says rankle you so much?

You can’t really think that I or anyone must agree with you, do you? What happened to Freedom, Beloveds?

It’s also possible that you are someone who just likes to joust with anyone who happens to sit across the table from you. It doesn’t matter who! You will take on anyone just for the sport of it!

Everything must merit something. Yet what feather is there in your cap that arguing could carry the importance it does? Especially, why would you argue with God Who loves you deeply, Who thinks more about you and cares more about you than you begin to care about yourself?

I hold you High. You are the Love of My Life. My Love for you is Greater than you grasp. You may project your own dismay upon Me, and call it Mine. Hardly true, Beloveds. Not true at all.

So let’s start over. Let’s start over at a new diner with a new cup of coffee or tea or herb tea or a milkshake, if you prefer, and start up all over again with a friendship based on open acknowledgement of the Love and Familiarity that are Supreme.

After all, Beloveds, We have known each other longer than We have known anyone else. We knew each other from the Beginning of Time, actually before that, actually long before there was anyone else and the uncanny idea of separateness to be acquainted with.

We grew up together. Never was there a time when We didn’t know each other with less than a song in Our hearts. We have known each other in person and in Infinity. No way are We strangers. Perhaps We didn’t just make Our Acquaintance this time around, yet We come from the old country, as it were.

We speak the same language. We know how to sing the same songs and to dance the same dances. We know Oneness like the back of our hands. We embrace, and we further the world. We play Life like virtuosos. Each time We play a duet on the piano, it is like for the first time. It is so customary, and it is so breathtaking.

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This comment isn't directly

This comment isn't directly related to this lovely Heavenletter. It is directed to Jim and Gregg for sure and a few others as well.

Jim/Jimi, please forgive me this way too long delay. Your delightful enterprise is ever in my thoughts. If only I could keep up!

Your beautiful package came like a bird’s nest with eggs in it, a Just for You gorgeous package, packed high with these surprises you & company pass out around Sedona for the joy of all.

I don’t know how to make it up to you two and whoever else works with you.

You touch my heart more than I know how to say. You are doing something so joyous and creative – how did this happen? You of all the world thought of this and made it a reality.

Meanwhile, here, there, and everywhere, I do pass them out to people I know and bump into, and their faces brighten up.

Such a great thing you have made possible.

God bless you.

With love and gratitude 4ever,


P.S. May God send us a thousand more beautiful souls like you!

P.P.S. Please send me Gregg’s email address and anyone’s else’s.

P.P.P.S. What inspiration you are.

Hi again Gloria....

At your is a copy of my email to you after you received your second basket of "just for yous".....
Hi Gloria...Thank you so much for your thank you's and appreciations and love. I will share your note with Greg and forward his email to you when I get it from him....Of much love in this project....just doing it is a reflection of Heartfelt Love for God and all of His/Her children....So natural to Love...all....and the Just for You's are a token of that love....but also...I suspect....packets of genuine love that resonate with the sweet....
ps....just ran into a Cherokee woman....I gave her a large basket of just for you's...and she will take them up to the Hopi reservation to give to the elders and others...she gives people sweetgrass and sage in exchange for donations that she brings up to help fund various needed projects on the rez. Much Love...Jim/Jimi

Hi Just for You project...

Hi Berit.....Just wanted to say that if you would like...I am happy to mail you a little basket of "Just for You's"....just for you! can hand them out or give to friends...or however you are guided. They are very cute and colorful and remind me of spiritual fortune cookies. Do you have fortune cookies in Italy?....I think You must.... Anyway....I am happy to mail you some....(these would be the very first to go to Europe!!) (or anyone else who is reading this)....just email me your jimkeller7 [at] yahoo [dot] com Much much love......Jim(i)

This made me feel so deeply

This made me feel so deeply that I teared up. The Love that pours out of every line is reaching into the heart of my very soul. That having been said, YES, there have been times reading some heavenletters, when I found myself thinking, "wth?!? I don't THINK so," haha. But yes, that is the play, that is the diversity God created, this is the uni-verse. We are all the One. Speaking, Listening, Feeling, Protesting, Admonishing, Celebrating, Writing, Talking, Acting -- all as One. All the time. Thank you God, and so it is.


I feel the very same emotion, Ulrike. I just have cried like a baby for the first time since my mum passed out. I'm very thankful to God for giving us so many opportunities to love and to feel loved. I really feel blessed now. Thank you, God, for being with me.

Thank you for the Reminder

"After all, Beloveds, We have known each other longer than We have known anyone else. We knew each other from the Beginning of Time, actually before that, actually long before there was anyone else and the uncanny idea of separateness to be acquainted with."

"I hold you High. You are the Love of My Life. My Love for you is Greater than you grasp."

Indeed this is true, however my consistent persistence is Opening Up My Sweet, Sweet, Innocent Heart and
I AM Divine Faith.